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Scholarship Grant from Megaworld Foundation Scholarship Program

School year ends in about 3 months and as a parent I share the sentiments of other parent as to how they could afford to send their children into college. I myself have five kids, two of which are in college, 2 in high school and one in primary level. Sending my kids to a good school that offers scholarship is a blessing that I will be forever be grateful of. I want to share this blessing to other parents as well. My two daughters are studying in UST; both of them are scholars, one in music and one in architecture. I want to share to you the scholarship that my eldest daughter, it is a grant by Megaworld Corporation. I hope that in my own way, I could help some parents with their worries.

Here are the details

The grant is awarded only for a four or five year program of study in Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Information Technology and Computer Science at the undergraduate level. Any change in the program of study must be presented for approval to the Scholarship Committee of the Megaworld Foundation and the College Registrar/Admissions Office and/or Dean of Student Affairs. Request for summer study must be approved by both the MF Scholarship Committee and the school authorities.

General Criteria of Eligibility:
1. A Filipino citizen of good health and of good moral character;
2. Must not be a recipient of any other scholarship;
3. Must belong to the top 10% of his/her high school class;
4. Must come from a low income household as certified by the latest Income Tax Return of parent or legal guardian which must not exceed PhP 200,000.00.
Documentary Requirements:
1. For incoming college freshmen: final grade report in fourth year high school with at least 80% general average or its equivalent and without any failing grade;
2. For those presently enrolled in college: final grade report of previous semesters from the first year to the current level with at least 80% general average per semester;
3. Certificate of good health;
4. Copy of the family’s Income Tax Return;
5. Copy of National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT) grade which must be at least 85%;
6. Certificate from the high school guidance counselor/principal of the applicant’s good moral character
7. Barangay chairman’s certification that the applicant and his family are permanent residents of his locality;
8. A short autobiography and essay on how the scholarship can help the student and his family;
9. Location sketch of the applicant’s residence;
10. Two (2) passport-size pictures (2″x2″) and a photograph of the applicant with his/her family or guardian at home.

Application Procedure:

Fill up an application form and submit to Human Resources Department of the Megaworld Corporation.

Where to Secure/File Application:
Human Resources Department
Megaworld Corporation
28/F the world Centre
330 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati city
Examination Coverage:

IQ and Psychological Test
Date and Venue of Examination:
By schedule at the Head Office

Test Fee:

Selection of Scholars:

The scholarship grantees will be selected on the basis of:
1. Financial need
2. Intellectual ability
3. Proven academic competence
4. Proven sense of service to school and/or community
The MF Scholarship Committee will make its decision on every application based on the results of the College Entrance Tests, together with the High School records of the applicant and the application form for admission, as well as interview results, taking into consideration the financial status of the applicant’s family using the application form for Scholarship/Financial Aid. To determine the final set of scholars, percentage weights will be assigned to high school grades, examination and interview results.
Expected Date of Announcement of Selected Scholars:
Before the Opening of the Class

Scholarship Privileges:
1. 100% tuition and miscellaneous fees
2. Semestral  Allowances
3. Renewable up to five years as long as the scholar meets all the requirements of the program
Scholarship Obligations:
1. The scholarship grantee must carry the full load of the program of study for any semester. Changes in the field of study or withdrawal from or change in any subject must be approved jointly by the MF Scholarship Committee and the school authorities. Overloads and/or summer classes necessitated by shifting of courses, dropping of subjects and failures are not covered by the scholarship grant.
2. Megaworld Foundation reserves the right to employ outstanding scholars of the foundation upon their graduation from college.

