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Samsung MultiView MV800 Camera Offers Great Photography From All Angles For Mothers and More

When I found out that I’m pregnant, I immediately prepared and purchased all the things that I know I would need by my baby.  I bought everything , the baby clothes, the toys, the crib and the most important gadget of all, a camera. Every mom would agree that we always want to document all the first and stages that our children go through. For me, my SAMSUNG Camera with it’s battery is my reliable partner.
As time goes by, there are some limitation that I encounter with my camera, not that I’m complaining. I purchase at least 3 Samsung Camera for the whole family, believing in its quality and durability.
And once again, Samsung Electronics Philippines (SEPCO) unveiled the Samsung Multiview MV800 with a 3.0  3.0” Wide Flip-out Display. With  this camera, a mother like me could frame the perfect shot or portrait from any angle. The Samsung MV800  builds on the Samsung 2view technology ( I also own a Samsung 2view ) Together with other bloogers and media, we witness first hand the features and artistic possibilities of this compact model

The 3.0” Wide Flip-out Display opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Whether it is capturing the perfect self portrait to polish your online profile or extreme low and high angled shots, the Samsung MV800 can help demonstrate your photographic prowess. Imagine, the unique screen tilts up and down so you can frame every shot and easily view back your images from any perspective.

And For those style-conscious mothers like me that are  on the look-out for a sophisticated and minimalist feel, the device’s ultra-slender design and contemporary metallic finish promises to make a visual impact.

The ultra slim and stylish device boasts enhanced picture quality and a touch screen technology. It has many innovative and user-friendly features to ensure that all users can relax and enjoy their shooting experience, confident of capturing even the most challenging images.

Thank you Samsung, a christmas gift worth receiving.

Unisilver Time : Suplado Time

Did you know that Suplado is the new sexy. This catchphrase is inscribed on the Suplado Watch, Stanley Chi’s exclusive timepiece from UniSilver Time. No, it’s not just some silly slogan. Or maybe it is – and therein lies its appeal.
Suplado Tips, Stanley Chi’s most recent book, has sold thousands of copies in less than three months. As the book continued to exceed expectations, corporate giant UniSilver Time knew better than to shrug it off as a mere fad. UniSilver Time came out with a watch that just might become as iconic as the book that inspired it: the Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi.
The Suplado Watch is a digital timepiece available in black and white, with the tagline “Suplado is the new sexy” stamped on the strap.
To match the brazen humor of the timepiece, the ad poster shows local celebrity Iya Villania chasing after Stanley Chi, apparently made irresistible by his Suplado Watch.

The many retorts in Chi’s book, Suplado Tips, show off an unapologetic candor that is relatable yet funny, making suplado the new “it” thing. Being suplado (roughly translated as “standoffish”) has become an unorthodox trend in Philippine pop culture. It dares to stand on the edge of convention, a way to vent frustrations by walking away from what would have been a compromising situation, with one’s head still held high.
Because of the success of Suplado Tips, the country’s pop culture watch birds soon took notice., a top online news provider in the Philippines, lauded Chi as an unconventional hottie. To quote, “Stanley's hot factor recently jumped from being simply nerdy college-boy crush to sexy hard-to-get hottie when he started dishing out Suplado Tips that apparently drive Pinays wild.” FHM, one of the country’s leading men’s magazines, also featured and depicted a few of the suplado tips from Chi’s book. Undeniably newsworthy, Chi’s iconic book was then featured in Yahoo! Philippines.
Chi’s suplado campaign is arguably the most sellable concept to grace the Philippine market this year. People who want a copy of Chi’s book often find themselves empty-handed; despite being available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide, Suplado Tips is usually sold out. And if everybody starts wearing the Suplado watch, it will come as no surprise.
As Chi says with pride, “Daig ng suplado ang gwapo (Suplado beats being handsome).” Owning a Suplado Watch is then a way for a suplado to show off without saying a word. Who knows? It may even have special powers to ward off bullies and other evil spirits.
The Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi is now available at and all UniSilver Time stores nationwide.
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The Betterdog Games- Nuvali 2011

