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12 Hour Sing-a-thon by Bactidol

For as long as I could remember, the closest I could get to the spotlight would be at the front row seat, when I watch my children showcase their talents in a recital or performance, either solo or in a group. While I am incredibly proud of their achievements, I am not spared from feeling envious of their musicality and finesse, among others that come as the result of their rigorous training in their respective art disciplines. When people find that I have daughters and a son engaged in the field of the classical art fields of music and dance, they usually say “Oh, so you’re a family of artists? How wonderful.” to which I can only wish to respond to in the affirmative, as it is only my children with the artistic flair.

Eventually, I realized that I wanted to have moments under the spotlight too, or have a talent of my own at least. And so I decided that I’m going to be the singer in the family. Though if I must say, my pursuit is, to this day, yet to be realized. However, that doesn’t stop me, or anyone for that matter, from singing my heart out every chance I get.

What I mean to say is, we Filipinos, in what kind of festivity do we not see a videoke machine, with people huddled around with beverages, erupting in cheer and merriment? Whether on Christmas or New Year, on birthdays or reunions, on festivals or fiestas, singing has become an expression of the Filipino culture, and essentially of an exhausted throat, as these singing sessions could last through the entire event and into the wee hours of the morning. My (and my neighbors’, who can’t seem to keep their hands off the machine, festivity or not) eager participation in such sessions, would offer proof to the authenticity of all that I’ve said here.

Surely, at some point or another, my throat has received the brunt of my enthusiasm, and I’m sure you lot know the inconvenience of a sore throat, especially if you’re one who can’t stay silent longer than it takes for a bullet to fire. At times like these, with a regular gargle of twice a day, my good friend BACTIDOL saves my day, and on March 31 will make my day.


On March 31, on a day like no other, will be a one-time only event open to teams or barkadas of ten members hosted by BACTIDOL at Red Box Eastwood: the 12-hour Sing-a-thon, an invitation to flaunt their singing prowess and a test to measure the endurance of their throats and chords to the tune of twenty thousand pesos! One bottle of BACTIDOL per participant is all it takes to be part of this exciting day.

Who’s going?? I definitely am! Not only is it a test to be conquered by endurance or sheer willpower, but also a great opportunity to strengthen rapport and develop camaraderie among friends and relatives. To make the event even better is for you to join the fun! Head over and like the BACTIDOL facebook page to see the detailed mechanics:

I’m at the tip of my toes, ready to rumble, and get the ball rollin’~~

Practice goes a long way, so I’m going to prepare for the day and brush up on my singing now with the help of BACTIDOL, to guarantee sore throat relief of up to twelve hours!


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