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Samsung Premium with an Affordable Price Tag

 Tech giant, Samsung Electronics Philippines has announced a price adjustment for three of the most premium, innovative, advanced and stylish Samsung devices in the country. The Samsung Galaxy II, Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be made more accessible starting this May, 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung Galaxy Note

The most sought after smartphone in the country to date, the Samsung
Galaxy SII can now be yours for only PHP24, 990, a three thousand Peso
savings versus its original retail price. . Even with the anticipation
on the next Samsung Galaxy S model, the Samsung Galaxy S II remains to
be a crowd favorite with it being the extremely powerful and stylish
smartphone that any user would be proud to own. With its 4.3 inch
Super AMOLED Plus Display, viewing multimedia content on the SII is
superb. The Galaxy SII’s 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor promises speed in
performing multiple tasks. And, with it being a 4G capable phone,
internet surfing is truly a breeze.

Now, for individuals who prefer a slightly larger screen without

sacrificing portability, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a sure buy. With
its 5.3” HD Super AMOLED Screen, viewing emails, multimedia and even
using its unique S-Pen technology (an input solution that allows users
to capture their ideas anywhere at anytime be it in the form of
handwriting, type written text, pictures, doodles, and even voice
recording), can be done with much ease and enjoyment. Not to mention,
the Galaxy Note is powered by a 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor that gets
the job done in the fastest time possible. This unparalleled device
experience now retails for only PHP29, 990 (versus its original retail
price of PHP33,490)

And, for people who believe in “the bigger, the better”, Samsung is

proud to offer another tech innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Tab
7.7, the only tablet in the market that has a Super AMOLED Plus touch
screen. With this, watching those HD movies anywhere you go is truly a
remarkable and almost “theater-like” experience. Colors are extremely
vivid and sharp. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 boasts of a
1.4GHz Dual Core Processor that allows users to quickly and seamlessly
finish their office documents and presentations, play high definition
games, watch flash videos online, enjoy their favorite apps and so
much more! With such heavy weight features, it’s astonishing to see
that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is probably the slimmest and most
light weight tablet out in the market today. This device has a 7.7”
screen, weighs only 340g and has the thinnest dimensions of 7.89mm
(width). And, if that was not enough to convince you, the Samsung
Galaxy Tab 7.7’s memory is even expandable up to 32GB with the micro
SD card slot. All these features are yours for only PHP27,990 (a far
cry from the initial retail price of PHP32,990).

Choose the Samsung Galaxy for you!

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Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S III, the Smartphone Designed for Humans and Inspired by Nature

Effortlessly smart and intuitively simple,

Samsung GALAXY S III reveals a new concept of smartphone

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the third generation GALAXY S, the GALAXY S III. Designed for humans and inspired by nature, the GALAXY S III is a smartphone that
recognizes your voice, understands your intention, and lets you share a moment instantly and easily.

 This sleek and innovative smartphone has the enhanced intelligence to
make everyday life easier. With Samsung GALAXY S III, you can view the
content like never before on the device’s 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED
display. An 8MP camera and a 1.9MP front camera offer users a variety
of intelligent camera features and face recognition related options
that ensure all moments are captured easily and instantly. Samsung
GALAXY S III is powered by Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, with
greatly enhanced usability and practicality to make life easier.
Packed with intuitive technology, the GALAXY S III delivers a uniquely
personalized mobile experience that refuses to be compromised.

“With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has maximized the consumer benefits by
integrating superior hardware with enhanced smartphone usability,”
said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications
Division at Samsung. “Designed to be both effortlessly smart and
intuitively simple, the GALAXY S III has been created with our human
needs and capabilities in mind. What makes me most proud is that it
enables one of the most seamless, natural and human-centric mobile
experiences, opening up a new horizon that allows you to live a life

Introducing Natural Interaction

The GALAXY S III enhances the interaction experience between the
device and user. Smart enough to detect your face, voice and motions,
the GALAXY S III adapts to the individual user to provide a more
convenient and natural experience. With the innovative ‘Smart stay’
feature, the GALAXY S III recognizes how you are using your phone –
reading an e-book or browsing the web for instance – by having the
front camera identify your eyes; the phone maintains a bright display
for continued viewing pleasure.

