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The much awaited IPL 4 Qualifiers for the South-East Asian (SEA) region will be hosted on November 7 to 8, 2011, by the Philippie Pro Starcraft II League Invitational at the Glorietta Activity Centre in Makati.
Due to the newly found partnership with the IGN Pro League , a world class tournament with over $100,000 in prize pool and features the best players in the West,  the Philippine Pro Starcraft II League has been announced as the official qualifying tournament for the IPL 4 in the SEA region. With foreign professional players like oGsMC, oGsInCa, WeMadeFox.Moon, WeMadeFox.Lynn, WeMadeFox.Soccer, and Thorzain participating, one can be sure that epic games will be played.

Top players invited from the Philippines and across the world will be vying it out for $3,500 and an invitation to participate in the IPL 4 Live Event, you can be sure that everyone participating is going to be well practiced and ready to show what they are worth!

Our Vision: The Philippine Pro StarCraft II Leauge is a Philippine based Organization focused on building a bridge between the SEA region and the rest of the world; globalizing eSports along the way, as well as discovering the untapped Philippine talent and promoting the Philippines as tourist destination in the process.

Our Mission: To be the premiere E-Sports event organizing body in the Philippines; aimed at improving the gaming community by providing tournaments where deserving players can experience top-level competition at its finest.

Big Thanks to NVIDIA, COUGAR, WESTERN DIGITAL, PALIT, CHIMEI, and EMAXX for making this happen, the best hardware for E-Sports.

Lagundi Farm: From Sinumpang Lupa to Promised Land

There’s this ad about a herbal medicine that I was so fascinated about. I was all about this Lagundi herbs that could cure cough for kids and adult alike, but the first question would be: What is Lagundi?

Scientifc Name : Vitex Negundo
Also knows as:
Dabtan (If.) Dangla (Ilk.) Kamalan (Tag.) Lagundi (Ibn., Tag., Bik., P. Bis.) Liñgei (Bon.) Limo-limo (Ilk.) Sagarai (Bag.) Turagay (Bis.) Five-leaved chaste tree (Engl.) Huang Ching (Chin.) Agno-casto (Spanish)
Lagundi (scientific name: Vitex negundo) is a large native shrub that grows in the Philippines and has been traditionally used as herbal medicine. The Philippine Department of Health has conducted research and study for Lagundi and has suggested that the lagundi plant has a number verifiable therapeutic value
Lagundi is an erect, branched tree or shrub, that grows to as much as 5 m high. Lagundi has a single thick, woody stem like a trunk and is usually seen in swamps of the Philippines. Lagund leaves appear palmately, in the form of five pointed leaves which splay out like the fingers of a hand. Lagundi leaves are 5-foliate, rarely with 3 leaflets only. Lagundi leaves are 4-10 cm long, slightly hairy beneath. The lagundi flowers are blue to lavender, 6-7 mm long bearing fruit globose of about 4mm in diameter that turns black when ripe.

You could say that I’m shifting my lifestyle, turning to nature for wellness and health. With so many pollution and radicals that my family is facing everyday, it seems that the answer to all of these should come from nature itself. But then how sure am I with the products that I have been taking or should take in the future. My curiosity was answered not just my mere facts but by an actual visit to the plantation itself. Together with other mommy blogger and dad, I was given the opportunity to see the actual plantation of Ascof Lagundi. Located almost at the foot of Sierra Madre in Sta Rosa Nueva Ecija, the farm was managed by Leonie Agri Corporation (LAC Farms). What used to be a “Lupang Sinumpa” or cursed land, barren land is now the primary producer of the one of the leading cough remedy brands in the country.  The Promised Land had gone through so many trials but with God as the center of all things, nothing could go wrong.

These 42-hectare farm with its lush , verdant landscape grows not only lagundi but organically grown malunggay, ampalaya and sambong which parent company Pascual Laboratories harvest for its award winning products.

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Mommy Lariza with her full gown during the visit to its laboratory
LAC President Engr. Jun Saret
LAC General Manager Andy Parducho

One of the information that I gathered during the trip is how Ascof Lagundi provides not only a remedy for cough, but help locals from the area to earn and gain access to better lives.
When we use Ascof Lagundi, not only do they protect their family from illness in the  healthiest way possible, they also advocate preservation of the environment, as well as uplift Lagundi farming communities

Ascof Lagundi is made form All-natural Lagundi Leaves and is commercially available in ponkan, Methol, and Strawberry flavored 60-ml and 120-ml syrup variants. It also comes in 300-mg. and Forte 600-mg tablets.
An invitation to all fellow natural mom, to share in  the mission of advocating greener lives in our own small but meaningful ways. Post a story, share an experience, and join in to the conversations as they start  taking a more active role in the environment, health, and well-being of our children.

 You may reach them through the following venues:



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