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The holistic development and character building promise of Seriously Addictive Math (S.A.M.)

Parents See Brighter Future for Their Kids with S.A.M.

As a parent who always wants the best for my children, I was always on the lookout for  tools that would help my children in their studies.  Always looking for the best especially on the areas that we know that our children need assistance, like Math.
Now a days, Math is different from what we use to know and with that being said, I would like to share to you S.A.M

Parents are known to be a child’s first educators. Hence, it is only natural for them to only want the best for their kids.  With the holistic development and character building promise of Seriously Addictive Math (S.A.M.), it is no doubt that it is fast becoming  a parent’s preference in supplementing their kids’ capability in math.

How Do I Survive in a Community of Mean People?

Are you proud that you are a mean person?

Just when do mean people stop?

I have been wondering when do mean people stop bullying a person. Would they stop if that person is dead?

Mean people are all around us, and they comes in different sizes, shape and age.

I had my share of horror moments with mean people

How did I manage to deal with mean people?

De-stress your stress naturally

Stress, life balance, why is it that its important that we know about it.

Studies have shown that stress is commonly caused by interrelationships, such as having to deal with work issues and family-related complications. If left unresolved over time, it could lead to immune deficiency, which later on, might cause other parts of our body to show signs of disruption like hair loss.

Many of us could attest to that. It’s like always autumnal equinox whenever we experience chronic hair fall, most especially at the prime of stress. At its peak, our white blood cells attack no less than the follicles, thus causing alopecia. What’s more, anxiety could drive your mane into a prolonged resting phase, which is called telogen effluvium.

Stress experienced by the body or beyond our coping resources could trigger hair loss symptoms, which, if not addressed properly, could result to early baldness. Worried about this? Fret no more. You can beat it simply by relaxing, eating or flexing some muscles. 

Never underestimate the power of sleep. If you feel that you are over your head in dealing with anxieties, choose to rest it off for a while and recharge.

Let’s get physical to de-stress. It helps release endorphins, or what is known as the happy hormones, that can be beneficial in relieving the tension.

Why Shop at Super 8 Grocery Warehouse Especially this August 2017

There are different kinds of shoppers around the world who prioritize at least one out of these four: Quality. Affordability. Familiarity. And Innovation.

These four are basic factors when going in and out of the supermarket. At least, they used to be. 2017 has presented itself as a year of change. Consumers in general are wiser than ever before. As a mom I can attest to this. I’m very nitpicky. Comparing prices between this and that supermarket for the same product. Or seeking out unique goods in each one. Taking note of discounts, clearance sales, introductory prices, green tags, red tags, everything tags! And of course, the almighty reward points system! The answer to the forever problem of purchasing consumables. In the past, what you pay for eventually goes down the drain. But now, select groceries have been making an effort to alleviate the pain of post-wallet emptying sickness! Hehe. We already know of the big names that present these and they ain't new to our ears. But what if I tell you, that on top of the discounts, rewards, everything you can think of! There is a happier place on earth. A place called SUPER8 GROCERY WAREHOUSE!!!

Let’s take a look at what Super 8 Grocery Warehouse offers and what’s in store for their shoppers this coming August 2017

My own version of Mega Prime Rainy Day Souprise

It’s rainy season again and we always want some soup to make us feel warm.    
I was inspired by Marian Rivera about her Mega Prime rainy day souprise and decided to make my own version.

Mega Prime has a complete array of high-quality products that conveniently turn the simplest recipes into extraordinary and appetizing meals for the entire family. Each product comes in a convenient packaging, which makes cooking one step easier, turning moms like me into savvy chefs of my own household.

Here are my ingredients

Mackerel Spring Roll Recipe: Sharing the Love

Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam, and features a combination of five fundamental tastes in the overall meal. Each Vietnamese dish has a distinctive flavor which reflects one or more of these elements. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, complementary textures, and reliance on herbs and vegetables. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.

I love Vietnamese food, especially their spring rolls. One thing that’s making the Vietnamese spring roll expensive because of the shrimp that’s included in the recipe.

