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Avida’s Red Letter Day for Mother Earth

AVIDA LAND joins the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Day. Earth Day is the largest, most widely observed global annual event in support of environmental protection, preservation and growth. Every year, the Earth Day event educates and encourages people all over the world to make smarter, Earth-friendly choices; to modify their lifestyles into something that is more sustainable for the planet and its inhabitants.
As the world prepares to celebrate and observe Earth Day on April 22nd, Avida Land is also gearing up for activities that support the cause. According to Avida marketing head Tess Tatco, Avida Land aims to create environment-friendly, sustainable communities in all its developments.
“As one of the leading property developers today, Avida Land is focused on creating what we call ‘sustainable communities’. By that we mean communities that, by design, are meant to protect the natural environment and preserve the ecology. Communities with a ‘sustainable’ design and construction cause no harm to the natural environment and, in fact, helps preserve and protect it for future generations.
“It’s no longer enough to simply provide beautiful, comfortable and safe places for families to live in—our responsibility as developers includes helping ensure that the beauty and balance of the natural environment are not damaged. All of us, the developers, the residents, the public—we can all work together to create sustainable communities in each our own way. Our children, grandchildren, our descendants, will reap long-term benefits as a result,” she said.
As the whole world prepares for Earth Day, Avida Land is joining in the effort through its Red Letter Day (RLD) Event on April 14th. A percentage of the proceeds from RLD on that date will be given to the World Wildlife Fund in support of its efforts to help the environment. Furthermore, all participants who reserved their entry to the event will receive Body shop gift certificates; Body Shop is a pioneer in green cosmetics.
Avida is also sharing tips on how to live an environment-friendly lifestyle through Facebook and selected radio stations from April 9th to the 14th.
Earth Day: A global movement
Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 to mark the anniversary of the modern environmental movement, which began in 1970 in the United States. While the most urgent cause for protest and mass action at the time was the efforts to end the Vietnam War. The protection and preservation of the environment was not a big issue in the public arena.
All of this changed when, a year earlier, in 1969, a massive oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara, California. The founder of Earth day, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, realized the urgent need to protect the planet from the effects of pollution and other sources of environmental damage. He then set out to channel the momentum of the U.S. anti-war movement into an effort to teach people about environmental issues and spur them into action.
Senator Nelson’s efforts paid off: on April 22, 1970,  20 million Americans occupied streets, parks, and auditoriums in a demonstration that demanded more focus on the part of government and the private sector towards creating a world that promotes a sustainable lifestyle—in order to preserve and nurture our global environment and ecology for the sake of generations to come.
Today, in 2012, Earth Day has spread beyond North America’s borders to truly become a world movement, that continues the struggle to change people’s mindsets, habits and ways of living for the sake of the planet’s future. Worldwide, various groups across many nations are participating in Earth Day activities.
Red Letter Day
“Red Letter Day” is a campaign by Avida Land that seeks to promote the spirit of thanksgiving among Filipinos. The campaign acknowledges all hardworking Filipinos and rewards them with their own special day to celebrate and have fun.
“Red Letter Day harnesses the power of thanksgiving. A simple ‘Thank You’ evokes positive feelings and nurtures in us not just gratitude but hope and inspiration as well. These attitudes, in turn, give us more motivation and energy to make life better for others. We’re giving everyone a chance to say ‘Thank You’ in special ways through our new campaign for 2012,” says Tatco.
Red Letter Day events include fun activities and live entertainment from OPM artists. Participants may have souvenir photos taken which includes their special thank you message to friends and loved ones. They may also participate in the Digital Thanks activity through special computer hardware and software that allows them to send digital messages of thanks.
There’s also Red Letter Day Facebook application that lets users create personalized thank you messages in 140 characters or less. It’s so easy to use: 1) Go to click “Like”; 2) register by typing your name, city, birth date, mobile number, email address, and occupation; 3) check the tick boxes and click “Submit”.
Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can start making your message to the person to whom you want to say “thank you”.
For updates on the venues for Red Letter Day events and more information on how to register for the event in advance, go to the Avida Land Facebook account.