The GALAXY S III features ‘S Voice,’ the advanced natural language
user interface, to listen and respond to your words. In addition to
allowing information search and basic device-user communication, S
Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and
commands. When your phone alarm goes off but you need a little extra
rest, just tell the GALAXY S III “snooze.” You can also use S Voice to
play your favorite songs, turn the volume up or down, send text
messages and emails, organize your schedules, or automatically launch
the camera and capture a photo.
In addition to recognizing your face and voice, the GALAXY S III
understands your motions to offer maximized usability. If you are
messaging someone but decide to call them instead, simply lift your
phone to your ear and ‘Direct call’ will dial their number. With
‘Smart alert,’ the GALAXY S III will also save you from trouble by
catching any missed messages or calls; your phone will vibrate to
notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle.

Easy and Instant Sharing

The Samsung GALAXY S III is more than a personal device that can be
enjoyed by one user - it wants you to share and experience smartphone
benefits with family and friends, regardless of where you are. With
the new ‘S Beam,’ the GALAXY S III expands upon Android™ Beam™,
allowing a 1GB movie file to be shared within three minutes and a 10MB
music file within two seconds by simply touching another GALAXY S III
phone, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The ‘Buddy photo
share’ function also allows photos to be easily and simultaneously
shared with all your friends pictured in an image directly from the
camera or the photo gallery.

With ‘AllShare Cast’, users can wirelessly connect their GALAXY S III
to their television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a
larger display. ‘AllShare Play’ can be also used to instantly share
any forms of files between GALAXY S III and your tablet, PC, and
televisions regardless of the distance between the devices. Under
AllShare Play is also the ‘Group Cast’ feature that allows you to
share your screen among multiple friends on the same Wi-Fi network;
you can make comments and draw changes at the same time with your
co-workers, witnessing real-time sharing on your individual device.

Human-centric Design with Uncompromised Performance

The GALAXY S III not only presents features with enhanced usability,
but also provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience through its
human-centric design. Its comfortable grip, gentle curves, and organic
form deliver a rich human-centric feel and design. Inspired by nature,
its design concept is the flow and movement of nature. The elements of
wind, water and light are all evoked in the physical construct of the
GALAXY S III. In its essence, the minimal organic design identity is
reflected in the smooth and non-linear lines of the device. Available
in Pebble Blue and Marble White at launch, Samsung will introduce a
variety of additional color options.

With a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, the GALAXY S III offers a large
and vivid viewing experience. Samsung Mobile’s heritage Super AMOLED
display even enhances to HD and 16:9 wider viewing angles. To ensure
faster content sharing and connectivity, the GALAXY S III offers Wi-Fi
Channel Bonding which doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth.
The GALAXY S III also sports a range of additional features that boost
performance and the overall user experience in entirely new ways. It
introduces ‘Pop up play,’ a feature that allows you to play a video
anywhere on your screen while simultaneously running other tasks,
eliminating the need to close and restart videos when checking new
emails or surfing the Web. Its 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter
speed that lets you capture moving objects easily without delay – the
image you see is the picture you take. With the ‘Burst shot’ function
that instantly captures twenty continuous shots, and the ‘Best photo’
feature that selects the best of eight photographs for you, the GALAXY
S III ensures users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience.
HD video can be recorded even with the 1.9MP front-facing camera,
which you can use to capture a video of yourself. Improved backside
illumination further helps to eliminate blur in photos that result
from shaking, even under low lights.

Mobile payment is also accessible with the device through advanced
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The gaming experience is
enhanced through ‘Game Hub,’ providing access to numerous social
games, while Video Hub brings users high quality TV and movies.
Furthermore, Samsung Music Hub will offer a personal music streaming
service. Game Hub, Video Hub and Music Hub will be introduced in
select countries initially and soon rolled out to global markets.

