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Why Filipinos Love WeChat

Nurturing connections—that is what being a Filipino is about. From warm hugs to friendly smiles, the genuine hospitality inherent in the Filipino spirit is indisputably unrivaled. The need to connect is deeply wired into our roots and that is something we all take pride in.

This is why fastest growing social messaging app WeChat embodies and complements our highly social nature. Given that smart phones are now deeply entrenched into our everyday lives, WeChat, with a wide range of social features including Live Chat, Video Call, Moments, Voice Chat, Group Chat, Shake, Look Around, Friend Radar, and Sticker Shop, integrates ease and convenience into the whole mobile experience making it more enjoyable and worthwhile. But more than an enhanced way of interacting with our peers, WeChat, through partnerships with brands that have become part of the Filipino lifestyle, is now a gateway to everything that Filipinos love and enjoy.

Mobile Shopping Made Fun
With online shopping brands like ZaloraPH and Lazada now having their own official WeChat accounts, WeChat offers users exclusive access to updates, sales, and promos—even discounts on best-selling items. What is arguably the next face of mobile shopping, WeChat offers its users access to Zalora’s over 500 top international and local brands of more than 15,000 apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty products, and Lazada’s wide array of mobiles, tablets, consumer electronic and household goods including toys, fashion and sport equipment.

Discover the Best of Manila with Jeepney Tours

I was invited to get a glimpse of what a jeepney tour can offer and it had given me a new perspective in the term “jeepney”. We all know that jeepney plays and important part in our daily transportation. Jeepneys are called the “king of the road”. Jeepney was trace back during the American period and since we Filipinos are creative, we had transformed it with our Pinoy touch.

 Photo credit: Jonathan Nava

Going back to our jeepney tour, the jeepney that would take you around the metro are colorful and cool because it has an air-con that would make the passenger comfortable during the whole trip.  Every jeep has its own videoke. The Jeepney Tours knows how Filipinos love to sing, making the whole tour more memorable.


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