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Serving Nutritious Meals with Safe Tableware

What’s the alternative when you don’t want to hear those breaking sound of glass or ceramic on your table.  With five kids, I have my share of tableware going to pieces. I don’t want to use plastic cause it and I still want to maintain that elegance.

When it comes to serving healthy meals for your family, using safe and quality tableware is almost as important as the quality of food you put in it. It would be futile to spend time, effort, and money in cooking a nutritious feast if the plates and bowls you serve it with contain dangerous chemicals that can seep into the food, harming your family's health.

Refreshing detox drink on-the-go with Tupperware Eco Bottles

I been a used of Tupperware products way way back and used to attend seminar and  gathering where they usually introduce new products.  It’s been our lifelong brand in every occasions that we have, from simple birthday to large reunion.  And now Tupperware has again want to be involve in our health as well  when thought about this product.            
Drinking more than eight glasses of water a day is already good for hydrating your system but adding a few ingredients can do more, helping to flush out harmful toxins in your body. From rejuvenating the skin to preventing high blood pressure and liver-related disease, the benefits of taking your daily dose of detox water are endless and can only be for your own good!

To make your own detox drink, simply mix two or more of the ingredients below with cool water and let it sit overnight to infuse all the refreshing flavors. Make sure that your bottle is safe and non-toxic like the Tupperware Eco Bottles which are tested and proven safe for reuse.

With Tupperware Eco Bottles, you can bring your detox drink on the go and revitalize your overall wellness anytime, anywhere.  It has a screw-on cap to prevent leaks, and an ergonomic shape for easy grip for overall convenience.

DATEM Inc. Launches the Smartest Choice in Mid-Rise Living with DATEM Horizons East Ortigas

Respected leader in construction DATEM Inc. launched  what promises to be every homeowner’s best bet in a smart mid-rise property with DATEM Horizons East Ortigas, a 2.3-hectare mid-rise residential development located on Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, Rizal.  

This is the first venture under DATEM Inc.’s new subsidiary DATEM Homes’ which looks to deliver homes to Filipino families that are “best in quality, expertly innovative yet fairly priced” backed by DATEM Inc.’s 30 years of experience.

1 Laba Day by Breeze removes 1 million stains in 1 wash Nationwide

OMG, it’s Friday again and that means its Laba day. Ito na yata ang pinakahate kong role as a mom especially if ang dumi and ang daming stains ng mga damit ng mga anak ko.  Well, I know it’s not only me but there are other mothers as well that’s going through this situation. And with that, I understand the feeling of those moms who participated in the 1 Laba Day by Breeze.

Leading detergent brand Breeze showcased its revolutionary stain-removing power with 1 Laba Day, washing one million clothes in a laundry event held simultaneously in barangays nationwide. Hardworking moms across the Philippines were given the chance to take a day off from doing the laundry and enjoy the fun games and exciting surprises that the brand prepared for the heroes of the home.

Tambay Tambay Time at Tambayan Sa Kanto

When you say tambay, it means to relax and just enjoy the moment with your friends, families or love ones. 

Last week, I make tambay with a couple of my adopted kids at the Podium Mall. Dilemma, dilemma, where should I go that I would fit the kid’s taste especially if you have one picky eater in your hand. I would really be happy if I could just sit in one of the restaurant available and order everything that I think is there best seller, but no; it’s not that simple. Finally after making a few rounds around the mall, top to bottom, I finally convince them to join me to have our dinner at Tambayan SA Kanto.  Tambayan SA Kanto is located at the ground floor of the Podium Mall. The real deal with this restaurant is that they serve authentic Filipino foods.  Yes, I have tasted different cuisine, authentic and fusion dishes but nothing beats our own delicious cuisine. Iba pa din ang linamnam ng mga Pinoy foods that even the foreigners are looking forward on having for  their breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tambayan SA Kanto. For your information, Tambayan sa Kanto has been existing since 2011 and that means something. For a restaurant to stay that long, a customer has to keep coming back for more of it's delicious cuisine.


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