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TGP and Kuya Kim partner to promote generic medicine awareness

Passionate in his advocacy of a healthy Filipino community, Matanglawin host, TV Patrol’s resident weatherman and the country’s king of trivia, Kuya Kim Atienza, recently partnered with the country’s largest drugstore chain, The Generics Pharmacy® (TGP), to promote generic medicine awareness in the Philippines.

My Gift to the Philippines: Future National Artist of our Country

It was five years ago when I heard this question, “Who is the first one who will be save during a crisis?” There were a lot of answers that was given, some answers; the president of the country or the old ones, or the young ones and yet with this all the answers that was given; no one got it right.

For the right is answer is: an artist (not the type you were thinking). The explanation that given was as simple as ABC but carries a big weight. An artist is the one that represent our country. It embodied our culture and what our country represents.

With the rise of K Pop and dances that were performed by foreign artist, we forget our own culture. We are so engross with what’s the latest dance groove and songs  and we forgot that we too have own and it’s been recognized worldwide if only we would value our own.

Every year, we recognize national artist that gives value to our culture, to our music, to our art, to our literature. These national artists have spent their lives for the love of their chosen field of art. 

I’m may not have the talent to be artist but with this question that I heard, I started to do my own share of giving value to our culture. This is my gift to the Philippines and this is what I can do to my country. With #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014, I hope that they will also support this endevor


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