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Zeal Carry Enterprises, makers of hip and functional work-and-play bags, opens up 2013 with a special treat to pet lovers as it recently launched its Pet Companion bag line which includes the Dog Runner, the Puppy Pack, and the Pet Carry All.
pet carry all

Green Cross initiates dengue defense in school

So many lives have been lost cause of dengue. I for one, have someone close to me who has been affected by this deadly disease. Dengue is a a preventive disease if only we take precautions as a community and as a family.

This year,  we has seen a noticeable mount of dengue cases in the country. According to the Department of Health‟s Dengue Surveillance Report, 95,142 victims have been affected by the mosquito-born disease in the first nine months of 2012 alone. A significant 12.94% increase from last year‟s same period, this turnaround left even school administration to be more vigilant and take extra preventive measures against the dreaded disease.

The widespread transmission of dengue

The hasty transmission of the resilient virus has led school administrators, particularly the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong (LSM), to ascertain that the mosquito vector‟s highly adaptable quality is partly to blame. “These mosquitoes can easily adapt to changes in the environment, find new places to breed and even effortlessly adjust to human settlements. Previous efforts like defogging would only temporarily drive mosquitoes away, and they would be here again to look for a new prey,” shares Ana Eva Bolinao, School Principal of LSM. Bolinao also reveals that the school has recorded 20 cases of dengue out of its total population of about 1,200 high school and grade school students.

Excited bloggers and SMBs gather at Globe Business iPhone 5 launch

I got my first iPhone 2 years ago, it was an iphone 3GS. After that there’s the iPhone 4 and the news that an iPhone 5 is coming make me realize how fast pace the digital world is.

The wait seemed to take forever—but finally, the iPhone 5 arrived in the Philippines and we got invited to the launch of the launch at the Globe Business showroom in Valero Telepark in Makati. Everyone was excited from the moment we went through the registration at the entrance—after all, the iPhone 5 is the most desired gadget in the market right now; we couldn’t wait any longer to know about its awesome features.

BayaniJuan’s Paper Shell Collection

It is hard to believe that the beads used to create these items were handcrafted from pages of glossy magazines.  The beads are beautiful and elegant, very similar to the Philippine seashells where they were patterned from.  No, BayaniJuan is not a manufacturing company exporting Philippine handicrafts abroad.  They are more than that.

Located in Calauan, Laguna, BayaniJuan is a community composed of families that were relocated from informal settlements along Estero de Paco, those from Marikina and Pasig who lost their homes to typhoon Ondoy and those previously relocated by the National Housing Authority.  


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