Courses Offered:

1. Civil Engineering
2. Mechanical engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Geodetic Engineering
5. Computer Engineering
6. Architecture
7. Landscape Architecture
8. Interior Design
9. Computer Science
10. Information Technology

Priority Schools:
1. University of the Philippines
3. PUP
4. Pamatasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
5. FEU
6. UE
7. UST

Contact Information:

Address: 28/F The World Centre, 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Phone Number: (02) 867-8826-40
Fax Number: (02) 867-8026
Project Coordinator: Josephine B. Ng
Office Designation: Asst. Vice President

24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment by BlueWater Day Spa

With so many things that we attend to, it’s a must that we take care our self. We have to relax and pamper our self to rejuvenate and recharge to once again face the day. Bluewater Day Spa has always been my haven for beauty and wellness, for they offer a wide array of world-class pampering services ranging from Body massages, facial treatments, body and face machine treatments, hand and foot services and waxing treatment.

Every year, they make sure that they introduce new and unique treatment with health benefits for their client.

I was so happy to find out that they are now offering a kind of facial treatment, the 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment.

Just imagine, we now not just use gold for jewelry but it can now help improve our skin and bring out the beauty that we have.

The benefits of this treatment are as follows
  • Delay the natural signs of aging
  • Rejuvenates the surface layer of skin by accelerating cell renewal
  • Reverse oxidation damage
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Increase blood circulation giving my skin luminous radiance
  • Facilitates the removal of toxin and waste and assist in lymphatic drainage
  • Slows down melanin production for prevention of dark spots on skin
  • And the list goes on and on…..;

click here for more photos

Try the new 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment for you to maintain a sparkling smooth and youthful skin without the wrinkles

They have branches located at strategic parts of Metro Manila

Ortigas-Greenhilss 7278420
Makati 8175455
Capitol Hills 9524829
Eastwood 9151247
Tomas Morato 7945036

For more information, log on to

Figaro : Now at the World Citi Medical Center

Good news to the loyal customers of Figaro that resides and work near World Citi Medical City located at Aurora Blvd. You can now enjoy  Figaro’s European –style coffee for a new branch located at the ground floor of World Citi Medical Center opened last January 20, 2012

Figaro's prides itself in serving coffee made from freshly-roasted beans sourced from all over the Philippines. Their  coffee is roasted every week before delivery to all stores to ensure freshness and the perfect cup. In addition, Figaro also serves fine meals and delicious pastries and desserts to go along with the perfect cup of coffee.

With it's unique European-style ambiance and restaurant-style service, Figaropromises to exceed customers' expectations each and every time.

So for those whose who want to just take a break , relax , Figaro is your place to be

Follow them  on Twitter: @figarocoffeeph

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5 Girls and A Dad: Net25 first tele-serye that showcase family values

Net25 finally found the right story at the right time as they launch their first ever teleserye” 5 Girls and A Dad.

5 Girls and a Dad” is written by award winning-winning writer, Lualhati Bautista and directed by Elson S. Montano; co-directors who will also handle episodes during the run of the series are Rolly Palmes, Ray Duvane de Leon and Mike Silva. It will air Monday to Friday, from 70 to 8:30 pm

Net25 has long wanted to have its own teleserye. But keeping with its corporate mission & philosophy of offering only value-driven, 100% family oriented wholesome programming; it took a longer time in selecting the right theme, story and script that fit the image. Net 25 is careful in bringing only good values to its audience.

Having my own five kids whose age ranges from 18-12, I would surely love to see how a single dad and taxi-operator Enzo who, after the death of his wife, must face and handle the daily challenges, struggles and joys of being a sing parent to five daughters whose ages ranges 17 to a newborn.

Having five kids is no easy task, and to watch a tele-serye that will show values and promote family bonding to face struggles brought by life is something that viewers should watch for.

5 Girls and A Dad will also showcase the dramatic as well as comedic talents of veteran character actors Leo Martinez who plays Jupiter, Veron’s father and Vangie Labanan, who plays Venus, Enzo’s mother. Both have played various challenging roles in film, TV and theater.