Kipling showcases biggest bag collection on 25th anniversary celebration

The biggest collection of what is touted as the best women’s casual bag brand in the world was recently showcased to mark Kipling’s 25th successful year in the global retail industry.  Presented at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, the event was deluged by bag enthusiasts who loved each piece of the collection.
Kipling Oristo in Black

Kipling College in Denim Blue

Kipling Harajuku in Block Orange

Kipling City Business Morelle in Navy

Regarded as one of Belgium’s most iconic fashion pieces, Kipling was inspired by a number of renowned factors that give it its distinct edge.  "With a monkey discovered in Asia, an innovative nylon treatment from Europe, a bold attitude inspired by America and the name of an indisputable British legend, Kipling is without a doubt one of Belgium's most successful fashion exports," says Isabel Van den Broeck, marketing and communication director worldwide for Kipling
"From new stores in Asia to the beaches of Brazil, we continue to create lifestyle essentials to brighten women's every moment, from working days to bright nights and special gatherings to chance encounters.  Design at Kipling has stayed hectic and eclectic - and we wouldn't have it any other way," adds Van den Broeck.

            Kipling presented its Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which included bags from the Basic, Basic Travel, Sweet Me, My Valentine, Vintage, Gorilla Girlz, City, City Business, 25 Years, Back to School, and Working Life line.  Each collection is perfectly designed to adapt to the lifestyles of today’s discerning women travelers who want no less than quality, functionality and style in their travel pieces.  

Kipling also prepared a number of cool games like Spot the Monkey, Kipling for Keeps and Pair It! plus loads of great prizes and surprises.  A highlight of the event was a fashion show that underscored the new collection’s brilliantly-colored Kipling bags.

Kipling’s 25th anniversary celebration included teaming up with 8 artists of different nationalities for a special bag remix project with the motto: Play!  Each image tells a story embracing Kipling’s spirit of being fun and clever using Kipling’s blue and red Classic bags---a statement that fashion is too fun to be taken seriously.

The eight featured artists include Sarah Illenberger of Germany, Rankin of the UK, Paul Graves of the USA, Alex Salinas of Belgium, Javier Mariscal of Spain, Vincent Gapaillard of France, Li Wei of China and Prince Lauder of Mexico.
            Kipling was founded in 1987 and was inspired by Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book.  Over the years, Kipling has evolved beyond its original roots of providing high quality backpacks suited for the adventures of daily life into a distinctive, global brand offering a range of carryalls for a variety of lifestyles.  It’s no wonder a lot of people have fallen in love with Kipling bags and its iconic monkey.  In fact, more than 35 million people around the world now own at least one Kipling bag.

Kipling is available online at and at SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA The Block, SM Megamall, SM Bacolod, SM Iloilo, SM Davao, SM Cebu, Robinsons Place Ermita, Rustan’s Alabang Town Center, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan’s Makati, Landmark Makati and TriNoma.  To know more, visit Kipling Philippines on Facebook and get to find out more exciting news from the lovable monkey through

5 Moron and The Crying Lady: Stress Free Movie

If you think making someone cry is hard enough, try making someone laugh and let’s see what happen.

After the long holiday I finally decided to just spend the day stress free, as in not thinking of anything but to relax myself physically and emotionally. I was one of the lucky one who were invited to join the block screening of 5 Moron and The Crying Lady. Held at the Gateway Cineplex 10 Platinum Cinema, between the unlimited popcorn, drinks , hotdog and Taco Bell Burritos and he surprise appearance of John “Sweet “Lapuz (  who sits in front of me by the way); I watch the stress free movie of a lifetime.

The main reason I watched a movie was to relax and 5 Moronand the Crying Lady surely suit that purpose. As the film starts to roll, I finally realized that a movie don’t have to contain green jokes to make it laughable. The stupidly portrayed by the 5 Moron are enough to make you laugh.  It’s not everyday that you got to watch a movie that you don’t need to analyze and have fun while watching.