The Samsung GALAXY S III will be available from the end of May in
Europe before rolling out to other markets globally.

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Dermablend & Diana Stalder Conquers Palarong Pambansa 2012.

The 7,000 athletes and visitors of Palarong Pambansa are in for a great treat. Dermablend in collaboration with Diana Stalder partnerd with DEPED and Lingayen,Pangasinan City Government  has different programs lined up fin connection with the 2012 Palarong Pambansa.

These are the following
1.   Dermablend Sports Kit Provision
·        Dermablend together with Diana Stalder will provide a sports kit for the Secondary Athletes for their use on the opening ceremony of the 2012 Palarong Pambansa.
2.    Bus Activation
·        Dermablend will provide entertainment within the Bus/ Shuttle service of the athletes from camp site (schools) going to the Event Center.
·        They  will Do 15-30 minutes Trivia Contest during the whole trip in the morning
·        A total of 4 Trivia Questions about Dermablend and Diana Stalder will be asked each day.
·        They will  provide Tokens for every correct answer they will make.
 3.   Power Plus Combination
·        Diana Stalder will provide a Power Foot Massage and Back Massage for free for the athletes.  For NON ATHLETES: For those who would like to avail the Massage service you can get it at discounted price in our Booth.
·        Dermablend will provide a Free Power Drink plus Canister for every purchase of DERMABLEND Guava Tea Tree 135g. At a discounted price.
·        Everyone who avails the DB Guava Tea tree can have a Drink all can for the whole day.
  4.    Dermablend Scholarship Grant
·        Dermablend in collaboration with Diana Stalder will also provide a Two (2) year scholarship Grant in any Computer course at DATAMEX Computer Learning School for Free.
·        The lucky winner will be chosen in a sports category
picked by the sponsor.
 5.   Daily Raffle Promo
·        Dermablend and Diana Stalder will Conduct raffle promo during the whole course of the event.
·        The raffle will be done twice (2) daily in the Morning and in the afternoon.
·        For the participants to be qualified in the raffle he has to purchase Dermablend GUAVA TEA TREE and any of Diana Stalder or Dermablend brand then leave his or her name in the Dermablend booth.
·        The winner will be announced 12pm and 4pm respectively.

Here are some of the information with regards to the DERMABLEND products

 Dermablend PAPAYA Orange soap ®
90g. and 135g.
q     Is a breakthrough in superior whitening that guarantees not just whiter skin but moisturized skin.
q     This product contains papaya extract that effectively whitens the skin ,with orange extract that moisturizes and thoroughly cleanses the skin.
q     Launch  in 2005 as a skin whitening and
Moisturizing soap.
q     Composition:
–        Cocos nucifera (coconut oil)
–        Potassium lactate
–        Citrus aurantium dulcis
–        Carica papaya Fruit extract
How to use:
Use as an everyday regular bath soap for face and body.

Core Messages
•         Exfoliates the skin with the use of PAPAYA extract which can lighten your skin in two (2) weeks.
•         Provides protection for the skin with the use of Orange Extract as an antioxidant which moisturizes and protects skin from free radicals.

q     This product contains a natural combination of GUAVA LEAF extract that gives skin a natural Antibacterial and Antiseptic properties with TEA TREE leaf extract  which prevents skin irritations.
q     Composition:
–        Guava leaf extracts
–        Tea Tree leaf extracts
How to use:
Use as everyday regular bath soap.

•         Has a natural defense on skin free radicals which prevents body odors produce by sweat.
•         Has a natural remedy for skin irritation which helps to heal rashes and wounds fast
•         Has a natural ingredient that help prevents acne/pimple formation in acne prone areas with no side effects.
Dermablend OATMEAL SOAP ®
q     This product contains natural ingredients of Colloidal Oatmeal (Oatmeal ground into extremely fine powder), thus making your skin smooth and silky
q     Composition:
–        Colloidal Oatmeal
–        Potassium Lactate
How to use:
Use regularly as everyday moisturizing soap.

