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J. Co Opens at SM Megamall

A cozy ambiance and the tantalizing aroma of coffee wafting in the air, the stage is set for the newest hit in town: J.CO DONUTS & COFFEE! To simulate a Hollywood premiere effect, a red carpet was rolled out, complete with celebrities and many of Manila’s most fashionable making their way down the scarlet road. On that same day, I also got to walk the same path. Funny how I felt like stopping and striking a pose, I felt like a celebrity too!

The idea behind the launching event lies in the theme of their specialty products, which are named after some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Al Capone, Blueberry More, and Heaven Berry, to name a few. True to the concept of the event, guests were entertained by a game of “who represents what,” where fashion models came out dressed as famous Hollywood characters, from which the donuts derived their puns. Even the hosts were part of the game, featuring Karylle as Heaven Berry and Luis Manzano as Al Capone.

Moving the attention from the stage to the audience, the hosts announced that everyone was nominated for three awards: The Best Dressed, given to the one in the best outfit, The Best Red Carpet Pose, whose title I believe explains for itself, and the J.CO Lover Award, which was based on the stolen photographs of the guests’ candid reactions as they bit down on their J.CO Donuts.

The event was visually appealing, augmenting my appraisal on the donuts as I tasted the featured variants that were offered to everyone. Not only was its tasteful appearance delightful to the eyes, but it’s absolutely delectable as well! Not too sweet for the taste buds that the appetite is saturated too soon, I want to have more of it till my stomach is full. My craving was sated when everyone was given a bag of donuts to enjoy at home.

This launch showed that J.CO DONUTS & COFFEE are not just all about donuts, but of a pleasant experience. Offering drinks and yogurt to complement the donuts, with their wide array of flavors, this brand goes beyond just being a confectionery. It’s a world-class gastronomy that will woo the appetite of even the pickiest tastes.

How so? J.CO only uses the finest ingredients sourced from around the world: Belgian chocolates, Californian almonds, American honey, New Zealand cheese, Japanese Matcha green tea, and to top it off are Italian Roasted Arabica coffee beans for the most exciting brew. The sumptuous ensemble is only half of the story. The customers get to enjoy them in a relaxing ambiance with impeccable service to make for a remarkable experience that will be sure to lure you in every time. If that’s not world class then I wouldn’t know what is!

If this was a movie or a book, I’d give it a five star review. Go ahead and try it yourself, see if it would be a fine blockbuster hit. The first of its branch stores was launched on the fifteenth of March along SM Megamall’s Megastrip B. But soon enough, it will open in Mall of Asia, Greenbelt, and Trinoma.

Xian Lim: Newest Endersor of Mcfloat Summer Medley

I was invited today to witness an event, little did I know that I would finally meet Xian Lim.  Xian Lim  officially endorse Mcflot Summer Medley. Held at Mcdo El Pueblo Branch, together with other bloggers, the new endorser of Mcfloat  was introduce.

Here's Xian Lim for Mcfloat and his rendition of " Walking on Sunshine"

Xian Lim as he sips his favorite  Blueberry Sprite Mcfloat
 McFloat Summer Medley features four new exciting flavors: Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat. These new flavors are available in two sizes: Regular for P29 and Monster size for P45. As for those who can’t get enough of the classic Coke McFloat, Coke McFloat is still available for P25 regular and P40 for Monster size.

McDonald’s McFloat Summer Medley also includes affordable snack combos. For only P50, customers can get a Regular Coke McFloat with Medium Fries. While for P55, you can pair up your Medium Fries with any of the four new regular-size McFloat flavors. 

Head to your nearest Mcdo Outlet, let the feeling of summer begins with Xian Lim


Summer time is definitely Family Time, and what a good way to spend your family bonding by joining the contest

Let the summer games begin! Manila Ocean Park and Crispy Fry Breading Mix present the biggest family event dubbed as Fam-O-Lympics for a fun adventure. 

Every year Manila Ocean Park becomes a second home for families who wish to have a unique bonding experience. Our park would like to be called the holiday destination for families that’s why for 2012, we offer fun activities centered around families as ultimate participants. Families need not go out of town or abroad just to see a spectacular display of marine life or have a great time together. 

The highlight of the 3 day event is the family/team competition on April 14 featuring various formidable challenges requiring speed and agility. A maximum of three rounds will determine the quickest family or team to finish an exciting line-up of entertaining competition. The game is open to a group of 4 members (2 adults and 2 children) and offers a great bonding experience for the family or team. Winning families/teams will get cash prizes, tickets to Manila Ocean Park attractions, food and beverage gift certificates and overnight hotel accommodation. On April 13 and 15 some of the activities include parenting talks, cooking demonstrations and storytelling. 