The great thing about the star of the movie was; there’s no “sapawan” in everyone’s part. As John Lapuz explains, Director Wenn V. Deramas made sure that everyone of the artist involve have their own spotlight and on top of that, the movie is rated General Patronage
No parent like me will need to worry whether my children below 13 should watch the movie since its recommend to the whole family.
 The movie trailer worth watching

5 Moron and the Crying Lady could be compared to international movies like that of Mr. Bean, Dumb and Dumber, where stupidity wins in the end.
The showcase of talent by Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, Martin Escudero, DJ Durano and the ever always evolving John “Sweet” Lapuz surely did bring the house down with their portrayal.
The film is directed by Director Wenn V. Deramas for Viva Films/MVP Pictures and is showing in leading cinemas nationwide.

Kudos to the whole cast of 5 Moron and The Crying Lady.

Group Picture with John "Sweet" Lapuz

Thanks you Carlo for the Pictures

Girl Bonding Time : Yashinoya Time

One of the things that I and my girls would love to do besides shopping and salon hopping is eating. As different as they names are, they have different food preferences.  It was my time bonding with my eldest daughter Erica. Since we are in the Robinson Galleria area, we headed down to the food court only to find the same menu. As we walk around, we found a restaurant that finds her fancy, Japanese food. Yoshinoya is a beef bowl restaurant and a favorite fast food brand. We found out that they introduce new additions to its already awesome menu of Japanese dishes.

Yoshinoya Branch at Robinsons Galeria

Erica just finish her rice bowl of  Tokyo Beef

Take out  Double

They have an on-going promo

Here are the Yoshinoya  New Rice Bowl

Another Tempura treat, Yoshinoya lovers will definitely love Tempura Chicken. A bed of flavorful tender chicken chunks, lightly breaded and fried to golden brown perfection, awaits your discriminating palate.  To complete your Japanese feast, Yoshinoya adds a slice of sweet potato and eggplant plus a serving of its special tendon sauce perfect for glazing the meat, leaving it more appetizing. Meat lovers have more options at Yoshinoya as their Tempura dish comes in pork variety as well.

Yoshinoya also offers their version of Shrimp Tempura, one of the all-time favorites of Japanese foodies. Treat yourself to an array of light and fresh-tasting crispy golden brown white prawns, battered and deep fried then glazed with a special tendon sauce over steaming white rice. But what makes Yoshinoya’s rendition of this relished Japanese treat a total stand-out is that they only use the freshest ingredients that renders an absolutely distinct taste.
For serious meat lovers, Yoshinoya’s Tokyo Beef is the perfect indulgence anytime of the day. Imagine gratifying yourself with a bowl full of white rice, topped with tender slices of pure beef and freshly sliced onions sautéed into perfection and garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices. Truly, a succulent beefy treat with a Japanese twist. 

Chicken lovers will surely be delighted with Tokyo Chicken, another one of Yoshinoya’s signature chicken dishes. Treat yourself to a generous serving of golden brown pieces of grilled chicken fillet doused in their special ginger-based marinade and generously draped with their special Japanese sauce. An ample serving of mixed vegetables and white rice completes the meal.
For chicken lovers, Yoshinoya offers the Yoshi Chicken, one of their star dishes. But there’s more to this delicious Yoshinoya treat than just your ordinary chicken dish. It comes in either leg or thigh part and is perfectly double coated with a special batter that comes out ultra-crunchy after deep frying. The chicken is also smothered with Yoshinoya’s special sauce, adding pizzazz to the already delectable dish.   And once you sink your teeth into the juicy meat, an explosion of flavors assaults your mouth, delighting your taste buds with its interesting combination of authentic Japanese spices. Without a doubt, chicken lovers will absolutely love this dish!
An alternative to the hefty Tokyo Beef is Yoshinoya’s Veggie Beef. The ideal choice for the health-conscious crowd, the delectable tender slices of beef simmered in a special broth of authentic Japanese herbs and spices come with a medley of fresh choice vegetable on top of steaming white rice.

So the next time you feel turning Japanese, turn to Yoshinoya


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