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Ayos Dito : For Pinoy by Pinoy

If you have the kind of job like I do, a purchasing officer; you have to resourceful. Being able to find supplier with out living your table and on line supplier is one I always sought for. Ayos Dito is one of my reliable partners when I seek suppliers on line. Ayos Dito is the only buy and sell marketplace in the Philippines.  For personal purchase or for anything else, Ayos Dito has almost everything that you to find.

Freeway's National Artist Levi Celerio Collection

Being a mom of artistic children, I was always happy to receive an invitation that has something to do with art. Last June, as I was reading my email; an invitation to attend the launched of another Freeway event was sent and I’m glad I was able to attend this time.
Did you know that Levi Celerio was a violinist; well that’s what my daughter told me. I won’t argue with her since she is a violinist herself, so most probably she knows what she’s saying.
Held at the Row, Glorietta 5 last June 4, 2012; the Freeway X Levi Celerio Collection was launched. It’s a night of art, fashion and music.

Cadbury makes your Facebook statuses smooth as Dairy Milk

This is something awesome,I’m telling you. Cadbury came up with something that I think will shot on top of your lungs.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your Facebook status posts 
sung to your friends? Cadbury has come up with an awesome app for that very purpose!

Check out the “Smooth Status Singer” on the Cadbury Philippines Facebook Page, which launches on June 8, 2012. Turn your statuses into songs as smooth as Cadbury Dairy Milk by selecting from one of several pre-recorded status song videos like “Let’s go out! Are you game?” which is available in various music genres, then posting it on your Timeline, and tagging your friends.

Also stay tuned to the Cadbury Philippines page for the announcement of the main event wherein for one full day, the Smooth Status Singer will sing your customized status messages. Once the app goes live, all you have to do is enter your status, tag your friends, choose a genre, and submit. In moments, your personally-sung status will be posted on your page!

Here's a sample

Terms and conditions will apply, of course, so be sure to comply with
Cadbury’s guidelines.

Cadbury’s Smooth Status Singer is definitely going to add a lot of fun to you and your friends’ Facebook experience. ‘Like’ Cadbury Philippines on Facebook now!

Chicco's Mommy and Me at Rustan's

Chicco in partnership with Rustans’s bring a very special event, Mommy and Me! Mother’s Day event at Rustans’ Shangrila  last May 20. 

Manangs Chicken now at Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave., Q.C.

It’s a mushroom, sprouting everywhere and no one can stop it. Manangs Chicken once again add another branch to it list, located at the 2nd Floor At Wilcon City Center Visayas Ave., Q.C. 

Manangs Chicken opened its door to their loyal client last June 5, 2010.

Delightful goodness in my Gardenia pandesal

EJ started going back to school last Tuesday and it means, I need to prepare the breakfast and the baon every morning. I do want him to heavy breakfast  but not heavy that he would feel sleepy at class. Waking up with the wafting aroma of pandesal will surely bring him  back from sleepiness. His favorite palaman is condensed milk which my father taught him and grew fond of, if there’s no condensed milk; a evaporated milk with sugar will do.  
But wait, I can switch the palaman but not the pandesal, Gardenia is the only pandesal that he would take in the morning.  Gardenia has made its own version of pandesal using world-class standards to ensure utmost quality in both taste and appearance.

Make kitchen life easier with Fujidenzo microwave ovens

Let’s face, we live in a fast pace world, and everything we must be done in a snap. As for the appliances, Microwave is the most useable one in my kitchen. I had my Fujidenzo microwave few months back and it had help me in so many ways, from popcorn snacks to instant microwave dinners.   Fujidenzo fulfills all my microwave heating needs in a snap – their microwave ovens truly make for the perfect kitchen staple.

Each Fujidenzo microwave oven is equipped with the Smart Wave System, a technology that focuses microwave energy directly on to the food for faster cooking and defrosting than with traditional microwave ovens.  This also ensures even cooking and helps to eliminate cold spots and overcooked edges.

At 25 liters, the classy, electric Fujidenzo FM-25 SS Microwave Oven boasts of a stainless steel body and cavity, a grill function with 2 levels of combination cooking, defrost function, and end-of-cooking signal.

Meanwhile, the elegant silver, space saver-designed Fujidenzo FM-20 GX Microwave Oven on the other hand, has a volume of 20 liters, grill function, 3 levels of combination cooking, defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer, and end-of-cooking signal.

Whereas the 20-liter, silver-framed, ultra-modern black-bodied FM-20 B operates with a defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer, and end-of-cooking signal.  The FM-20 B is also designed as a space saver with its compact dimensions.

Finally, the 20-liter, classic polished white SM-20 SW sports a defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer, and end-of-cooking signal.

So when it comes to microwave ovens, the kitchen appliance you shouldn’t live without, make it Fujidenzo: the brand that values quality above all.


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