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The CHInoypreneur day : A day of Learning; a day of Knowledge

Last week, I was able to attend a project that could prepare our young generations for their future.

Like any other parent, I want to make sure that my children will do good in life but how can that be possible. We parent send our children to the best school in town, equip them with all the thing and knowledge that we know of.  “I want my child to have a good job after he or she graduate from college “was most of the parent that I heard of would say. In our case, we are sending our children to good school so that they in the future, become good businessman or businesswoman; an Entrepreneur.

It was a good thing that a group supports this advocacy.

Microsoft Launches It : It's More Fun in the Philippine Campaign

Microsoft recently launched Microsoft I.T: It’s More Fun in the Philippines Campaign, their first ever nationwide technology road show that will not only highlight various technology innovations in 15 cities around the Philippines, but also enable individuals and communities to improve productivity using technology.

The event was held last Sept. 5, 2011 at Aracama Restaurant in The Fort Strip, together with other media and bloggers; I was happy to be part of those who witness this wonderful event. The road show will run for two months beginning Sept. 10 in General Santos.

Biktima : Who is the real Biktima

What is your definition of Biktima?

Well, it’s for you to find out when Biktima hits the theater on Sept. 19, 2012. Two of the most reliable performers Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino combine forces with a young and passionate director; RD Alba will surely make you glued on your seats.

Re-launching of Mommy Academy on Sept. 29, 2012

Good day all Mom and Dad

We invite you to witness the re-launch of Mommy Academy as they  bring to you the 43rd Pedia Talk Live entitled “Modern Day Family”: Parenting for the 21st Century on September 29, 2012 at  Dusit Thani Manila.

My Warts Removal at Diana Stalder

Gong to spa and having my facial done has been a habit of mine, mainly to relax and have my me time to energize. For some time no, I been bothered by the warts that has been seem be increasing in numbers. I had it checked in some facial clinics and was to discourage to have it done due to budget. The amount that comes along with the removal of my warts is definitely way out of proportion.

A wart is a virus that if not treated will eventually go to place that I don’t want to mention. Warts is transferable with in the family members if you are sharing your towels or other things that will has got to do with the skin to skin contact. I really want to have it remove and I extend my search to affordable service even to those who offers special promo, only to find out that if you read the fine print you will be disappointed with the service that they will do.

Casmara Facial at Diana Stalder Ayala Branch

I am at my early forties and that means I have to take care of myself particularly the one and only face I have. I usually have my facial done every two week if my budget permits it. Recently, a new and advance way of facial was introduced to me by a friend. It’s not your ordinary facial for it involves putting on a gelly that forms into a mask.

Meet and Greet Gerald Anderson at SM North Edsa

I got to meet and greet Gerald Anderson once again. The first one was a few week back at the Watson SM Moa and  last Sunday at The Hypermart located at SM North Edsa The Block.

It was so easy for me and the others fans of Gerald Anderson, I was only to purchase three (3) Dermablend Guava Tea Tree soap and that it. The good news is, it also comes with a free soap dish packed inside a ecobag, how‘s that for being environment friendly.

And the best part of it all, a photo opportunity with Gerald Anderson and a poster with his signature on it.Dermablend Guava Tea Tree soap is a natural germicidal soap endorsed by Gerald Anderson, BCP Dermatological Corp is the maker of Dermablend.

The event was graced by the Dina Stalder and Diana Stalder

Fans photo with Gerald Anderson

Photo and Poster Signature Photos
Till the next meet and greet with Gerald Anderson, for more update visit

Fight obesity with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle

With just food as your medicine, the Cohen Program allows you to lose weight fast and keep it off safely and effectively.

            For most of us, losing weight is a major challenge and losing            weight fast and keeping it off is even more daunting.  Now, there is a safe and effective way to lose all the unwanted pounds without going through extreme procedures like liposuction or the risk of side effects from diet pills and injections.

The Seven Super Berries

BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence is a delicious fruit-based, ready-to-drink essence with extraordinary health benefits

Clearer, sharper vision. Age-defying, healthier-looking skin. Better protection from free radical damage.
            This isn't a list of some superhero's extraordinary powers. It's only a sampling of the many health benefits that come with every bottle of the new InnerShine® Berry Essence (IBE).

Have a Healthy and Party-Ready Skin with Benzac® AC Gel

To live a life in the metro, having a healthy and glowing skin is always an investment. However, due to stressful activities, late nighters, pollution breakouts are most likely to happen.
            Don’t you just hate it when that big pimple appears just before a special event and stays there for everyone to see? I always have problems in covering this kind of dilemma because no product suits me right and it is always too late for me to prevent it.
            Acne is the primary problem of teenagers since; they love to present themselves as pleasing as possible. The presence of numerous brands claiming that they are the perfect cure for acne is quite confusing especially when I try them out and I would eventually experience more problems. I find it comforting when the Galderma brand manager Ms. Christine Yap-Legaspi, stated that,Teenagers with acne who have extremely dry or sensitive skin are good candidates for treating with Benzac® AC Gel. Finally, there is a product that is not to harsh on my skin and that would be able to fix my pimple problem.


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