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WPBL to Host CharItable Match For Philippine Typhoon Relief

WPBL TO HOST CHARITY MATCH FOR PHILIPPINE TYPHOON RELIEF IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE RISING ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICANS COALITION FOR DIVERSITY The World Professional Billiard League will host THE WPBL All Star Charity Billiards Challenge for Philippine typhoon relief at the WPBL Arena Friday February 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm. Proceeds from the pay-per-view match as well as the entire WPBL playoffs will benefit those affected by the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan unleashed on the island country in Southeast Asia on November 7, 2013.

Feel The Glow with Ahglow

 Say good bye to bad hair this 2014. The New Year should mean a revival from bad hair days to good hair days. What better way to really have beautiful hair is there than straight rebonded hair? Guess what. It starts with you and the choices that you make for your hair care.Picture the years that passed when your hair just won’t cooperate because your hairstylist used so-and-so products to rebond your hair including cheap unregistered or smuggled products. Maybe your hairstylist made the wrong choice of product and you had to live with the consequences.


The city’s busiest people found an oasis at the launch of HANA by leading Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu. HANA is the newest player in the beauty category. Harnessed from nature by the technology of LION Japan, Hana believes in hair and body care the way nature intended it to be. Hana products are made with 100% natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients to achieve another kind of beauty called Healthy Beauty. 


As we adapt to current lifestyle and societal changes, our behavior has become one that’s always “on-the-go”, results are often expected to be instantaneous. But one brand sees things differently going against quick fixes and sought a different route to provide a long lasting sustainable beauty. It goes back to where beauty began to promote a new kind of beauty called Healthy Beauty. 

Hana is a new beauty care brand by Japanese brand Shokubutsu. It recently entered the Philippine market and offers hair and body care that provides natural solutions. 

The Hana shampoo line has three variants – Soft and Silky, Anti-Dandruff and Anti-Hairfall.
Hana Soft and Silky shampoo has R-Essential or Arginine, an amino acid found in the scalp and has the ability to hold moisture naturally. 

Hana Shampoo: #NoFilterBeauty


I first got hold of a Hana Shampoo a few months back, it was just a sample sachet but I find it interesting since my hair was silky smooth after with just one use. The smell of my hair was so also relaxing and lasted the whole day with Hana shampoo. I was looking forward of purchasing my own bottle but I wasn’t sure where I could find it and I don’t have an idea as to how much it would cost since I find Hana shampoo effective on my hair.

With this, you won’t believe how happy I am when I found out that Hana shampoo will be having a launching event.  The event focuses on #NoFilterBeauty campaign.

Hana Shampoo introduces the #NoFilterBeauty digital campaign. #NoFilterBeauty aims to inspire women to embrace their natural self by posting a “selfie” or picture of themselves on their Instagram account without the use of filters or effects to alter one’s image. Photos uploaded should be shot against a natural setting, taken in broad daylight. All Images are collated under the hashtags #NoFilterBeauty and #HanaShampoo.
To amplify the campaign, Hana Shampoo anchored on its strong partnerships and collaborated with the country’s top three fashion and beauty magazines. This served as the platform to infuse their creative adaptation on what it takes to be a NoFilterBeauty for Hana. 

Nivea Lotion:100 Years of Trusted Care is now in a New Bottle

Recently I been experiencing dry skin due to the cold weather and the only solution is put lotion on my skin. With four daughters, I had to make sure that the lotion should be trusted when it comes to all types of skin especially the sensitive skin of my eldest daughter. When it comes to brands, only a few is suitable for them and NIVEA is considered as the top one. Maybe this information that I will share to you will tell why.

Every brand has a story to tell, and NIVEA started its own more than 100 years ago. The brand was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1911, launching the world’s first stable water-in-oil emulsion that makes the perfect cosmetic skin cream for all skin types. But it was not until 1925 when the world was introduced to the iconic blue tin known as the NIVEA Crème – making it one of the most successful products of all time. 

More than its skincare expertise, NIVEA also takes pride in its resilience through the decades, as it continually creates connections with different age groups. It was probably the scent, or perhaps the velvety texture of its iconic Crème which resonates strongly with people of different generations.
NIVEA, the world’s number one skincare brand, has touched the lives and skin of millions of Filipinos, now reveals a fresher, more youthful look in its all-new packaging, signifying that a smooth, touchable skin is always in style.

Select the Passage to Your Heart

All roads lead to love this Valentine’s Day but F1 Hotel Manila is providing you with a lot of selections so you can have the sweetest road to your lover’s heart.

If you don’t want to compete in the crowd who are always going for that dreamy dinner date, you can have a lunch date at our F All Day Dinning Restaurant and try our “Flower Flavors”. Selected dishes from our intercontinental buffet will be mixed with flower ingredients adding zest and spice that you will surely love. 

Working on a budget and still wants to spend a special moment with your date? For only PHP 295.00, get ready to have a cheesy afternoon with our MeriendaCena featuring the pleasant flavor of Philly Cheese Steak. To add delight to your date, Panini sandwiches filled with creamy cheese will also be an option in your plate.


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