5 Girls and A Dad
Enzo: Dad                          Richard Quan
Veron: the wife                    Lara Quigaman
Mimay : The eldest              Dixie Nedic
Anna Lisa :                          Kate Nizedel
Alex :                                  Abby Quilnat
Valerie :                             Chesca Salcedo
Abgel :                              Kiane Palmes
Jupiter :                            Veron's Dad Leo Martinez
Venus : Enzo mom             Vangie Labanan
This is the first major drama series of Net25's entertainment TV Division, which aims to deliver more quality programs for EBC and the viewing public this year

GoodAhotpot : The newest Dish from GoodAh

Pinoy love to eat and for more than 29 yrs, Goodah has been there to make sure that they keep up with the never ending need of Filipino from the simple lugaw, arroz caldo and goto to various dishes of  tocilog,tapsilog,longsilog and other silog recipe.

Movie by Tito, Vic, Joey (That's how famous Goodah is)
Goodah has come along long way from a simple kiosk to a restaurant with all the convenience that it could offer: either air-conditioned or al fresco dining and if you’re really lucky, there’s a free Wi-Fi service also. Goodah is undergoing a massive make-over and an expansion program under its new owners and management, from Del Sol Foods Inc. to Soyamensa Foods Inc.
Mr Timothy Yang: President

Ms. Maritess Ignacio: Operations Head

Ms.Mildred Manaig: Franchise Dev. Officer

Goodah also came up with new line of menu dish. Goodah introduce its newest menu, the GoodAhotpot. Together with other media partner, we got to taste first hand the hot and healthy concoction complete with meat and vegetable “GOODAHOTPOT”

Held at the Congressional Avenue Branch in Quezon City last Jan 19, 2012, GoodAhotpot was officially launch with its four flavors that clients will truly love

Beef: Touted as the bestseller among the four picks, the Beef variation comes with tender all beef meat, plus healthy shitake mushrooms, taste meat balls, crab sticks, egg noodles and Tagalog pechay. All these tasty ingredients in a bowl of piping-hot clear soup that will blow your troubles and stress away with every sip

Fish: this variation will tickle the fancy of weight-watchers and health conscious individuals with appetizing fish meat for the truly distinct fish flavor, Plus the shitake mushrooms, fish cake, crab sticks, Tagalog pechay, egg noodles and Chikuwa Ring



Goodah has 10 branches located in Metro Manila ( Paranaque, San Juan, Malabon, Quezon City, Las Pinas, Pampanga, Bulacan, Batangas and Antipolo.

For more information about Goodah, visit and

IBM Tops US Patent List for 19th Consecutive Year

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced recently that it set a new U.S. patent record in 2011, marking the 19th consecutive year that the company has led the annual list of patent recipients. IBM inventors earned a record 6,180 U.S. patents in 2011, exceeding the combined issuances of Apple, Amazon, Google, and its top competitors.

More than 8,000 IBMers residing in 46 different U.S. states and 36 countries are responsible for the company's record-breaking 2011 patent tally. IBM inventors who reside outside the U.S. collaborated on more than 26% of the company's patents in 2011, which marks a 48% increase over international inventor contributions during the last four years.
        2011 U.S. Patent Leaders*
1        IBM                        6,180
2        Samsung                4,895
3        Canon                        2,822
4        Panasonic                2,560
5        Toshiba                2,484
6        Microsoft                2,312
7        Sony                        2,286
8        Seiko Epson                1,532
9        Hon Hai                1,514
10        Hitachi                        1,467

*Data provided by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

“IBM's commitment to invention and scientific exploration is unmatched in any industry and the fruits of this dedication to enable innovation is evidenced in our nearly two decades of U.S. patent leadership,” said Lope Doromal Jr., Chief Technologist, IBM Philippines. “The inventions we patent each year delivers significant value to IBM, our clients and partners across the globe and demonstrates a measurable return on our approximately $6 billion annual investment in research and development.”

