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Pinoy Auto Trader joins

The country’s newest go-to hub for new and used cars, Pinoy Auto Trader, has recently given more reason for local car buyers and sellers to get excited thanks to its recent acquisition by the Philippines #1 buy and sell website, 

            “Pinoy Auto Trader is delighted to have been introduced to the Sulit group of companies and believe that the combination of Sulit’s resources and strong command of the local online classifieds market will help provide additional benefits to our services and result in Pinoy Auto Trader becoming the market leader in B2C marketing for the entire domestic automotive industry,” said Pinoy Auto Trader Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Scott.

Music as Therapy for sick children

I have four daughters that are performing artist, 2 violinist and 2 ballerina who can also play the violin not to mention the piano and organ as well. Music do wonders to our life, that’s why I had invested so much in music lessons for my children. It had help them with their studies and thru life , I may say.  Having the art of music as part of my children life is a wonderful thing and so many benefits were gained. 
This also holds true among children who are ill. Foreign health experts recommend the use of music to deliver positive changes In children’s psychological, physical and cognitive development and the improvement of the social functioning of children with health or educational conditions.  
According to the American Music Therapy Association, Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets-physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual-to help clients to improve or maintain their health.  

Better Days is Here because of Betadine Femine Wash

Being a mother, there are things and ways that I pass on to my four daughters.  Things that I know that will help them with everyday life and hygiene is included. From the time they start being aware of themselves and with what’s happening to their body, they are not afraid to ask on what to do or what they should know. I make it a point to be opened to their question so that I could guide them.  I could say that the quality of being strong emotionally has been because of me. I teach them the art of being street smart and to take care of themselves, emotionally, spirituality and physically and that’s mean health and hygiene.


Today, I will pass on important information that I have learned thru a media presscon host by Betadine Femine Wash.



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