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Celebrity Living at SM Hypermart Pasig

Mother’s Day was even made more special by Celebrity Living as we celebrate the day with Survivor Celebrity Mommies not to mention the many prizes that was in store for us mothers. Held at SM Hypermart Pasig Health Hub last May 13, 2012.
Rikka Dylim and sexy celebrity mom Geneva Cruz answer the questions of fellow mommies at the event

Host  Rikka Dylim play with another sexy mom Aubrey Miles and her son, Hunter.

Mother's are in for a lot of surprises
The long line of prizes for the moms
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Till the next Celebrity Living Event

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Novuhair salutes mothers

Nature’s own solution to hair loss paid tribute to mothers last Mother’s Day Weekend at TriNoMa Mall, North EDSA.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion sponsored Lifestyle Network and Working Mom magazine’s The Happy Mommy on Sunday, May 13th, a joint, mall-wide celebration held especially for mothers. All took place exclusively at Ayala Malls: Market! Market!, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Bonifacio High Street, and Alabang Town Center, with the live shows and main events happening at TriNoMa Mall, where moms across the metroenjoyed an entire day of special privileges as they gave themselves a pat on the back for their job well done.

Among many of the activities set up were spas, manicures and pedicures, and salon booths for moms to avail of some much-deserved pampering sessions; a mini-bazaar of eco-friendly products in honor of Mother Earth; an expo of the latest and trendiest mom- and baby-related products; workshops conducted by experts from Working Mom magazine on homemaking, career-building, child-rearing, pregnancy, beauty, and fashion; as well as kiddie zones that kept kids busy and a fathers’ lounge that kept dads entertained while moms enjoyed their day away. And once they were done, games and prizes awaited families ready to take bonding to a new, competitive level!

The product that brings back oomph to your scalp and the luster to your hair was also in on the fun, with Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion booths set up across the venues. On-site hair care experts shared with moms the benefits brought about by Novuhair’s all-natural concoction, which include increasing nutrients to hair follicles and improving blood flow to the scalp, as well as detoxifying the scalp, apart from combatting hair loss and ultimately spurring hair growth.

“I didn’t realize there was a product like this, now,” says Teresita Valerio, one of the moms present at the event, of Novuhair. “I will try this. It’s a great gift for mothers that are worried their hair is running out – and what a waste of their beauty it would be!” she laughed.

Indeed it was a fun-filled day for mothers and families last Sunday; a Mother’s Day celebration participants are sure to remember the whole year round.

Novuhair is available at all Mercury Drug, Watson's, Rose Pharmacy, South Star, Manson, NCCC (Davao and Palawan). Call 413-6570or 0922-883-0575 and visit for more details.

CALCIUM GOODNESS YOU CAN CHEW Introducing CalChews, a groundbreaking calcium supplement

Held at Decagon SilverCity last week, CalChews was formally launch to the members of the press and media.

Here are some of the information that was shared and  hope you find it informative.

Although most women know the importance of calcium on their over-all health, many are still hesitant to include calcium supplements in their daily regimen.  Hardly surprising, considering that most of their choices available in the market today come in tablet or capsule form that are too large and simply difficult to swallow.  And despite the advent of calcium in powdered form, women still find it a hassle to prepare, not to mention dealing with the chalky taste.
Thank goodness, these inconveniences are now a thing of the past – with CalChews! A breakthrough calcium supplement from Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. (PCHC) of Pascual Laboratories, Inc., CalChews gives women their daily dose of calcium in the perfect form and function they need.  Not only does CalChews come in two soft and chewy candy flavors – Rich Chocolate and Creamy Caramel – it is also fortified with equally essential Vitamins D and K for optimum bone health.  It is the first and only calcium product that provides an easy and delicious way of getting the calcium needed to strengthen the bones, while protecting the heart.
“You don’t need a glass of water or go through any preparation to take CalChews.  You can take it after a meal, while working, riding the MRT, while reading, or during just about any activity.  It’s a breakthrough calcium supplement that will not only make taking calcium an enjoyable experience, but also give women what they need to stay healthy and strong,” Valerie Sison, PCHC Brand Manager, says.