The more than 6,000 patents IBMers received in 2011 represent a range of inventions that enable new innovations and add significant value to the company's products, services, including smarter solutions for retail, banking, healthcare, transportation and other industries. These patented inventions also span a wide range of computing technologies poised to support a new generation of more cognitive, intelligent and insight-driven systems, processes and infrastructures for smarter commerce, shopping, medicine, transportation, and more.
IBM's record-breaking 2011 patent output features many interesting and important inventions, such as:

·        U.S. Patent #8,005,773: System and method for cortical simulation – This patented invention describes a method for developing a computerized brain simulation system that can mimic the cognitive systems and function of the cortex of the brain. Patent #8,005,773 was issued to IBM inventors Rajagopal Ananthanarayanan and Dharmendra Modha.
·        U.S. Patent #8,078,492: Providing consumers with incentives for healthy eating habits – This invention describes a method, system, and program that uses data analytics to provide electronic incentives for healthy food consumption. Patent #8,078,492 was issued to IBM inventors Michael Brown, Rabindranath Dutta;, Michael Paolini and Newton J. Smith.
·        U.S. Patent #8,019,992: Method for granting user privileges in electronic commerce security domains – This patented invention helps IBM WebSphere Commerce software customers to reduce administration and resource costs by providing common security and authentication across multiple online stores, enabling customers to remain logged in when shopping on multiple online stores administered by the same company. Patent #8,019.992 was issued to IBM inventors Victor Chan, Darshanand  Khusial, Lev Mirlas and Wesley Philip.
·        U.S. Patent #8,031,595: Future location determination using social networks – This patented invention describes a technique that can predict where an individual is heading based on the location of peers within a social network, and then use that information for multiple productive purposes.  For example, if social network peers often spend time at a particular coffee shop and one of the peers is already at that coffee shop, while a second peer is heading in the direction of the same location, then the system will identify the coffee shop as potential or probable future destination. The system can then notify the peers of their proximity or near-term connection, place an advance order at the coffee shop so it is ready upon arrival, and preemptively cache frequently accessed data used at that location. Patent #8,031,095 was issued to IBM inventors Rick Hamilton, Neil Katz, Brian O'Connell and Keith Walker.

For more information, please visit:

Koala' March: Happiness

Having five kids is a tough job for a mom like me, it means that I have to face five different personality and cope up with different strategy under  my sleeves.
There are happy    moments and down moments and during this times, I have to make  sure that I have something to get by with    my  kids.

Don’t worry. Just like adults, kids also have their own share of “down” moments. What’s important is how we teach them to pick themselves up, wipe away that gloomy look, have fun and face life positively. And here are some friendly suggestions from our friends from Koala’s March that you and your child can do to help chase your blues away and get you back on your happy feet. With around 125 koala designs in every pack to enjoy, Koala’s March will take your mind off from all things bothering you.

A good way to start is to make yourself comfortable. Breathe deeply, inhale and exhale slowly, making sure you take in lots of oxygen into your system. Play your fave CD if you need music to bring you to a relaxed state.

Then open the box and you will see a bunch of koalas printed on delicious, flavor-filled biscuits. Take one and place it right before your eyes and you’ll instantly notice a very cute and cuddly koala. Close your eyes and put yourself in that Koala’s shoes—smiling, carefree, and happy. Now think of the luscious chocolate or strawberry cream bursting within each biscuit. Once the feeling fills you from head to toe, put one into your mouth and munch it any manner you want. Now, doesn't that just put a smile on your face?

Try repeating the same process with each mouthful. And to make it more fun and exciting, think of happy thoughts.

Heck, you could do almost anything you can think of with these biscuits for as long as it will cheer you up. Try to remember happy moments or imagine a role-play with the koalas and make them talk. A warm glass of milk or chocolate drink can also serve as a good partner while eating Koala’s March. Feeling much better?

Always remember, we all have difficulties in life every day and it is quite normal. Sometimes, to really solve a problem, all you need is a quiet moment to relax and keep yourself cool. And most of the time, if you are more relaxed, more solutions come to mind. Of course, it is also highly recommended that you try and seek help from others, especially from your family and friends.

And that is exactly what Koala’s March does—help out and cheer up his friends! It could work the same for you.


