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Whenever I was at the area of Eastwood, I was always curious of this restaurant named TITO CHEF EXPRESS. The restaurant is located at the ground of Microtel along E. Rodriquez Quezon City. Today, I was given the honor to be part of the group who would be able to get taste some of the best seller found at TITO CHEF EXPRESS.

Culinary expert, successful restaurateur, and brilliant mentor, CHEF MENOY GIMENEZ welcomes the holiday season with a gastronomic line-up of its new food offerings, the TRAVELER’S MENU, which is available at TITO CHEF EXPRESS in Microtel Acropolis. With the combination of scrumptious delights and reasonable prices, the recently launched food selection features delicious flavors inspired from across the globe.

SkinStation Now Opens at SM Megamall

SkinStation Flagship Branch in SM Megamall marks the company’s 20th branch in the country and is the biggest to date with 12 luxurious, private treatment rooms. SkinStation opens its door to the public today , Nov 28, 2014.

CRATE AND BARREL : Your Haven when it comes to Household Needs

The long wait is over and it just like Christmas, as leading Home Furnishings Brand Opens Store in Manila last November 20, 2014. Everyone was excited as to what Crate and Barrel is store for every home. It’s one stop center for all your house hold needs, from the simplest item to the grand bed and linens.

Higanteng Dumi sa Higanteng Fiesta, Kayang Kaya with Ariel

When you're a mom to five kids, it's no secret that everything must be neatly scheduled. There's no time for dilly-dally, or else chores and such will definitely pile up on you. Laundry, for example, is a staple duty of a mom. It is a dire task, and takes up most of your time – or all of your time if you don't know how to. And Unfortunately, I, who started working at a young age, did not learn how to do it properly. I was focused on working outside, and providing for my family. Thus, needless to say, the stress that tagged along was not to be taken lightly.

Besides laundry, there is a general rule that mothers' musn’t settle for anything less than what's best when it goes down to her kids. Everything must be thoroughly scanned and checked. There's no room for “pwede na yan” judgements. Why? Of course, it's all for their sake. However, when your kids are a handful, five to be exact, choosing what's best is not the only agenda, but choosing what's best within the budget.

I can say that I'm a very practical mom. I know how to stretch a peso into something worth more – of course without sacrificing the quality. I am kuripot, and all my children are very aware of this. Gambling is not my game. I allot my money only on things that I am sure of.

Now, whenever I encounter a new product, my motto is “to see is to believe”. I have come across so many products that promise so much yet prove so little, and every time this happens I learn to be wiser in choosing. I must not be swayed by the grand commercials and advertisements, but the product itself.
Last week, Manny Paquiao was not the only one to face a fight. I too went battle laundry that day! Ariel hosted an event in Angono with the theme: Higanteng Linis, Higanteng Fiesta, wherein a thousand people will be fed. True to its word, the gathering mirrored a grand fiesta! Hordes of people came in despite the hot weather. It was so nice to see the very long line of people, along with the rows of perfectly white table cloths. Why white? Well, the event's purpose was to let the people enjoy food without worrying about the mess.

BONIDay Sale at Tutuban Center

Believe it cause it true, this is as clear as water, there really is a sale in Tutuban Center, Yes, we know that you will get the lowest price if you shop at Tutuban Center; it will get even better because it’s BONIDay Sale.

COOK Magazine Celebrates 4th Holiday Bash

They work hard, they cook hard, but they party even harder. I had always waited for any of the Cook Magazine event because I know they will really knock you down with their surprises. Last Nov. 25, 2014, Cook Magazine did an amazing job in surprising their clients, advertisers and friends from the media. The event was held at the 2nd floor of F1 Hotel and no words could describe how they did all of it just to bring smile to their guest.

The Theatre at Solaire is now OPEN!

Having four daughter as performing artist (violinist and ballerina), I appreciate if there would be venues that would give justice to the arts that they love. And now, there is a venue that I would for my children to perform (wish that they could be included with the Philippine finest performers of our country)

Solaire has finally raised the curtains of its newest state-of-the-art performance venue.
With a capacity of 1,760, The Theatre highlights first-class design, impressive acoustics and lightning,
and a custom-designed seating to create unmatched performance viewing experience.

For more information about Sky Tower, call 888-8888 or visit

C2 Sarap ng Bukas Video Contest Winners

We Pinoy are creative and full of imagination. Give us a theme and we would come out with thousands of interpretation. We can bring the best out the best in everything that we think and make it happen.  Thousand have sent their own interpretation of Sarap ng Bukas entry but only a few were chosen.

