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Fun adventures begin with the #SunsilkHairkada

They say that today’s generation of young ladies are so different from previous time but I beg to disagree , for we all love to bond. They are as like everyone’s generation are fun, spirited and outgoing. We like one with them, who love to bond with their close friends by embarking on new adventures and pursuing shared passions. They are keen on trying out new things and find ultimate fun in all-day adventures with nothing to hold them back.

Yet, there are times when outgoing girls are hesitant to join the fun, especially when their hair is not on their side. Sports, shopping and even taking a stroll outdoors can take its toll on hair at the end of the day.  Good thing there is a trusted haircare brand like Sunsilk for every barkada that allows them to be carefree and to enjoy all day bonding with smooth and fragrant hair. 

These bonding moments are in sync with the lifestyle of three of today’s hottest young stars who, together, make up the most sensational barkada in town. The #SunsilkHairkada is comprised of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, the chic and sassy Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and primetime princess Julia Montes.
The Pink Princess during the launch of  Sunsilk Hairkada

Ms . Sarah Geronimo, so beautiful even with her short hair

DANCELEBRATION AVENUE : InterSchool Dance Competition in Metro Maila, Happening on March. 9, 2014

This coming March 6, 2014 (Sunday), The La Salle Dance Company-Contemporary brings you "DANCELEBRATION AVENUE!” Now on its 27th year, it is and stills the longest running, inter school dance competition in Metro Manila!

Witness as different high school and college dance groups interpret the theme "AVENUE" and battle it out to be the champions in this year’s Dancelebration. DC AVENUE will be staged at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium.

What are you waiting for?

Dancelebrate with us!

For ticket inquiries, please call Jacqueline at 0905-152-1048.

Closeup CreatesForever Summer on Social Media

Closeup promises an even more exciting festival this year as they present Closeup Forever Summer, the first-ever crowd-sourced party in the country. From the theme, to what people wanted to wear, the time and place, and the music – Closeup gives partygoers control over this summer’s freshest party.

The first question posed was a choice between and Indie or an Electronica party.  The recent popularity of EDM won in the polls with people’s overwhelming outspokenness about which of their favorite DJs they would like to experience at the event.  Closeup also asked people to vote between the great outdoors and the comfortable indoors, and whether they preferred a vibrant carnival theme or a fresh beach party.

Valentino Rossi Helps Rebuild Lives

Valentino Rossi has officially landed on the Philippines last February 23, 2014. He came to help support Yamaha’s Lend a Hand Project. This charity effort aims to raise funds to help the victims of those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.


Wendy’s welcomes the Year of the Wooden Horse with three awesome surprises!

Making its debut in the Philippine market is the certified Wendy’s hit– the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger!

Sitting on a warm and delicious pretzel bun is a mouth-watering 100% U.S. beef patty complimented with strips of bacon, melted cheddar cheese, smoky honey mustard, spring of greens and other premium ingredients. What burger lovers are raving about is the pretzel bun which sets it apart from ordinary burger buns. It gives you a nice, chewy crunch when you bite into it, without overpowering the flavors of the meat.


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