The importance of calcium in our diet
As a mineral found mainly in the hard part of bones where it is stored, Calcium is essential for healthy bones. It is also important for muscle contraction, heart action, nervous system maintenance, and normal blood clotting.
Calcium deficiency in one’s diet could lead to common bone ailments such as osteoporosis, a condition associated with shrinking height and bent posture and spine. As osteoporosis affects mostly women over the age of 25, taking a calcium supplement everyday is therefore vital in preventing its onset.  With 500 mg. of calcium in each soft chew, CalChews has all the calcium goodness you can literally sink your teeth into. 
What’s more, CalChews contains 400 IU of Vitamin D3, to ensure proper calcium absorption needed for bone growth and bone remodeling by osteoblasts and osteoclasts.  Known as “the sunshine vitamin” because it is naturally sourced from the sun, Vitamin D3 is a fundamental dietary supplement that plays a major role in our nerve, muscle, and immune systems. More importantly, Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious bone diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets.
 Vitamin K: Keeping calcium in the bones
While most other calcium supplements contain Vitamin D, bone health maintenance is not quite complete without Vitamin K.
But what exactly is Vitamin K, and why is it a particularly key ingredient in CalChews?
Recent researches have shown that Vitamin K – the K1 variant of which is contained in CalChews and usually found in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts – regulates calcium by keeping it in the bones, and out of the arteries.  This helps minimize the calcification of the arteries – which is caused by the build-up of calcium over time – which can lead to heart attack.  Vitamin K not only helps block new arterial calcium build-up, but can also reduce existing levels of calcification.  But that’s not the only thing that Vitamin K can do. Now widely regarded as a “mega antioxidant,” it is shown to be remarkably effective against bone loss. It can also help reduce the risk of hip fracture, prevent the thickening of arteries that could lead to strokes, regulate calcium in the brain to aid in combating Alzheimer’s Disease, and even control blood sugar, among its other numerous capabilities.
With all these benefits, Vitamin K is an essential part of calcium supplementation, which CalChews delivers with the inclusion of 40mcg of Vitamin K1.
“With its ideal combination of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K1 in the recommended daily dose, CalChews offers a complete solution for optimum bone maintenance, even as it also helps with other health concerns,” says PCHC’s Medical Director, Dr. Bing Banaynal. 
  CalChews: The chewable, delicious alternative
With CalChews, there is absolutely no more excuse for women – or anybody else, for that matter – not to take care of their bones.  Its two delicious flavors  (Rich Chocolate and Creamy Caramel) come individually wrapped, so women can take it with them wherever they go.
“True to our mission of providing consumers with health and wellness products of superior value, CalChews answers the need for an easier way for women (and also everyone else) to supplement their diet with calcium everyday,” Pascual Laboratories’ Director for Corporate Communications, Ms. Mia Pascual – Cenzon concludes. 
So the next time you pop a calcium supplement in your mouth, choose to chew instead.   And because CalChews is both delicious and nutritious, it’s sure to be your new daily calcium habit!

Price 180/box
15 pcs/box

Tutuban Center Malls: For All Your Back to School Needs

It’s back top school once again.  I feel the sentiments of other parents with regards to the expenses that come with it.  I for one had five kids to send to school and besides the tuition fee; their back to school needs is one of the things that gives burden to my pocket.
Luckily, there’s Tutuban Mall where I could go and purchase all the necessary things like uniform and school supplies. To test my ability to haggle, I prepared a budget costing One Thousand peso for a set of uniform for my youngest child not mention my only son.

Last Monday, I went out my way to visit not just my mother who has a stall in Divisoria but to purchase my son’s uniform. Compare to the cost of his uniform when purchase to Ateneo Grade School Cooperative Store, the cost of his one week uniform was less than a thousand when I purchase it at Tutuban Mall

Unico Hijo Apparel located at MS-03 Prime Block Tutuban
From P 130.00 a pieace,I was able to purchase this Polo Shirt for  just P110.00
3 pieces cost only P330
NC Photo Shop & Dry Goods located at Cluster Building 
Purchase 2 sets of Pants worth 220 each.

Neilsen Commercial located at K-08 , Cluster Building
3 Pieces of Sando for just P200.00

With One Thousand Pesos, I managed to purchased my son’s uniform and still got a change of P30.00
What a bargain for me and for the other parents as well.

 I almost forgot to mention, I  am  Manilenia myself and I witness the development of the Tutuban Mall from the PNR days to what it is now. The Famous Tutuban Malls is the haven for all the bargain shoppers, even the  resident of other towns makes it a point to shop for all their back to school needs.

Happy Shopping

The Spa Reflexology Relax. Recharge. Heal.

I was so toxic the recent weeks and I needed a break, thankfully The Spa introduce it’s newest service – The Spa Reflexology. I experienced a healing and relaxation in tranquil sanctuary at the Spa Wellness Acropolis Branch.  The service  was offer starting last May 9, 2011.

The Spa Reflexology is a healing massage that focuses on particular “pressure points” of the soles of the feet, where sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered.A different massage experience awaits clients as hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil are used unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms and elbows.
If healing is all you want, enjoy a no-frills Reflexology Massage in plush customized chair/convertible bed withsoothing ambiance of The Spa Wellness branches – Acropolis,Trinoma and Greenbelt (Trinoma and Greenbelt soon to open).Cozy rooms with multiple chair/convertible beds equipped with LCD TV screens make it perfect for a Reflexology sparty with friends and loved ones. It’s a sit-and-massage service that lets you begin healing instantly, without the hassle of changing into robes. Licensed and highly-trained therapists work with precision onto the foot to soothe pain and stress.
Plush customized chair/convertible bed

Warm water with Tea
My Own Cable TV

 Wood stick with cream and oil

The Spa Reflexology is a 60-minute service for only P550 per session.
The Spa is part of the The Spa Wellness group of brands.