Fresh from a stellar 25th anniversary year in which leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE showed every other local apparel group how a leveled up campaign should be, the label now continues its brand-repositioning process, with the goal of reinforcing its position as the top of the mind brand for years to come.

So what can we expect from PENSHOPPE this 2012? Traditional casual wear with clean nautical touches. Color blocking. Light fabrics that are easy to wear. “The latest campaign is more relaxed and approachable. Definitely feel good fashion with a casual edge,” shares Brand Director Alex Mendoza. “Trends to look forward to over the year are more vivid use of colors, clean silhouettes, acid wash jeans and our highly popular varsity jackets.”

Consequently, PENSHOPPE kicks off its Pre-Summer 2012 campaign with a modern take on cheerful wardrobe fundamentals such as jeans, shirts, jackets and other signature style as fronted by the brand’s strongest brand presenters: Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, Asian superstar Mario Maurer and local “it” girl Solenn Heussaff. 

CASUAL COOL: The New Kind of HOT

There are many reasons why a smart, sensible guy’s girlfriend would take one long look at Ed Westwick’s latest campaign for PENSHOPPE and run to the store – boyfriend in tow. After his surreal visit to Manila last year much to the amazement of fans and fashion observers alike, it seems apparent that to create a Chuck Bass out of every guy became every girl’s 2012 resolution.

To start off the new year Ed remains as PENSHOPPE’s biggest level up ammunition and for one very good reason: There is no one out there who can pull it off the way Ed can.

Simply put, there is no other Chuck Bass.

Starting the New Year with a SMILE

If Ed Westwick is considered by many as PENSHOPPE’s marketing ammo, then it is fair to say that Asian heartthrob Mario Maurer is the brand’s sales catalyst. Soon after the 23 year old was signed last August sporting the brand’s now famous varsity jacket, the item immediately went out of stock – early on proving that anything the kid touches turns into gold.

And that was just the beginning. Indeed, anything that Mario wears from his PENSHOPPE collection sells fast: jacket, jeans, shirt, shoes, you name it - even a cap. Proving his incredible cult-like following among teenagers as well as young adults, anything he models are likely to fire up fans to line up and buy across PENSHOPPE stores nationwide.

It’s HIP to be “IT”

Solenn Heussaff is not just a pretty face – she is a powerful female influencer.  Prior to her entry into local showbiz, it was PENSHOPPE who discovered her years ago when she was just modeling. Since then, Solenn has fronted some of the brand’s most memorable campaigns.

With more than 440,000 plus followers on Twitter to date, the French-Filipina has sure come a long way since first being discovered by PENSHOPPE. She also possesses a sophisticated personal style that makes her the perfect female lead for what is now considered the Philippines’ fashion powerhouse.

For the newest styles and hottest celebrities follow @PENSHOPPE on!/PENSHOPPE or like them on Facebook at

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Sing for Joy

What more can you ask for, if by just going to the mall , you will be able to get sing and eat chocolate at the same time. December is surely a month of celebration for Cadbury Dairy Milk was given a chance to sing their heart out and indulge in sweetness while doing their mall time, with family or not.

A karaoke named Sing of Joy was set up in different malls in Metro Manila and shoppers got a chance to sing with or without a back up partner. They have to pick a Christmas carol fro the song list and perform ala diva. The performances was recorded and the performer have a chance to watch themselves as they sang.

The good news come after they finish their songs, for the machine dispensed free, creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars to each participants. Even Georgina Wilson got a chance to showcase her singing prowness at Trinoma Mall with other chocolate lovers.

All videos were recorded so that they could also be played back for a panel of judges from Kraft Foods (Philippines), Inc. and its advertising agency Ace Saatchi & Saatchi. The top 10 videos will be posted on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines Facebook Page, and the one group with the highest score will win P40,000 in cash.

Visit the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page to see the videos and pictures from the “Sing for Joy” activities.
Judging will be held on the week of January 9, 2012 and the winner will be announced the following week.


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