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Sponsor yourself a Thanksgiving Feast through Marriot Hotel Turkey to Go

Did you remember last year’s holiday or are you so busy cooking and managing the kitchen that you did’nt enjoy the parties that were happening. Well, it’s seems that these are the scenarion that I don’t want to experience. Every year , I’m so buzy purchasing the ingredients and all the necessary things for Christmas night and New Year  that after setting the table, I would rather go to sleep because of the fatigue. This year I promised myself that I would definitely do something about it.
Marriot Hotel may have the same idea as mine because of they came out with Turkey to Go.


Get your kicks and groove with us! The Philippines’ premiere ambulatory service provider Healthway Medical is all set for their 16th Anniversary celebration as they bring you an exclusive healthy dance battle, “DANCE FOR HEALTH, a healthy way to live”.

Judy Ann Santos : The newest Kapamilya of Champion

Honesty is the best policy, this is what Ms. Judy Ann Santos patterns her life with. With this believe, endorsing a product is not an easy thing for her. Ms. Judy Ann Santos is the newest endorser of Champion, specifically the Champion Fabri-con.


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