The Benefits of The Spa Reflexology include:
Pain and stiffness relief caused by too much exercising or using muscle for too long.
Prevention and cure of symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.
Boosts blood circulation in the system.
The Spa Reflexology is available in the following branches:
(Deluxe & Executive Rooms)
L/G, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa
(+632) 850-3490, 850-6836 | Sun to Thu 1 – 9 pm / Fri & Sat 1 – 10 pm
G/F The Spa Building, 80 E. Rodriguez Jr Ave, Bagumbayan, QC
(+632) 655-0766, 655-0783 | Mon to Thu 1:30 – 9:30 pm / Fri to Sun 1 – 9:30 pm

GREENBELT (soon to open)
G/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas, Makati (drop-off entrance)
(+632) 840-1325, 840-1326 | Mon to Thu 12 – 10 pm / Fri to Sun 12 – 11 pm

TRINOMA (soon to open)
3/F, Wellness Zone, Trinoma Mall, North Ave, QC
 (+632) 900-8809, 900-8818 | Mon to Thu 12 – 10 pm / Fri-Sun 11am – 10 pm

Dont' Forget to take your cup of  Hot Ginger Brew

Ipanema takes Go-Getters to the Urban Jungle

Last May 8, 2012 world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand, IPANEMA took style animals to an unforgettable experience out in the wild when it transformed the Bonifacio High Street into a mystical urban jungle where IPANEMA’s sassy new collection was paraded. 

The IPANEMA Urban Jungle Runway Show was a night of fun and true enchantment; a sheer moment to captivate the Metro’s style stars through fresh, animated pieces that capture that jovial spirit unique to the IPANEMA brand. True to the happy and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil the brand has been known for since it has established itself back in 1971, the IPANEMA designs featured a refreshingly distinct mix of bright colors adorning striking and bold prints as well as vibrant and unique design patterns.

The runway event witnessed the gathering of fiercest go-getters of the land. Popular celebrities and top models in the name of Enchong Dee, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, Peter Norrdell, among others, graced the occasion and spiced up the night channeling their inner fashion animals. No other moment seemed more apt as the night was dedicated to unraveling the fabulous “fauna” of new IPANEMA flipflop styles through a numinous, story-telling fashion show featuring jungle creatures that embody the diverse tastes and characters of today’s stylistas.

What exactly unfolded during the roaring runway show? A jamboree of mystical animals which included the playful and graceful dolphin; the sleek and agile “Jacob” of the land: the wolf. Also making his regal presence felt was the king of the jungle, lion with its powerful and intimidating stance. Completing the fashion soiree was the vibrant and sophisticated peacock; the soaring eagle with its potent sexual energy; the meek and mild gazelle that represents those with laid back taste; the sexy and imperial snake; the eye-catching ostrich; the zebra which dons its uniqueness in every possible way; and the funny and quirky caterpillar, which transformed into a glamorous butterfly as its fellow animals strutted their way into the urban jungle, a place where there is boundless freedom to express one’s definitive flair and need for comfort. Indeed, it was a runway spectacle like no other.

The Urban Jungle Fashion Show is IPANEMA’s way of celebrating unique individuals who take on everyday determined to conquer the world and stand out. It’s a toast to go-getters who own their unique style and never compromise on getting what they truly desire.

IPANEMA has truly been a bastion for flipflops not only in Brazil, but around the globe as well. Its long history speaks not only of reliability and high quality performance and service, but of innovation, and continuous improvements in styles and designs as well.  These fab sandals pride themselves with the supreme ease and comfort they provide to every foot with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

With this exciting event marking a new era in the brand’s history, we are invited to make our fashionable mark at the urban jungle and spoil our sole with IPANEMA.

For more information, visit the IPANEMA Philippines official Facebook fan page (

Here are the latest member of the Ipanema

Happy Walking

Oneness Through Wellness : An open for all yoga Event

In celebration of the 29th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, HIV advocacy group Yoga for Life will unite the city in an open-for-all yoga practice at the Quezon Memorial Circle on May 20, 2012, 4 p.m. during the "Oneness Through Wellness" event.  Yoga teachers will guide the public in the mass yoga practice as volunteers educate attendees about HIV and AIDS.  We are very grateful to have generated support from different groups like the Local Government of Quezon City, The Love Yourself Project, Take The Test, Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance, beyondyoga, Bliss Yoga Manila, and ECHOyoga.

Hope to see you there.

Yakitori Q: Japanese food need not be expensive

As I visited the recent Phil SME at the PICC Forum, my attention was caught by a kiosk that sells yakitori, the Yakitori Q

Yakitori grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type ofskewered chicken. The term "Yakitori" can also refer to skewered food in general.

The Japanese food was not expensive and with just P29.00, I could have a meal complete with rice.

The different sauces surely suits the different taste buds of my children.

Here's some information that I have gathered with regards to this new business venture.

First Asian Food Project Inc. (FAFPI) was started in April 2008 by Jorge Wieneke III with a dream of bringing the traditionally expensive Japanese Cuisine to the common Filipino. He discovered that Japanese food need not to be expensive, through the help of the Okuya family. FAFPI started with a branch in Makati and in Quezon City, supported by a commissary. Today, it has 6 branches, 3 of which are franchise operated.

Jorge heads team of winners, partnering up with successful individuals in their own right. Together, they compose the management team of FAFPI, successfully expanding the business to where it is now.


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