They say Dog is man’s best friend, That’s why last October 22-23, 2011, Philippine Dog Agility Association ( PDAA) brings the country’s top dog sports competitors make a mad dash for top honor in The Betterdog Games Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Human-dog teams from Bacolod Cebu, Davao, and Manila engage in friendly competition to earn titles for their dogs. Families, friends and their companion dogs enjoyed this unique event and applaud these talented canine athletes. Spectators that register with their dog were also treated with a variety of fun games like Temptation Alley, A Jack Russell Terrier hurdle race.
I found out that Dog Agility and Disc Dog are the two of the fastest rising dog sports in the world. In dog agility, the human handler directs his dog trough an obstacle course in a race for time and accuracy. Disc dog, more commonly known as canine Frisbee, has the dogs and their human flying disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and free styling catching in choreographed routines. Both sports celebrate the age-old bond between human and dog.

Aside from dog agility and disc dog, the Bettedog Games also highlight two new and exciting dog sports. K9 Nosework and Rally Obedience

The event gave dog lovers and enthusiasts an unforgettable two days of furry fun set against the wide open fields and breathtaking views of Nuvali, the perfect haven for pet owners to bond with their pets as they get up close and personal with nature.

Special thanks to Avida, Pfizer, Animal Health, San Miguel Brewery, Vets in Practice, Alpo, Air Philippines, Ezy Dog, Pepsi, Reyes Barbeque, Eukanuba, Vitality, Perfetti Van Melle, Good Housekeeping, Good Dog, Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer

Soyami : a Family Snack Without the Guilt Just the Goodness

When you’re a mother, there’s this unpublished commandment, that your families’ wellness and health will be your responsibility. Being the commander –chief with regards to groceries and food that would be put in the table, a heavy task is laid upon our shoulder. We moms make sure that everything and anything that will be consumed by our family has the best nutrients. You could say that the well-being of the whole family is not only my responsibility but by others as well. But who are these people who believe in my thought.  It seems that as time goes by, the feeling of guilt of not providing nutrition food had become a problem to moms like me.  The guilty feeling of not letting them enjoy snack on time that they need it has become a dilemma. Giving in to this guilt means a setback to their wellness.  

Now this guilt had become a thing of the past.  During my fun run a, nutritious snack had evaded my system. Not worrying anymore as to how much I consume or when will I consume it. Soyami was introduced to health conscious and wellness like yours truly. Soyami became an alternative by the whole family when it comes to snacks whatever  time or where ever place they are.  I used to drink soya milk but then the hassle of bottle became troublesome.  Now came the cracking good news,  Soyami Soya Chips is made of Real Soya, No MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and has 0% transfat. 

Guiltless Snack for me during Fun Run  even at the age of 42, no bad cholesterol just the goodness that goes with Soyami Chips. I think we all know what soya goodness can do to our health. Run with the crackling colors of soyami chips

Guiltless snacking during rehearsals when you the Ballerina need their stamina during rehearsal and performance night. I know that you understand the guilt that every ballerina had to undergo whether they got the courage to to indulge themselves in junk food. Guiltless no more with Soyami

Guilty Snacking during recital and performances, just imagine having daughters that are so conscious on their health and how they could maintain their figure without sacrificing snack time by Soyami Chips
Even my boy is now enjoying a guiltless snack time even during competition, no need to sneak behind my back for yummy goodness by Soyami Chips

Soyami Soya Chips come in 3 flavors (Original, White Cheddar and Pizza). And now available in the Market
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Blog time means snack time, guiltless snacking only from Soyami Chip
Guiltly Mom no more, Guiltless Snacking by Soyami Soya Chip  is what we are looking for

Triumph celebrate 125 yrs Anniversary

I was so happy to be able to given the chance to again attend the Philippine Fashion Week fro the 2nd time this year. To be a part of  the media,to get the first hand glimpse of Triumph's newest collection.

For 125 years, Triumph has become the world’s leading supplier of lingerie and shapewear. A company that develops produces and sells fabulous lingerie, shape wear, underwear, beach fashion, leisurewear and sleepwear for women and men.
With its perfection, innovation and fervent desire for supreme quality comfort and cutting-edge design, it became a top of the mind brand know to woman and men. Triumph committed to bring the seductive power to its lingerie and shape wear: every piece flatters the body; lure the senses and expresses sublime fashion and body awareness. Stylish, high-performance, contemporary design-no other intimate apparel company offers such an extensive portfolio of desirable brands and products

In celebration of its 125 anniversary, Triumph International offers its two new ground breaking collections: Triumph Essence and Shape Sensation. With its unrivalled fit and great Triumph style, it only shows 125 years of experience in perfecting the female silhouette.

