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Whale Call Project Helps Save Marine Life

Whale Call Project
Gil de Palma partnered with Bazinga, a digital company that designs, operates and markets digital entertainment content using the latest technology. Through that project Whale Call Project was born.The Whale Call Project is a global movement calling for the symbolic social sounding of whale songs to promote marine conservation.

New Avida TVC Highlights Rewards of Personal Independence

More successful young Filipinos are bound to be enticed to seek their personal independence as Avida Land launches a new TV commercial highlighting the fulfillment and happiness enjoyed by many young professionals whose early rise to success has afforded them the finest things in life.

The new TVC follows the story of Migs, a young man who bought an Avida condominium unit for himself and in the first commercial and assured his dad of its security, comfort and affordability. While the first commercial showed Migs touring his father in his new home for the first time and getting the nod he was hoping for, the TVC sequel shows Migs appreciating the comfortable features and sensible amenities of his Avida home. He now lives his own life while still keeping in mind the values that he learned from his parents as a guiding principle in his daily life.


Just to share you guys something I find healthy enough for you to read about. I should have known about this for I will definitely gonna try and join the contest.  Health is wealth as they say but sad to say, I’m not one of them.  Maintaining a fit and healthy body is important, especially for career-oriented, young professionals who are quickly going up the corporate ladder. Yet onerous work demands, never-ending deadlines, and the hassles of the daily grind can make you easily forget your promise to stay healthy and fit.
Five determined corporate warriors showed that it is possible to stay on the road to health and fitness without having to miss a beat at work. Angeline Cuabo, Arsena Suco-Hussin, Rodrigo Pablo Vivo, Mark Gil Magday and RennieDykam Jr. bested hundreds of employees during the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Summer Challenge, held in 10 offices from February to April, by learning to manage their weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle with the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program.


Chef Laudico only trusts Crocs Bistro

The man behind delicious, famed restaurants Pugon Roasters, Bistro Filipino, and Guevarras, Chef Laudico is one of the most recognizable names in the local culinary scene. And who could forget his stint as a chef judge on Junior MasterChef Philippines?

With his recently opened house restaurant slash event’s place, Chef Laudico’s restaurant, Guevarra’s, boasts of a charming ambiance with an outdoor setting. The beautifully restored old mansion is just an accessory to the sumptuous array of goodly buffet of local dish goodness. Having over 45 kitchen and dining staff, this place is expected to draw gastronomes in numbers, which is why Chef Lau only depends on one trusted footwear brand made particularly for kitchen wear.

Crocs partners with Gueverra’s to ensure all kitchen and dining staff are equipped to work with the Bistro shoes. Designed specifically for workers in the food service and hospitality industries, this on-the-job shoe has an enclosed toe design and thicker metatarsal area to protect the foot from kitchen spills. It is odor-resistant, ergonomic, with easy to clean and dry features. Each pair is made from Crocs’ Croslite™ material construction for lightweight cushioning and durability.

“It’s really a chef’s shoe. One of the reasons why we work quickly and more efficiently inside the kitchen is that we can move around freely, and we’re less worried about kitchen accidents, knowing our feet our protected all the time,” shares Chef Lau.

LINE is now joined by 200 million users worldwide!

LINE was first launched in June 23, 2011 as a free communication messenger available across multiple devices and network carriers around the world. Based on its easy-to-use features and entertaining services, LINE has attained widespread popularity in many regions and has already been ranked No. 1 in 47 countries, including the Philippines.

Recently, the number of LINE users has grown rapidly in South American countries including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. LINE’s presence has also been expanding into additional Asian countries such as India and the Philippines, as well as European countries such as Spain.


It became a habit of mine to shop at food exhibits, why? Because of the variety of items plus low prices and WOFEX is one expo that I always watch for.  WOFEX is not just for shoppers like me but also for those venturing into new technologies and for those who want to experience how it is to compete with the best.

 WOFEX 2013 (World Food Expo) continues to be the food and beverage industry’s main source of supply solutions. The phenomenal rise of the event in terms of exhibitor bookings, visitor traffic and sales generated has reinforced its growing importance in the industry.

Stylish Business Lunch offerings at Buddha-Bar Manila

When I think of business meeting over lunch , I make sure that I mix business with pleasure. If you are around the area of  Kalayaan Ave, I recommend that you have your business meeting held at the Buddha-Bar Manila. Don’t think that Buddha-Bar Manila is just for night life cause It also serves lunch as well. Buddha-Bar Manila is constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

Krok meets Garlik: Krazy Garlik’s latest exotic dishes

It was Friday night and my office mates wants to go on a food trip, an exotic one they say.  With the mention of exotic, there’s one place I know they will love and I know I can have them eat dishes without them knowing where it came from. Krazy Garlik’s latest exotic dishes will surely give them a different kind of culinary exciment and it came from Lolong’s family clan ( hahahaha). Yes I let  them got a taste of crocodile meat.

It may not seem like it, but did you know that Crocodiles provide the healthiest meat around? Considered as one of the cleanest source of lean protein, croc meat is also low in cholesterol and has minimal fat content. In fact, crocodile dishes are popular in countries such as Australia, China and Thailand. And with its tender meat and health benefits, no wonder crocodiles are such a hit.

We got together at Krazy Garlik  and this not so crazy restaurant  serves the four mouthwatering treats that will give you exotic gastronomic journey experience.  Krazy Garlik  dares go beyond the usual dishes that we got to taste .  You will never expect that a pasta, a sisig, salpicao and mind you steak ribs will be brought into a new dimension of gastronomy.


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