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The Candidate of Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2013 Vie for the Title : Beauty and Substance

Eighteen Filipinas who possess the rare combination of beauty and substance are set to showcase their grace and confidence and give their all to be hailed as Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2013.

After the success of its first-ever search last year, Mrs. Philippines-Globe returns with a bigger and better pageant as it opened its doors not only to married women but also to single mothers

One of the biggest international beauty pageants of its kind, Mrs. Philippines-Globe recognizes Filipino women of substance who play an important role in the society. It salutes women who do not let age and civil status get in the way of fulfilling their dreams, and whose achievements, charitable acts and life stories serve as inspiration to others. 

Little Miss Solane Candidate : Presented to the Media

Solane presents country’s  smartest, most promising kids and teens

If you’re thinking that you have to reach the age of eighteen years old to be able to join beauty and talent search, then better think again. Solane recetly present to the media the candidate for the Little Miss Solane 2013. Solane  Held at Sofitel Hotel Manila, we meet the  the country’s wittiest, most talented kids and teens as Little Miss Solane 2013, a pageant that empowers your child’s potential, presents this year’s official candidates.


Characterized by the inability for blood to clot properly, hemophilia is a hereditary medical condition that occurs in males more often than in females, and could affect the young as much as the elderly. In special cases, a change in an individual’s genes may also cause him to acquire it within his lifetime. Though hemophilia is rare, the World Federation of Hemophilia states that 75% of people around the world with bleeding disorders have not yet been diagnosed.
 April is World Hemophilia month, and Blood Brothers Aid Inc., a non-profit organization based in the Philippines, aims to raise awareness about hemophilia in the country and to get more Filipinos to recognize the problem and help through blood or monetary donations.
 Do you know someone who may suffer from hemophilia?
Following an injury, a person with hemophilia may take a longer time to heal from his wounds because his blood lacks the protein (clotting factor) instrumental in clotting. continues to dominate the online buy-and-sell category with latest campaign

I have been a purchaser for almost twenty years now and I want to share to you what  help me along the way to make my job easier. Since I using the internet all day, why not use the internet to search for the thing/services that I need. For all my purchasing requirement, has been my partner in sourcing out supplier. Now , is also my partner in disposing all my excess that I have hording at home and turning it into cash. 

An old guitar, a jacket now three sizes smaller, or an unused handbag may have been sitting at the bottom of your closet at home. What if someone is willing to pay for any of these items you have already forgotten about? This thought is what’s behind the latest campaign of “Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!”. 

A follow-up on last year’s buyer-targeted campaign ‘Ano hanap mo?’, the new campaign is part of’s bid to maintain its leadership in online buy-and-sell.

We hope that our latest campaign will resonate with many Filipinos who have a penchant for keeping things that are no longer being used. Instead of just taking up huge space in their house, these items can be sold to fetch earnings for the family,” said managing director RJ David.

The Philippines’ Screen Community Marks World IP Day

There are cause worth fighting. Respecting one's intellectural property is a must, not only here in our country but all over the world. Today, I witness a joint effort from difeerent agencies as they fight for the intellectual property rights. Piracy should be eliminated
As part of the global celebration of World IP Day, the Philippines’screen community recently reinforced their commitment to deter illegal camcordingin the country by intensifying efforts to secure cinemas and fast-track criminal prosecution against Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violators.

Over the years, a significant number of camcorded movies used in the production of illegal optical discs or found online have been forensically matched to cinemas in the Philippines. Last year, there were four forensic matches for the whole year. However, in just the early months of 2013 alone, four illegal camcordshave already been forensically matched to Philippine cinemas, causing the industry to raise the alarm on the rising number of illegal camcording activities once again taking place in the country.

Celebrate City Life with Condo Living’s 8th Anniversary

CONDO LIVING magazine recently celebrated its 8th year anniversary today, April 23, 2013 at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

The ever glam and bold Issa Litton, host of the My Home Today show, played host yet again but this time for another Home and Design title of One Mega Group, Inc., CONDO LIVING magazine. The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Judith Torres officially opened the night and welcomed all guests and friends to the elegant affair.

All aboard with Crocs’ Yacht Trip planned by Laureen Uy

Want to win some freebies for yourself that's trendy and fashionable? Since we love to surf the social network, why not make it more fun and exciting. Crocs has a something in store for all of us.

Introducing Run Sailor Run - a thrilling new Facebook game for this spring summer season 

Get a chance to be part of a Yacht adventure at one of Asia’s key cities with Crocs on a 3-night voyage for 2, tailor-made for you by Crocs’ ambassador and stylist, Laureen Uy. A treat fit for a king filled with activities at Marina Bay Sands Casino, Raffles Hotel, and a shop-til-you-drop experience along the shopping district, Orchard Road. Get mesmerized by the beautiful view of Singapore city from the high seas on a sailing trip aboard the Crocs Yacht. An experience like no other that you stand a chance to win by playing Run Sailor Run! on Facebook.


Summertime is fun time and the best moment to have time with our family. We don’t need to go far away to have this cool idea of get together. Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila got a wide range of ideas and happening to share with us.

Celebrate summer with cool cocktails, bright outfits and a fun summer escapade with the whole family at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. A special offer valid for local residents, enjoy a family vacation with an all-inclusive staycation room package valid until June 30, 2013.

