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When I first meet my husband, the first thing that I noticed about him was how he dressed up.  He usually bought his pants to one particular brand, Dockers. We been married for 20 yrs now and up until now, he still uses Dockers   Khaki.

I was so    happy to be able to get to know Dockers Khaki Pants once more when I got invited to the first ever Dockers All Khaki Party held at the BMW Showroom in Libis Quezon City.  

The All Khaki Party was a very special Dockers’ night presenting an evolution from the 1980’s version khakis, to the more fashion forward version that Dockers Gents get to wear today.

Dockers® have evolved from the orange instead of the original blue, a much form fitting khaki with the D0 (read as D-Zero) and, the birth of Alpha Khakis; all of which are milestones in the recent history of Dockers® Khaki.

Stackers Burger Cafe's Baked Fried Chicken

We Pinoy know that chicken has been a favorite and the most popular when it’s come food. The fantastic way or taste would on the way the chicken was prepare and cooked. And if you are looking for the a new way, Stackers Burger Cafe recently launched its Eastwood branch another groundbreaking treat that is sure to become the next best thing in chicken baked fried chicken.

New Surf Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner launched Premium New line

When you become a mother, there seems to be some kind of transformation that we go thru. We learned new skills that we never thought we had. To tell you the truth, during my younger years, I don’t wash clothes because I’m so busy doing other things as they say. Now, I suddenly assumed washing my family’s clothes as if it’s so natural for me. And since I’m doing the washing, O might as well find things that would help me make our clothes more special. Using a fabric conditioner was one of them, not just an ordinary fabric conditioner. I was using the surf fabric conditioner, the antibacterial.
But recently, Surf fabric conditioner launches premium aromatherapy line. Surf Fabric Conditioner presents a new line that will surely wash away every homemaker’s dread of doing the laundry.

New Surf Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner launched Me O'clock Campaign

When it comes to our household, I (The Mother) am the busiest of them all. Oftentimes, we moms are too absorbed in our family duties and chores that we hardly take time to rest and recharge.
This is why Surf Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner, the brand new premium line of fabric conditioner, is embarking on an advocacy tiled “Me O’clock Mommy”. The campaign aims to encourage mothers to take some time off and enjoy a well-deserved break. This will help them recharge and rejuvenate so that they will have renewed energy to do better and do more for their loved ones. 

Whip up your own master recipe and be hailed as Master Chef

Good news to those who love to cook .
Quality ingredients at affordable prices make a good recipe and SM Hypermarket brings you these so you and your family may enjoy good food. And when you buy your ingredients at SM Hypermarket and whip up a great tasting, unique and reasonably priced recipe using any of our master brands, you will get the chance to win in SM Master Chefs recipe contest.

Just bring your finished product to any SM Hypermarket store on judging day and you could be hailed one of the thirty three SM Master Chefs 2012.

Campus Paper : A First Free Newspaper for the Student by the Student

Last week, Campus Paper was lauched at IAcademy. Together with other media partners, a new way of camaraderie is form.

Free Carinderia Makeover with SM Hypermarket Master Chefs

For those who want to have their small restaurant to have a free make over, here’s your chance.

Entrepreneurs who run a carinderia, catering or small restaurant business can own a brand new kitchen and dining area furnished by SM Hypermarket with SM Master Chefs Free Carinderia Makeover – one of the three components of this year’s run.

Cooking marathon with the “master chefs”

I was invited last Aug. 16 to witness the launch of the SM Hypermart Master Chef 2012 and since last years SM Master Chef’s cooking marathon was a big hit to SM Hypermarket shoppers, that’s why it brings it back this year with new recipes prepared by the respective master chefs of the different master brands.

Digital Home Appliances by Samsung for the Modern day Mom

The Digital Advantage

Thru a housewarming event, Samsung launched their new line of Samsung Digital Appliances last Aug. 15, 2012 at the Intercon Hotel Manila. The event was witness by media partnes and bloggers.

Being a working mom, I appreciate what Samsung has been doing to be able to help moms like me. Technology is useless unless it was use for a good cause. Samsung gives mom like me a time with my family and at the same time the convenience of doing all things possible and effortless.

Samsung Technology


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