Confession of a Tiger Mom

Today, as I see what my children have accomplish; I ask myself if I had done the right thing in the past.

Just like any other mom, I love my children and would do anything just to make sure that I could provide a bright future for them. There’s no book that could teach us how to be a perfect mother and how to prepare ourselves to be a good mother.
I was thinking back then, that the reason I want to finish college and have a good job is so that; I could give my children a life they deserve. A life that is different from mine. I want my children to have a roof in their head, a comfortable bed when they sleep and eat meals on the right time and be able to have a decent lifestyle.
But, I question myself; does providing everything my children needs can prepare them for the future.

This is my life story as a mom, a tiger mom.

Shopwise Best Value Finds Promos and Event

I love joining cook off and when I found out that Shopwise would be hosting a cook off, I immediately show my interest. I joined the cook off last June 30, 2017 at Shopwise Cubao. The event was in line with Shopwise introduction Best Value Finds for the Month of July

The event started at 3 pm with Ms. Janice De Belen as host.

Together with my team mate Melinda Yana, we compete with the other team consist of Ms. Cie Cisneros and Ms. Leomy Sanchez. While we prepared our red sauce spaghetti partner with tuna cucumber, the other team prepared creamy tuna spaghetti with cereal balls.
All the ingredients we used were found inside the Shopwise Cubao and to other branches nationwide.

Joseph Anthony Apostol also demonstrates wine flaring.

The event was graced by Mr. Irwin C. Lee, CEO of Rustan Supercemyers, Inc.,Ms. Arlene Aldaba, Chief Finance Officer of RSCI,MR. Stephane Pariente, SVP for Operations of RSCI,Ms. Karen Rodas, VP for Fresh and Food Merchandising of RSCI,Mr. Kerwin Legarde, VP for Non Food and GMS Merchandising of RSCI.

So starting July 1 -31, enjoy best value finds at Shopwise nationwide. Discounts and promos are available for the following brands.

  • Southdale Farm Dairy Products
  • Sunharvest Cereals
  • Papa Alfredo Pasta and Sauces
  • Captain's Catch Tuna
  • Veneto Mineral Water
  • Fontauroi Mineral Water
  • Brewtime Tea
  • French Cellars
  • Red Peak
  • Winemakers Reserve
  • World O'noodle
  • Feather Soft Tissue
  • Dentismile Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • Jolly Tots Candies and Sweets
  • Surebuy Condiments 
  • Vita Pet- Pet Food

Thank you Shopwise for a wonderful experience. Till the next cook off……………

Mastering the art of being a work-at-home mom

Being a work-at-home mom (WAHM) is as challenging as it is rewarding. Not only do moms need to have the household in order and the children taken care of, they need to get their work done! Here are some tips to managing your time efficiently and maximizing productivity so that you can spend more truly uninterrupted quality time with the husband and kids (they are the reasons to work from home, after all!).

Plan ahead and set a schedule

Baste is the new endorser of NeuBake Super Slice by Gardenia

So cute, so bubbly,so energetic, that's Baste

As Gardenia introduces the newest Neubake Super Slice, it’s no surprise that Bae-by Baste, a super child star now, and his Mom Sheila have been tapped to be the brand’s endorsers with the latest Neubake Super Slice TVC.

Singaporean Math: Do it the S.A.M Way

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a mom who believes that I have the answer for all my children’s need. Yup, I am not joking; I research far and wide as they say so that I could give the best to my children but then again ; we have our short comings as well
Hahahahha, I know that I have limitations especially when it comes to tutoring my kids. The education of today’s generation is so far different of what I am use too; not to mentions that subjects that they have.

For example, Math; just the word Math makes me sweat.

I just to share to you this scenario when my son came home from his first day in school. EJ was grade 6 then and he is studying in ATENEO.  He told me that they will now study Singaporean Math.

What is Singaporean Math, I had a hard time with Math alone and now here comes Singaporean Math

To cut the story short, I search for a tutorial center that could give lessons about Singaporean Math. We did find one, but it was not equip with the proper curriculum that I seek.

