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Icon at the Arena : The Day of the OPM Music

OPM Music finally made a once-in-a-life-time grand concert night and I was so glad to be one of those who witness the event. Held last June 16, 2012 at the SM Arena, I was so glue to my seat during the entire show and only the clapping and the shouts were the sounds that break in between songs could take my attention to the performers.
The biggest names in the Philippine music and world class concert artist from  various generations take part in the show including Lea Salonga, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Jose Mari Chan, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Basil Valdez, Freddie Aguilar, Christian Bautista, Erik Santos, Juris, Jed Madela, Piolo Pascual, Bamboo, Arnel Pineda, and the singing group, The Company.

Hosted by Jim Paredes, “Icons at the Arena: Masters of OPM” will also be graced by comic TV personalities Pokwang, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola, Staged ABS-CBN’s Star Events, with Johnny Manahan as director, and Ryan Cayabyab as musical director.

All of the country’s singing superstars medley of signature OPM hits are arranged by Mr Ryan Cayabyab himself . All the performers are complementing each other with the newly formed ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. Just imagine my happiness when I saw the musical instrument at the stage and from there I knew it would be a concert with class. The songs were all loved by the audience and no songs is less than the others just like the artist perform not because of their genre but because each one of them are Icons of the Music industry.
Here are some of the videos, hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Iron Bar Chef Challenge at _____________

Last week, I was asked to be one of the judges for a cooking showdown, The Iron Bar Chef Challenge.
There are six team to compete with four members each for the cooking challenge. The twist with this contest is that, the ingredients that are in the mystery bayong are unknown to the contenders. Just imagine the kind of challenge this is when you don’t know what you’re going to cook. They were given 1 hour to come up with a minimum of three (3) dishes.   To add pressure to the contestant and to test their concentration with their cooking, we started to ask questions after thirty minutes.
Different viands and plating were shown and I was so amazed with the kind of dishes they have prepared.  I learned a dish or two that was so easy to make and yet so nutritious as well.


The Body Shop held another event for its loyal member last June 16, 2012 at The Body Shop SM Mall of Asia branch. The Lily Cole Cruelty Free Make Up Workshop is just one of the many make-up workshops that I had attended. I personally am not a user of make-up but with Body Shop, it’s a different story.  Why, because The Body Shop pledges for a cruel-free cosmetic products and ingredients. It has been a long time issue that animals are used for product testing, and The Body Shop, Cruelty Free International, together with spokesperson, Lily Cole believes that animal testing should be banned immediately. And they are proud to say that their newest collection is 100% Cruelty Free.

Support our contingent to the upcoming London Olympics

On Sunday, June 24, 2012, in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and Activity Center, there  will be an event that will  be launch. It is  a campaign to support the Philippine Olympics contingent.  What will happen? they want Filipinos to  to donate a piece of their red, yellow, white or blue shirt. In return, the person who donated will be given a patch which states that the person is a proud keeper of Philippine colors. The pieces of cloth collected will all be put together to make Philippine flags that will be brought to the upcoming London Olympics.
In this regard, I  would like to ask for your help in encouraging our countrymen to support our Olympics contingent in any of the following ways.

Pass by the event in Mall of Asia anytime from 1:30PM to 6:00PM to donate a piece of your yellow, white or red shirt. Cutting can be done there so the size is right. They  will give you a patch in exchange to fill the hole.
What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday; with a cause.

See you there.......

Small-town Locals to Build “Courts of Inspiration” around Visayas & Mindanao

Quick, name one Filipino adult who has never set foot on a basketball court in his entire life. 

Impossible, isn’t it?

For a game that favors relatively tall people, it’s rather impressive how basketball has permeated Filipino culture. To this day, it is the nation’s most popular sport. Here, the passion is so great that you’d see people play it while wearing slippers, sandals, or sometimes, even barefoot. But nothing reinstates this fact better than the presence of basketball hoops everywhere—on the sides of buildings, in front of sari-sari stores, even in the middle of the street.

More than Just a Sports Venue


For a sneak peek into “Aparisyon,”

1971. The year before Martial Law is declared. The place: The Adoration Monastery in the woods of a remote province a few hours away from Manila. A young novice, Lourdes, enters the monastery. A few weeks later, Remy, an extern nun, gets a visit from her mother and is told that her left-leaning brother has gone missing. Remy asks for a brief leave of absence to join her family in the search for her brother. Mother Superior turns Remy down, wanting to keep the nun safe from harm. But Remy, still troubled by the news about her brother, has other plans and ends up smuggling a pocket radio into the monastery to listen to news reports in the dead of night. Lourdes eventually finds out what Remy has been up to. Sympathizing with Remy’s plight, Lourdes asks to become an extern herself. She and Remy start attending meetings of families whose militant relatives have disappeared. When one of their meetings drags into the night, the two nuns end up walking in the woods in the dark and get accosted by a few men. Remy escapes but Lourdes is not that lucky. Shortly before dawn, Lourdes is found in the woods: she has been sexually abused. The entire monastery gets shaken, and the nuns start to unravel from the memory of that fateful night. Months later, the crisis climaxes in a startling revelation that turns the nuns’ world upside down. 

Selecta Ice Cream: Red Chiller Bag, Promotes a Happier Planet

SM Supermarket and Unilever Philippines continue to place the environment at the core of their advocacy on sustainable living with the evolution of their pioneering eco program, the Greenbag Project.

SM Supermarket and Unilever Philippines recently introduced the latest innovations on the Greenbag during the Save the Earth, Share Happiness Event. This year, Selecta Ice Cream joins the endeavor to help lessen the used of plastic bags and promote eco=shopping among its customer through the Red Chiller Bag, the latest evolution of SM’s Greenbag advocacy, which shoppers can avail of when they purchased Selecta products.


FAST TRACK: The Careers @ Ayalagroup Job Fair on June 21, 2012

Good new to all job seeker, here’s your chance to be part of the Ayala Group of Companies. There will be a job fair like no other host by the Ayala Group. What’s interesting about this is you don’t need to bring tons of copies of your resume. The only thing you have to find out is what position you are applying for. There’s no need for you to hop from one company to another for Ayala Group will do it for you. Specific functions will be the main theme of the job fair. There will be 22 companies that will screen your resume for the specific function that you will be applying for, a higher chance of being employed.

Here’s information that was gathered during the briefing of the 1st one of a kind job fair.


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