With rates starting at PHP 7,000 net per room/night, local residents are in for a day of relaxation or more at the Hyatt Manila’s spacious guestrooms. Take pleasure in complimentary buffet breakfast for two at Market Cafe, use of the hotel’s outdoor pool with unlimited access to the Club Oasis Fitness Center, complimentary in-room internet access, plus 15% discount on selected treatments in the Spa at Club Oasis.

Isla LPG Corporation forecasts a great year for Solane

In the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry where the main product is a commodity that appears to be the same across all brands, Isla LPG Corporation (ILC) and its practically new brand Solane successfully distinguished itself not just from its competitors but more importantly from its former brand name, and ended 2012 with very promising growth figures that assure a prosperous year ahead.

            The year 2012 marked a milestone for Isla LPG Corporation, having successfully re-branded and transitioned Solane from Shellane. High acceptance in the market was evidenced by the over-all volume performance that increased by 6%, complemented by a 10% increase in distributor base. This was a real achievement in an industry that grows only by 1% year on year. Loyal customers were retained and there is a deluge of inquiries from prospective business partners.

            Isla LPG Corporation positions Solane as a product that not only caters to the domestic household market, but also serves other segments such as commercial, industrial and autogas. It is the only LPG company that provides anything from pure propane to pure butane and everything in between, at the highest quality level. Moreover, Solane is the trusted LPG product solutions provider of industry giants, examples of which are Puyat Steel, Nestle, Monde Nissin, the URC Group, major malls and top hotel chains in the country.

Dunkin’ Donuts Philippines Celebrates 32nd anniversary with Red Cross

They say our blood is sweet, especially if we donate it for a good cause. Blood donation has been one of the most important cause that companies give value to.  Golden Donuts Inc. Is one of the company that value this  sweet sacrifice.

In 1981, Golden Donuts Inc. was founded as the exclusive licensee in the Philippines of the world’s most famous coffee and donut chain, Dunkin’ Donuts. For 32 years, Dunkin’ Donuts continued to serve Filipinos with mouthwatering donuts, freshly brewed coffee, and savory sandwiches that have become part of the Filipino’s everyday life.

As part of its advocacy to give back to the community that supported it all these years, Dunkin’ Donuts Philippines celebrated its anniversary with its eighth annual blood drive in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).

Themed “Dugong Alay, Dugtong ng Buhay,” the blood-letting aims to help those who are in need of blood transfusion by holding an open blood donation with PNRC .

Blood donation is close to our heart, because it is critical in sustaining the greatest gift we can give – life. While donating goods and other services are now easier than ever, nowadays, it’s still hard to find a blood donor, especially in an emergency,” said Vingie Valenzuela, Personnel Resource Manager of Golden Donuts Inc.

Employees and executives were joined by Ms. Rosa Rosal, PNRC governor and chairperson of the Red Cross blood program, as well as Dunkin’ Donuts’ brand ambassador, Derek Ramsay. Ramsay helped to keep up the spirits of all the donors.
According to Valenzuela, “We are always excited by the turnout, and we have an average of 500 persons participating every year. Since we partner with PNRC, we adhere to the highest standards of health to ensure quality blood donations. And of course, to ensure that all donors are well after each donation, we have free-flowing Dunkin’ Donuts for everyone to enjoy.”
“This is our way of saying thank you to our customers who have stayed loyal with us all these years, and we look forward to giving more in the years to come.”

“Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid”

Having a celphone now a day is just like having your daily intake of air.
We breathe and live with our mobile phone, for it is our means to communicate now only those close to us but to the whole world as well.
The great thing is, there are company that do understand our need and readily give us our need not just what we want. With Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 900, no wrong choice is made

With Sun Cellular Plan 600, you can have this wonderful plan of unlimited sun call and text, 250 consumables, 350 to other networks and it comes with an Alcatel Idol, a slim phone on your hand
With Plan 900, you can have 4 hours of sun call, unlimited internet and txt all you want all day long, and a new slim phone. Are you ready to have your new Alcatel Idol Ultra?
The great about having this kind of plan , is you can choose which plan suite your everyday need or lifestyle and having a top of the gadgets as well


Year after year since the 1990’s, the Philippines participates in the worldwide celebration of Earth Day.  The Philippines’ unique celebration is that it is a coming together of government, civil society and churches to highlight the country’s environmental health and renew their partnership to work for the common good.

Krispy Kreme Shares the Gift of Joy through the Read Along Program

While others enjoy a normal life, there are others who are not. But what is a normal life anyway, is it having all your five sensors functioning well. Have you ever tried to understand what others may feel just because they don’t have the capacity that we have, to hear.

Have you ever laughed your heart out at a joke delivered by a Deaf friend, not because you heard the words together, but because both of you understood the essence of the punch line? Or have you simultaneously learned dancing with your Deaf sister not because you can both hear the music, but because both of you had the rhythm to move?

The Deaf and the hearing are different, not in their senses, but special in the way they make use of them.
With the imperative need to connect with people who see beauty even if they can’t hear the sound of it, brands and organizations are coming together to break the barrier and move a step towards change.

Furthering its Heritage of Sharing

With the distinct confectionery experience brought by its delectable variety of doughnuts, baked goods, and coffee, Krispy Kreme has been touching the hearts and tickling the palates of Filipinos since it arrived in the Philippines six years ago. And as it continues its sweet success in the country, Krispy Kreme is on the move to bring everyone more reasons to smile—not only with its mouth-watering delights but also with projects that resonate with the lives of their valued customers.


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