My son is now in Grade 11, we did manage to pass the subject but not with flying colors. I know that parents like me are looking as well for the perfect tutorial center for their children for this Singaporean Math.

I was able to meet the people behind S.A.M

Meditate Towards Lasting Happiness

Think of the human mind as a hard drive where all your life experiences are stored like pictures. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “I just can’t shake that picture out of my mind”, and this is also true in the metaphorical sense. We just can’t let go of certain experiences, and this affects how we go about the world. Often, this holds us back from achieving our true potential self because we are bogged down by the emotions and memories that our minds have held on to for so long.

We tend to look outside ourselves for the answers to life’s pressing problems, but to practitioners of meditation the answer always lies within ourselves.  Makati Meditation and Ortigas Meditation are two groups in the Philippines that encourage the practice of subtraction meditation as a method towards lasting happiness.

Mr Muscle Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away Promo : Still on going

I was so excited to share to you the winners of the Mr Muscle Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away Promo

The reason for this excitement is that 5 of those people are my friends

I can't wait to find out who the grand winners are

There's still time to join, here are the mechanics

Make brushing more fun with Minions

From the moment you see that first tooth pushing it way to your child’s gum, you know you had to prepare on just how you can protect those tooth.

You make a plan, as if you are guarding a treasure that no man or cavity can just steal away without a fight.

For that, let me count the ways to make brushing fun that they couldn’t wait to do it over and over again

Let me rephrase that, how can I make brushing more fun for the family?

First, have them pick their own toothbrush. Well you know how kids are; they have certain attachment to the things they use

Second, the cuter, the better. Just look how they eyes droll over their toothbrush because they find it cute.

Third, make sure that they enjoy holding their brush and it fits their palm as if they feel they really own it.

My Makati Street Meet Sunday Groove and Shopping Spree Experience

I usually spend my Sundays by just going to church but last May 28, 2017 was a different story.

I was invited to take part to groove and move to the beat at the Makati Street Meet.

First Time Parents Workshop Series 2017

Calling All Expectant Parents! First Time Parents Workshop Series 2017 on its 3rd Run this Year!

When two people get married, one of the goals that they have is to have their own children.  Once they get pregnant, the expectant parents are very excited to prepare for the coming of their first child.  They announce it on social media, document all the pre-natal check-ups, shop for baby essentials, and even attend classes to prepare them for the coming of their baby.  Friends and family are excited about the coming of the baby!

My McDonalds Despicable Me 3 Toys and How You Can Get Them

I was invited last May 29, 2017 to attend the launch of McDonalds Despicable Me 3 themed Happy Meal and Menu Items at McDonalds.

There are several games and activities to join during the event. For each activity, I was able to get GC’s which entitle me for a free French fries, Mcfloat, Burger and coffee.

The highlight of the event is the launch of the McDonalds Despicable Me 3 themed Happy Meal and Menu Items at McDonalds.

How do you Prepare your Future

Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut graced Sunlife’s Live Brighter Session last May 24, 2017 at A Space Makati. Aspiring financial advisors and bloggers were present to meet and greet him and to learn as well from his inspiring story about his winning moments in life.
What really caught my attention were his details about preparations. He won not because he is smart but because he prepared for the audition.

Here's a video of the talk

Preparation plays a big part in every one’s life. Everything we do starts with preparation.  If we want something, we need to prepare for it now because what we do today will be the result of what we will be in 5 to 10 years in the future.

As a mom, I was blessed to have five wonderful kids who are excellent on their chosen field.  It would not have happen if I was not able to prepare them back then. They practice after school hours and it started during their kindergarten years. Just like Jonathan’s mom, I am a tiger mom myself. There are times that I doubt my decision because I felt that my kids were deprived of their youth. They are not allowed to go out and they do rehearsals till Sunday.  But seeing them now and on what they accomplish, I like to say that I have prepared them well for their future.