Philippine National Figure Skating Championships

When my kids are in there younger year,  I wanted them to learn how to do figure skating  at the same time they are having their ballet lesson. Well,  it didn’t push thru but I was always  been fascinated with the grace and to see them perform in the ice rink has always been a delight.

On November 26-27, 2014, SM Skating Rink, along with the Philippine Skating Union will hold the Philippine’s National Figure Skating Championships—a competition that is designed to emerge a pool of skaters positioned to represent the country in the upcoming international skating competitions.

You're Not You : a movie about a special bond of friendship

How I wish I have a friend that would be with me thru thick and thin, a friend that would understand and care for me on what ever I would go thru. Well, I do have a friend and I really appreciate what she does for me. Just like Kate and Bec, we are there for one another.

Kubot: Dingdong Dantes and Erik Matti Team Up

Kubot: The 2nd installment to the successful Aswang Chronicles franchise, under Erik Matti

Be the first to hear all about it

Date: Dec. 11
Time 3 pm
Venue: Secret

We are Different from one Another: Have a Test Today at BioBalance

We are created differently, just like the different names that we have. One person cannot be the same as another one. Even twins are different, they may have identical physically from a far but if you look closely; you will discover there is still a difference.

That is what it is all about, we are different . Biobalance understand this ; that is why they want others to understand also that our need for supplement or vitamins varies  from one person to another.

You eat right. You exercise. You hydrate. And yet, you still feel “off” most days, waking up with brain fog and feeling tired the whole day. You force yourself to exercise, hoping the body fog will go away. But it doesn’t. Could it be that you are really eating right? Probably. But are the levels of essential nutrients that you are getting from food adequate? Probably not. Do your current vitamins and supplements boost the levels of nutrients that you need to optimal levels? Probably not.  Most of the time, despite your best efforts to do research on and to consume the “right” vitamins and other supplements for yourself, your body may still be deficient or in excess of several vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, and essential fats.

Team Camille won at the #StyleKoAyosDito

AyosDito recently launched #StyleKoAyosDito promo where consumers had the chance to sell their pre-loved fashion items and create the next street fashion with their favorite fashion bloggers. A few days before, these sellers and bloggers met, transacted, and started to put up their collection. Now, they are ready for a fashion showdown and strut their collection at Raven Boutique Club, BGC. 

From October 20 to November 15, #StyleKoAyosDito gave social media fans the chance to co-create the next street fashion with top style bloggers Camille Co, David Guison, and Patricia Prieto. They sold their pre-loved fashion items (e.g., clothes, accessories, etc.) on with the hashtag of the team they wish to be a part of (#TeamCamille, #TeamDavid, or #TeamPatricia). The fashion bloggers were very hands-on in the campaign. A week before the fashion show, they searched for their favorite pieces on AyosDito. They contacted the sellers for a meet up last November 17. What is even rewarding, the chosen sellers met their favorite blogger not just to transact and get the cash value of their items but to form a team and co-style the collection with them.,

Easy and Yummy: Bistro's E-GC for the Holidays

Every Christmas, purchasing gift for our loved once gives us stress. Don’t get me wrong, we love them and we love shopping; but what if they don’t want what we got for them.  There are ways to show them that we love them and at the same give them what they want. For our relatives that loves to dine and love food, here is something that I think would be the solution for our problem

Bistro finally has the perfect gift for the holidays!

Samsung Washing Machine : New Series

Washing clothes are one of the things that I really hate most (well for me it is).  I’m a mom of five kids, and every weekend is the day that I hate most. During weekend, my children will bring home all their dirty clothes, and instead of me having a get together with them; I’m doing the laundry

Lucky me for being able to attend an event that would take away all my washing worry away.

Samsung recently showcase their newest collection

Thank you Samsung, for making my laundry worry go away

Be a Volunteer for #Toyscout for a Day: Jollibee and Breeze Team up for Maaga Ang Pasko Campaign

Christmas Day is the most anticipated celebration for our children.  I am thankful that I could provide the gifts that my children would want, but not all the children are as lucky as my mine. Last Saturday, I had t privileged of becoming a Toyscout for a day. Together with Jollibee and Breeze, we hope that we could make a difference in making a child happy this Christmas.

Jollibee once again had its Maaga ang Pasko for the 20th year.  Hand in hand with Breeze as the official detergent, we volunteer for the cleanup phase program. Jollibee and Breeze kicked off the series of Special Laba Days in a cleanup event held in Mandaluyong.


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