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Earth Day Jam 2013 A Concert for Environmental Change, Taking Action Begins With Your Choice!

The global campaign for genuine climate change takes a more aggressive stand by bringing on the critical environmental issue to the public's doorstep. It shows what the individual Filipino can positively start doing to save planet Earth!

The Philippines' longest running environmental awareness concert, Earth Day Jam 2013, brings together some of the biggest pop music artists, celebrities and public personalities in one fabulous environmental awareness concert marathon. It addresses the most pressing environmental issues already affecting most countries, including the Philippines, by pushing for aggressive community based and individual- centered participative action.

The radical thematic shift is a necessary action plan, not merely to inform the public, which Earth Day Jam's organizers have been actively theme injecting for more than a decade, but to enjoin the public to partake in their own simple way to the campaign's overall realization.


A presscon was held recently in preparation for the upcoming  EarthDay Jam 2013. Consider as the Biggest and   longest running music tribute in celebration of the International Earthday is back with a solid and exciting set of musicians for this year’s music marathon. EARTHDAY JAM 2013, slated for April 19  is ready to rock Bonifacio Global City  with support from The City of Taguig. Dimitri Productions, with executive producer cum eco-artist Lou Bonnevie, 12 years ago created this highly popular event with the crusade to use entertainment and music as a medium to reach out and create a popular campaign for a greener earth. The year 2013, once again,  bring upfront  issues critical to our times with guest speakers to discuss and inject more information on how ordinary citizens can make a difference. Several NGO booths will be around  the performance area  for people to check out various environmental activities they can partake.

 The event will be a street party with a multimedia stage erected at the 9th ave.cor. 34th st ,beside Mercato Night Market in Bonifacio Global City. Commuters may take a stroll down the avenue from Market Market and enjoy the food in Mercato as it opens at 6pm to give way to the concert.

Fighting the Diet Shift With Aquiva

I’m a mom of five kids and one of the problems that concern me would be the nutrition of my children.  Providing them with the right type of foods and nutrients is my topmost priority.  My daily struggle would be to fight the type of food that’s accessible to my kids and easy to purchase but lacks the nutrients that they need.

Every mom has her own story when it comes to feeding her child.  With mealtimes becoming a common and daily struggle, moms have learned to cope with this problem in different ways.  Some moms resort to bribing, giving treats or gifts whenever their child finishes his lunch. Other moms would tend to transform into “monster moms”, not yielding to their child’s refusal to eat.  While others just give in, thinking that eating something unhealthy is better than not eating at all.

Sumosam Olympia : Bigger, Grander and A Whole Lot More

I say “Big is Beautiful”, and Sumosam is an epitome of what big is and a whole lot more.
Sumosam is bigger, grander and expect only the finest on their new branch located in Makati Ave.


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