•         Provides Natural treatment for the skin with Colloidal Oatmeal ingredient that helps keep your skin smooth and silky.
•         Contains ANTI-ITCH properties that helps bring back the PH level of the skin into normal levels, thus taming the “ need to itch feeling”.

q     This product  is an intensive botanical moisturizing soap that contains Double strength formula of CUCUMBER extract  plus MELON, thus moisturizes the skin without a greasy feeling.
q     Composition:
–        Cucumber extract
–        Melon extract
How to use:
Use regularly as everyday moisturizing soap.

•         Provides Dual action (CUCUMBER and Melon ) to firm your skin and make you look younger  by minimizing pores and smoothens skin.
•         Dual action that moisturize skin and prevent from dryness brought by skin free radicals that causes cell damage. 

Congratulations to all the winners.

StyleRPA TV is for Real, Personal and All-that Style

StyleRPA TV is the newest hotspot for everything real, personal, and all that style. After making a splash in today’s most popular medium of the internet, the latest lifestyle news from online lifestyle magazine is now not only on laptop screens, but on the televisions as well.
Philip Abadicio

 Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes (Co-Host) 
StyleRPA TV treats audiences to updates on the most stylish happenings in fashion, beauty, food, design, arts and culture, motoring and gadgets, and design. Up and coming personalities from these fields, who embody style in their individual ways also regularly grace the show for an up close look on themselves and their work.

StyleRPA, both the television show and the online lifestyle magazine, are thehandiwork of RPA & Communicate president Philip Abadicio, who has been successful in public relations, events management, marketing, and publication for nearly two decades. Philip started out as a young entrepreneur and, knowing the importance of communicating the right information to the right people, eventually moved on toexpanding businesses through public relations.  At first operating in Philip’s parents’ house in Quezon City until its first paying client and the business’ eventual expansion, RPA & Communicate has since served many clients such as the Araneta Group of Companies, Levi Strauss Philippines, Nickelodeon, Yahoo and Warner Music Philippines. Philip now ventures into making brands and people visible through and StyleRPA TV.

Under Philip’s expert hand, StyleRPA TV becomes a great platform for artists of different kinds, products, and events to make themselves visible and to reach out to a young and engaged audience. The show is hosted by Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes, who are also involved with work with Amanda and Ria, Communication Arts graduates and Nicole, an English Literature graduate, engage the viewers in discussions on lifestyle news and with the show’s guests.

StyleRPA TV’s segments deal with the most interesting happenings in lifestyle every week, and feature great new finds like restaurants, artists and musicians, and events. The show has its eyes peeled and arms wide open for exciting new personalities, always a step ahead of all things innovative.

StyleRPA TV airs on GNN Channel 8 on Destiny Cable and on free cable nationwide on Saturdays, 7 - 8 p.m., and replays on Sundays, 8 - 9 a.m.

Mike Chan Launches New Album

Rock Balladeer Mike Chan recently release his self titled second full length solo album under Heroes Records and Star Records last April 28 at Tiendesitas, in Pasig City