Looking to the future, Triumph International will continue to strive for the very best in design, materials,  and craftsmanship, with all the hallmark dedication, passion and vision that the company has embraced for a century and a quarter.

Congratulation Triump,

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Finesse Shampoo Will Take Of YOU

There’s a saying that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory, that’s why shampoo plays an important part in our family’s personal care. With five ladies in the family, I think that you could sum how much shampoo we could consume.  My family was very particular with the kind of shampoo that I purchase, they could not be easily pursued by false promises. They always prefer their personal experience to be the judge of whatever they will use.

The good news is after a long time of separation, I was finally reunited with our long lost shampoo. Together with other blogger, we all head to Eastwood to meet one of the hunkiest member of Philippine Volcano Andrew Wolf, endorser of Finesse. Believing that Finesse shampoo will take care of his hair by providing only the nutrients his hair will need thus preventing build-up or weigh down, giving him the consistent beautiful hair.

I not only become the envy of every woman because I’m with Andrew Wolf but my hair suddenly become silky smooth and so manageable with just a small of application of Finesse shampoo and conditioner. Finesse is The Brand that really takes care of my hair just like what it did years back. Now, it has a self –adjusting formula where my hair can easily fall back onto its place even when disheveled. Even my daughter who loves to curl her hair can easily do it with her hands while her hair is wet; it’s all because of the high level of manageability of Finesse-shampoo and conditioner.  There’s more, our hair looks shiny and feels soft to the touch.
Regardless of what type of hair our family have, there is an appropriate Finesse variant: one is Texture enhancing for normal, healthy hair while the other is the moisturizing dry, for coarse and damage hair and the volumizing for thin or fine hair.

Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo is the intelligent shampoo. Its self-adjusting formula provides only the nutrients our hair needs, thus preventing build-up or weigh-down.

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WD Personal Cloud

Three weeks ago, a tenant of mine became a victim of “akyat bahay gang”. The culprit manages to break through the window by breaking the grills, taking the laptop and camera with them. My tenant was so angry and frustrated, not because his laptop was taken but because of the files that were on it. The files contain his two years research when he was in Europe. The incident would not be so hard on him if only he had a back up file where he could retrieve all the data that was needed. I’m sharing this to my reader because I want to show you how important it is to have a back up file. But how can we do that, I myself rely on my personal cloud or external hard drive. My daughter have  a 320GB External Hard drive where she could bring along where ever she goes and she doesn’t have to bring along the whole PC from our house.

Just recently, I attended an event where Western Digital, the world’s leader in external storage solution today introduced its WD 2go and WD 2go Pro mobile apps for its MyBook Live personal cloud storage solution. WD’s my Book Live drive connects to the home network creating shared storage that users can access within and outside the home. Secure remote access to the My Book Live is available on any computer through while WD 2go apps provide mobile access to files stored on the drive using any compatible device.

With WD My Book Live Network Drives and WD2go Apps consumers like me can easily access and share all files from PCs, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones without Monthly Fees or Security Concerns

Besides the WD My Book Live, My Passport was also introduced, a portable hard drives specifically design for use with MAC computers and apples time machine featuring compact elegant MAC inspired designs with high capacity storage options and exceptional security for today’s active lifestyle and in a very fashionable form. World’s leading selling My Passport Studio and My Passport for MAC Provide compact solutions to store and transport massive amounts of digital content, not to mention the daisy  chain.

Together with the two, WD TV Live streaming media player, an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled media player. The new streaming media player easily connects to the Internet wirelessly or through an Ethernet connection, with the high performance 802.11n wireless connectivity supporting even the most demanding high definition video applications. New WD TV Live delivers premium entertainment experience with quality internet services and personal videos, photos and music streaming wirelessly to our TV.

WD was founded in 1970. The company’s storage products are marketed to leading OEMs, system manufacturers, selected retailers and resellers under the Western Digital brand name. WD, one of the storage industry’s pioneer and long-time leaders, provides products and services for people and organizations that collect manage and use digital information.

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