Registration period is from March 12 to April 14. Registration fee is P50 per head or P200 per family. Teams are also required to bring 4 packs of Crispy Fry Breading Mix (any variant). Application forms are available online at or at Manila Ocean Park's Admin Office (Marketing Dept.)

Make this vacation a truly unforgettable one for your family. Join now! For details, please visit or call 567-7777 loc. 155. 

Fam-O-Lympics is presented by Manila Ocean Park, Crispy Fry Breading Mix in cooperation with Raptor Concept Store, Hotel H2o, Liquid Pool and Lounge, Makan Makan Asian Food Village, Zenyu Eco Spa, Quix, DTC Mobile and Faceeb Events! 

Media sponsors include Easy Rock 96.3, Power Wheels, Cross Over Manila, Yes FM 101.1, Motorcycle Magazine, Ixomsoft TV, Love Radio 90.7, Chinoy TV, Pilipino Star Ngayon, Manila Times, Dyaryo Trabaho, Daily Tribune, Baby Magazine, and Open 

Participating sponsors are MagnaVision, Pizza Hut, Extreme Magic Sing, Chips Delight, Xyletol, Animal Bites, Koala's March, Smileys, 360 Autoworks, Philippine RC Drifters, Seri Fantasy World, Masflex, Femme Fatale, Royale Patisserie, Two-Wheel Enthusiasts Network Inc., Vaxcen Clinic and Hairshaft Salon. 

Suzy and Geno Reunite at Market Market

For several months now, everyone was giving a hand as to how Susy will find Geno.  Finally the moment has come, when I together with other fanatics of Susy and Geno witness their reunion. Last March 11 at the Market Market Activity Center, the two long lost friend finally found each other again. Everyone was so happy as they finally see Susy and Geno together again after years of separation.  And to celebrate the momentous event, the young and the young once were able to get sample drinks from the Sustagen booth, there’s even a photo booth for a memorable souvenir

For those who wasn't able to witness it personally, here's a video of what happen

Free Sample, Everyone lined up even the Sustagen Kids Noon

Susy Mead and Geno Johnson

 Sustagen Kid 3+ and School +6 are back, the powered milk  known for their 23 Resistensya Builders are available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor

Sustagen Premium for the young once like me are also available to enchance memory and for my multi defense system 

PAREF Woodrose : A Legacy on Mentoring Approach

I had a privilege to visit one of the well known school in Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, not because it’s a prestigious school but because it’s famous for something that are unique theirs, formation of the youth through mentoring system. Each student is assigned a mentor who becomes the parent’s partner in guiding their daughter toward the pursuit of academic excellence and character.   


Waiting Area

The open field
Canteen Area

Woodrose Paref  is inspired by the teaching of St. Josemaria Escriva, that all the parents are the primary educators of their children, parents and teachers go hand in hand to form the student’s holistic well being. Woodrose believes that students should be given an integral education, which addresses all the aspects of the human being-physical, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual.
To enlighten you more on how proud and important the approach that PAREF Woodrose instill to their alumna, mentor and student. Here is what they impart to us
Kathleen J.N. Pineda is the Associate Director for Personal Formation and Academic Standards for PAREF Woodrose School. She also teaches Spanish as an elective in High School. She is a Woodrose Alumna, 1985

Leah Lourdes Puyat is a magazine and newspaper writer, focusing mainly on lifestyle features. She is a social entrepreneur and a volunteer teacher at the Makati City Jail.

Maria Luisa C. Pineda is one of the student leaders of Woodrose School. She garnered the first position for the Most Outstanding Student of Muntinlupa for 2012.

Having four daughters, I could not hide my interest on how the school I could impart the requirements of the school regarding its enrollment.

Here’s the information that I have gathered.
1. Submission of all required documents

Accomplished Parents' Information Sheet
NSO Certified Parents' Marriage Contract *
NSO Certified Student's Birth Certificate *
Original and photocopy of Student's Baptismal Certificate
Report Card
2 x 2 pictures (2 copies)
Recommendation form accomplished by the Guidance and Testing Office of the previous school
Recommendation form accomplished by the Class Adviser and Registrar of the previous school
* For foreign documents, Original and Photocopy of the Marriage Contract of the Parents / Original and Photocopy of the Student’s Birth Certificate. Original Documents will be returned to the Parents.