Mike Chan will perform every Tuesday at Tiendesitas until June and at various SM Supermalls starting May 7 for his album tour
Mike Chan the album is presented by Myphone, DJM Music, Shimmian Surgicenter Manila, Eventus Advertising, Game Club and Epipes
Here's one of the performance of Mike Chan that was uploaded in YouTube
Mike Chan Though often mistaken for a Korean or Taiwanese actor because of his pure Chinese good looks, Mike Chan is very much a Filipino when it comes to his music. “I cut my teeth in show business by hosting and singing O.P.M. love songs back when I was still with the noon time show (Chowtime Na!)” recalls Mike, “I took that job because I thought it would open doors for me in the music industry. Thankfully it did just that!” The show lasted for 2 years and in that time, Mike was able to meet the different movers and shakers in the music world. In fact, it was during the taping of one of the shows episodes where he met Jimmy Bondoc, whom he would later partner with (along with Luke Mejares, Paolo Santos, Top Suzara and DJ Myke) to form the group The Sabado Boys. “The Sabado Boys was a turning point for me, musically, because back when I was doing Chowtime, I was basically the only host, other than April Boy Regino, who sang. There was really no pressure for me to push myself to excel musically.” “When we formed the group, I found myself all of a sudden performing with guys who have built careers out of singing and making music! It was intimidating to say the least” Mike says laughing. “It turned out to be a real blessing though because music was what I wanted to pursue and these guys have been very generous when it comes to sharing with me what they know.” And what they have taught him was plenty judging from the content of his newest album. “I’m at the stage where I’m exploring different types of music. My comfort zone has always been the ballads but I realized that in music, as in life, you have to take chances and try new things if you want to grow.” The album contains revival songs from different genres of music. Stay Awake originally by Ronnie Laws and Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko by Bodgie’s Law Of Gravity lean towards pop jazz while Take Me Now by David Gates is a straight pop ballad. “By far the tracks I enjoyed recording most are Mike Francis’ Let Me In and O.M.D.’s If You Leave” notes Mike. “These are new wave songs we’ve re arranged and have given a pop alternative treatment to make them sound contemporary. The results have been pleasantly surprising for me because I’m beginning to gravitate towards the pop rock genre and I grew up singing new wave songs so the prospect of reintroducing these songs with a new twist for younger listeners appeal to me” A career in music almost never happened for Mike because the initial offers he received when he was starting out were acting roles and hosting jobs. This isn’t surprising because Mike is statuesque at 5’ 10” and has a built honed by years of swimming, playing tennis and motorcycle racing. He could easily become a model, an actor or a sports icon. Thankfully the muses of music claimed him once he started singing on TV. and he is where he says he wants to be at the 

Mother's Day Made Special by SM San Lazaro and Classic Savory

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, yet most commonly in  May in the Philippines.

In connection  with Mother’s Day celebration, another treat is in store for the consumers of SM San Lazaro

SM Department Store San Lazaro and Classic Savory San Lazaro is continuously giving gratefulness to our consumers as we consistently implement promotions that provides a rewarding shopping and dining experience

Starting from May 1-31, 2012, for a minimum of P1000 worth of purchase at SM Department Store San Lazaro, entitles a customer to one (1) Creamy Mushroom Fish Fillet for FREE.

This promo is exclusive for SM San Lazaro

PLDT Telpad TelMehow Digital Media Night

The Host of the Night
The PLDT TELPAD TelMeHow Digital Media Night was held last May 2 at the Prive, Fort Bonifacio was attended by not just the media and bloggers but by businessmen and other important persons. It was indeed a night of TelMeHow moments. A lot of discoveries were unveiled with the help of just one tablet, the PLDT TELPAD.

 Here are the following TelMeHow

*The world's first with unlimited local calls, unlimited internet and
exclusive PLDT services. Powered by Android™. 

The PLDT Telpad Plans give you the clearest & most reliable voice service bundled with an even faster broadband connection plus value added features that will redefine the telecommunication experience for your family. The plans come with a Telpad unit, the world's first* tablet landline. It doubles as a multimedia device
to house all your information, communication and entertainment needs. Units are offered to Telpad Plan subscribers at a discounted cost of P5,500 (with installment options) from the original P13,900.


8 GB built-in memory
180 hours standby time
7.87 × 4.3 × 0.49 inches
3-axis Accelerometer, gravity, and ambient light sensors
0.3 MP front and 3.2 MP
rear camera
Powered by Android™
Froyo 2.2
Telpad AD-1000A
2 GB built-in memory
70 hours standby time
8.24 x 5 x 0.58 inches
3-Axis Accelerometer for
UI auto-rotate 

For more information pls visit


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