But it does not stop there, I still have a another preparation to make; and that is my peace of mind

My peace of mind is knowing that when something happens to me or to them unexpectedly; we are prepared.  My gift to my children when they graduate is a startup budget for them to get their own financial investment

I want them to have a brighter future ahead of them and its starts now.
If you want to prepare your child for a brighter future check out www.sunlife

Clean Less, Live More with Mr Muscle Fly Away Promo

Do you want to win 500 SM GC?
Do you want to go to Boracay?
Do you want to take your family to Singapore?
Winning this prizes are so easy just as long as you love cleaning.

Yup, you hear me right, cleaning will never be the same again because this will be your ticket to win this awesome prizes.

Head on to your nearest supermarket and purchase your own Mr Muscle product and  get a chance to win this prizes

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers: World and ASEAN’s No. 1 Purifier, Doctor Recommended

Health is wealth and its start in our home. No matter how much we take good care of our surrounding, there’s something that could definitely pass our safety measures.
There are just threats that we could not see but it’s our home and they could continue to plague every household and consistently have mothers like us worried for the safety of our family.

While threats like these can be avoided through many different means, how then can anyone be certain that what they have is the best and the most effective solution in this world of organic, D-I-Y, and back-to-basics methods? There is only one question we should ask ourself, :

Are we willing to risk your family’s health to something untried, untested, and uncertified?
The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purfier lineup, with its variety of models, not only lets you pick out the best unit that can give you clean and breathable air, but it assures you that it is tested, certified, and vouched for. Doctors from all over Metro Manila who personally got to use the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers can attest to its effectiveness.

Herbalife Global Nutrition Expert Talks About Balanced Nutrition and Obesity in Upcoming Wellness Tour

Herbalife, a global nutrition company, announces that Dr. Rocio Medina, Herbalife Vice President, Worldwide Nutrition Training, will be the guest speaker in the Philippine leg of the upcoming Asia Pacific Wellness Tour. 

Held from 5 April to 15 May, the Herbalife Asia Pacific Wellness Tour will feature a series of medical symposia, nutrition talks and health workshops held in 23 cities across Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Go Ahead For your Child's Future

Education is an investment
I am to say that I was able to send my children in a reputable school but even so, I still believe on outside help. When I say outside help, these mean tutorial lessons to further enhance their knowledge in academics.

Every child deserves a chance to get in to top universities and colleges in the country and being a top on their class does not guarantee them a slot. I don’t want to sound so discouraging but a little help goes a long long way especially if we are talking about their future.

There are thing that need to be prepared when you take exams from top universities. There are things that schools are not equip off, not that I am complaining with the school of my children because they do what they can to prepare my children but then again there are others who knows more about the entrance exams.

For the sake of their future, let be wise and practical as parents of these children enroll them in an excellent review program and give him a better chance at a great future.
My children was still in their grade school when I first enrolled them in a review center, The Ahead

Better than Jewels by Rica Peralejo Book Launch

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Shares a Treasure Far Better than Jewels

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio has lived most of her life under the spotlight. The Philippine public has seen her grow up on the small and big screen as an actress. Then, we saw how her life turned around and was transformed by the love of Christ. And we continue to share in her joy as she became a wife and mother. Now, Rica has come to another milestone in her life as she launches her first book, Better than Jewels, a weekly devotional published by OMF Literature.

A Party for a Productive Year for Bloggers

Filipino Bloggers Network Get-Together 2016: Another Year of Productive Partnerships

It was four years ago when I became part of Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) and there were a lot of things that came with it; opportunities and friends. I was able to form a group as well; Metrobuzz Bloggers because of FBN and handle several accounts under the it. It was easy for me to merge with FBN when it comes to collaboration and other opportunities. For 2016, we partner together to give a Christmas party for all those bloggers who became part of our campaigns for the year 2016

Join the 7-Eleven Run Series

7-Eleven Philippines’ hugely popular Run Series will once again take over Skyway and Filinvest City on February 5, 2017

Why Join the 7-Eleven Run Series

It’s a day of fitness, family, freebies and all out fun

Run 2017 promises to be the biggest and most exciting of the series yet!

Three winners in each category will be announced on the race day and will receive cash prizes and medals

The top three Filipino males and females in the 42KM and 21KM categories will be sponsored by 7-Eleven Philippines to compete in an international marathon in Asia, all expenses paid


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