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Salaminkera Show Brought Us By Sangobion

Sangobion recently host a get together for the press and bloggers last May 30 at the Conservatory, Manila Peninsula. Thru an exclusive one day only comedy show entitled “Salaminkera”, they promote awareness about the suffering that we can get with iron deficiency.

Thru the Salaminkera Show, Sangobion informed the press and special guest the three signs of iron deficiency commonly experienced but disregarded by women everywhere even when it’s already facing them in the mirror. These signs include lack of focus, looking pale and always feeling fatigue. By informing everyone about these signs, Sangobion hopes to help women be empowered in their everyday lives.


Regatta, the go-to brand for leisurewear and relaxation outdoors, opens a new store featuring a fresh look and wider leisurewear collection that includes home products inspired by the relaxed lifestyle the brand exudes.
“Regatta’s high-quality merchandise and time-tested leisure wear style is perfect for any getaway – whether at sea or in the countryside. Through our new store that carries all of the brand’s well-loved relaxed sophistication, we are letting our valued customers take a piece of the leisure lifestyle anywhere they go and even in their homes,” says Ronnie Celestial, Brand Director of Regatta.


Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have made an effort to listen more intently to guests which started from an  intensive 18-month effort that included more than 40 facilitated group discussions around the world, resulting in a new experience tailored to individual preference. While each feature was driven by insights from women travelers, Hyatt believes all guests can appreciate these new enhancements. The launch of these new amenities and services marks the first milestone in Hyatt’s evolution of hospitality, which include changing the conversation with hotel guests, unleashing a spirit of innovation, and perfecting new concepts through rigorous research and in-hotel testing.

“Women’s Experience is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all hospitality, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome to help us do better. We want to constantly improve so guests have a better stay today, and also stay with us again in the future”, said Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino Manila General Manager Richard Simmons.

By listening to female guests and making changes to create a distinctive and welcoming experience, each guest’s visit is designed to be more comfortable and convenient. Featuring enhancements that won’t interrupt a normal routine from meal options and amenities, this initiative also encourages an open line of communication with the staffs through questions and feedback. 

Sangobion and Salaminkera on June 9th at SM Megamall

The body needs specific vitamins and minerals to stay in tip-top condition. Although needed in minute quantities on a daily basis or in larger doses in certain instances, these essential substances are what make the system’s inner workings remain in perfect balance.

According to the World Health Organization, iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional disorder in the entire world, particularly among women and children. In fact, three out of every five women of reproductive age are prone to iron deficiency, although they may not necessarily be aware of their body’s iron shortage.

Ironis a necessary element for optimum health. It is needed to replace blood loss during menstrual cycles, cure bouts of dizziness caused by anemia, correct weariness and fatigue, help gain more focus & concentration, and aid in periods of gestation, lactation, pregnancy, and such periods surrounding childbirth. It is also required for the normal functioning of the immune system.

Some sources of iron in our daily diet include red meat, eggs, liver, oatmeal,nuts, as well as food supplements and formulations like Sangobion.

To promote awareness on the wondrous effects that iron has on the body, Sangobion proudly presents a one-woman show called “Salaminkera,” an educational and entertaining performance of the well-loved comedienne, Giselle Sanchez. This empowering event will be held on June 9th at the Lower Ground Level, Building A of SM Megamall.

Girl Talk : Let the Voices of the Youth Be Heard

A presscon was recently held to to culminate the nationwide campaign, “Your Voice, Your Move,” MODESS® Philippines unveiled at The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City a special edition publication called Girl, Talk – a compilation of messages for the country’s leaders from teen girls who were too young to vote in the recent elections. The clincher? These books will be delivered to the offices of our senators for their serious consideration.

Celebrate World Milk Day with Alaska

 June 1 is World Milk Day! As the leading milk company in the Philippines that provides Filipino families superior and affordable nutrition, Alaska Milk Corporation spearheads the celebration of World Milk Day in the country.

Working Mom Kitchen Essentials The Cooking Range

Í'm a 6-days-a-week working mom with five kids, so I know the “working mom” experience.  I sympathize and empathize with working moms.  I think planning is even MORE vital for those of you who work, We all have meal planning challenges and challenges with meal planning resources. You have even less time to be running to the store for forgotten ingredients and want to maximize your time with your kiddos.  If you know what’s for dinner before you leave the house in the morning, I guarantee dinner prep will go easier.

FREEWAY x Lucio San Pedro's Music

Art knows no boundaries, you may use any canvass to express your imagination ang creativity. Known for its collaboration with different renowned Filipino artists, Freeway is honored to launch the National Artist Collector’s Series for Fall 2013.

Poor implementation of Data Privacy may put students at risk

The impact of technology has brought new tools to improve learning in the classroom. However, more schools are adopting digital and cloud computing without considering how vendors of this technology would access and use the personal identifiable information (PII) of our children for advertising purposes.  Companies who are rigorously sharing PII without consent may put students at risk as their information may end up in the hands of hackers, human traffickers and identity theft felons among others.

On this account, concerned organizations such as Vibal Publishing, and have expressed strong commitment to advocate for and raise awareness on student data privacy in Philippine education through an upcoming forum on June 6, 2013. Organized by Vibal and supported by and, the forum will gather education leaders, parents, teachers and government representatives to provide a comprehensive discussion on the issues surrounding data privacy. It aims to educate parents that their kids are in danger if businesses continue to violate data privacy in education.

Circuit Fest 2013: Music and Skate A first in the Philippines

Circuit Makati ushers the first ever international festival in the Philippines that fuses the intensity of music and the culture of skate with the staging of Circuitfest 2013: Music and Skate last May 25, Saturday at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Circuit Makati, Ayala Land’s rising premier destination for entertainment. Nine world-class performers, a sensational Glee star, and two skating legends  unfurled  the curtains of CircuitFest 


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