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BUM's newest Endorsers

BUM bares its newest brand ambassadors who are on the brink of something big: Ella Cruz, Nash Aguas, Jane Oineza, and Diego Loyzaga with Bea Binene during the #Unleashed Your RealiTEE fashion show last week held at the Element.


Bum recently held a one of a hell fashion show at Element, Eton Tetris last night , March 12, 2014.  With their theme of “ Colorful Rebelation Night” that showcases the brand’s own transition introducing more vivid patterns like galaxy prints, and grunge to reflect the varied statements of the youth.

Juicing my Health thru Pure Jus

I have been doing some research about detox, and here’s one of them.

Pure Jus was born out of a choice to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. It was started by Kristal Reyes last March 2013 as a personal effort to lead a more nourishing life through exercise and juicing. The results thrilled her. Not only did she shed off some weight but her skin also became clearer, her eyes brighter, and her energy revitalized. The radiance brought about by this change in lifestyle was immediately noticed by everyone around her. She started sharing her story with the hope of promoting the benefits of juicing. Her passion quickly turned into a business opportunity based on the insistence and encouragement of family and friends. She eventually teamed up with Jen Calixto who, like her, share the same passion for health and nutrition.

Support The Patient and The Artist

People Empowerment for Arthritis and Lupus (PEARL)and Lupus Inspired Advocacy (LUISA) has been at the forefront of championing the causes of persons afflicted with Lupus or SLE in the Philippines. It promotes and protects the interest of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in the country. LUISA founders by Dr. Sandra V. Navarra and Ma. Luisa Cojuangco-Cruz, had taken the organization to greater heights since then. Highlights of which is successfully earmarking February as Lupus Advocacy month via a presidential proclamation.


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