2. Parental Attendance at the Orientation for Parents

3. Interviews and Testing

Parents are interviewed by a PAREF representative
Student takes an assessment test
Student is interviewed by the Level Coordinator
4. It is following this procedure that a Letter of Notice is prepared and mailed to the parents

For more information, please contact the School Registrar, Mrs. Rose Dumlao at 850-6380 to 83 local 111.

When I first laid my eyes on my child, the first thing that comes in my mind was her education. I want to make sure that she got the best formation not only in academics but the whole aspect of how to face the world even on her own. It doesn’t matter where the school might be located or how big or well known that school is. The bottom line when it comes to education is how well round they can form my child. What differs one school from another, PAREF Woodrose have an approach that they are proud of; its mentoring system. PAREF Woodrose may not be as big as the prestigious school that I known of but one thing that I notice, they prepared their students well. Every aspect of the child was well thought of, they might not just academically challenge but even the artistic formation was at the top priority. Everything can be talked about, from the simple hairpin up to whatever it is under the sun. Trust is build between the young and its mentor, and that is something worth continuing a legacy to the student.

Greatness Starts @Home

Everyone has a story to tell, a mark of greatness that is hidden and often unnoticed. Allow me to share a glimpse of this mother who would testify that motherly love goes beyond all things. She would look for ways and means to be responsive to the needs of her children even if it would take more time at work. It goes to all mothers but what is preferentially different with her is the special responsibility being handed to her for the integral development of her gifted children.
It starts at home. A mother of five and patiently guides her daughters and her son to help in the household chores.

Meet her eldest daughter “Erica”. Once in a while, Erica is task with the responsibility to arrange and put to order the necessary clutter in the living room. Behind those task is a hand trained to inspire as the melody of the violin echoes within. An achiever and a consistent scholar at the Berea Arts and Science High School (1st Honorable Mention )and now continuing his way in the field of architecture at UST ( Megaworld Foundation Full Scholar )

Erica's Recital

Erica's Artwork
 Her 2nd daughter  “Jem” is also taking the path of a successful instrumentalist. A product of the Philippine High School for the Arts and is now a full scholar member of the UST Orchestra taking up Bachelor of Music. The four corners of home is a haven for her to enhance and polish her talent into perfection. attitude that strengthens her skills in violin. Apart from this, jem never forgot to wash the dishes after every meal even if it would take her extra time and effort after a long practice.

Jem's Recital at CCP
Award during Graduation ( With Honor)
Jem recently won in the UST competition
Her 3rd  and  4th daughter…  “Joanne” and “Jessa” are exceptionally  gifted Ballerina of the Philippine High School for the Arts. Finalist of the recently concluded NAMCYA and an achiever in the field of Dance. The two of them would work hand in hand to help clean and sweep the floor as the moment would call it. They would look at cleaning as a fun activity and the cleanness of the floor provided them with a space to dance freely and enjoy every step they make.
During the NAMCYA Finals : Jessa

Joanne and Jessa' Recital at the CCP
Jessa Tangalin
Joan and Jessa

And her youngest and only son “ej” who is currently studying at Ateneo . Ej helps his mom every weekend doing laundry that needs manly effort despite the fact that he is still 12 years old. However, ej still finds time to play the trumpet and Cello during his free time.

 EJ during his fencing Competition
As I begin to unravel little by little about this wonderful mom. It also clearly points out that greatness starts at home.  A home that is engulf with motherly love and care that gives her children holistic growth all along. The simple household chores in every day build up the greatness that starts at home yet bound to be endless. The soulful body movements of the dance reminded everyone that discipline is needed and should start at home. The resounding notes of the violin would remind us the importance of practice bound in the comfort of home. She is a mother who would do anything and everything for the good and benefit of her children. And in response return with the favor of having a talented children rooted with discipline at home.

I guess you knew who that mother was…I just used the third person pronoun because if I don’t, I can’t hold back the tears from falling while making this blog….

This is where it all started

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

My ideal Nuffnang summer is going on a road trip, from Manila to North area. I want to check all the beautiful spots that I heard were not just spectacular but carry the culture of our country. Walking in the pathways of Vigan, with out the worrying about sun exposure for there's a saying, with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We've got you covered.

From Vigan to Pagudpod, I may not have the sexy body that I had once had, but I don't have to worry about excess hair, for my Schick. Free your Skin companion, I will never worry.

So summer , here I come. No worries, just fun under the sun. That's my motto


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