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Tips on your Divisoria Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner and every one is set on their shopping. Divisoria is one of the places that’s comes into the mind of every pinoy. I have a stall in Divisoria and every year there are some incidents that makes this time of celebration a painful experience to others. I’m just here to give some tips for those of you that are thinking of getting your gifts purchase in Divisoria

  1. Be ready , really ready to a whole day of shopping
  2. Wear comfortable footwear
  3. Don’t wear any jewelries, even silver accessories
  4. Bring a big bag where you can put all your stuff
  5. Secure you wallet, always put you bag in front of you
  6. Don’t bring any gadget, even you cellphone
  7. Bring a bottle of water
  8. Don’t bring your kid with you
  9. Know your location, don’t be afraid to ask for direction
  10. List down your item, there are so many things that will get your attention and you might ended up, not getting what you really need.

That’s all for now, if you have any question, just post your comment and I will try my best to answer all of it.

Bioessence: 17th Years of Spa Pampering and Treatment

I got my first facial treatment at the Bioessence. On their recent 17th year anniversary held at the Connecticut Greenhills branch, facial with diamond peel was one of the services that I avail.

I particularly love this service that Bioessence offer, for unlike other facial center that I visited, they have the lightest hand that  attendant could possess . With the pricking as the most hated part of facial, I could almost doze to sleep without the pain that comes with it. 

Another service that I find helpful is the thermoshape; Thermoshape uses radio frequency technology that has advanced bi-polar focus wave system. This penetrates through the sub-dermal and dermal layers; that stimulates collagen in the skin’s connective tissues. It results in immediate tissue tightening, with minimal discomfort and down time. It is noninvasive (meaning non-surgical).Apart from tightening tissue and stimulating collagen formation, Thermoshape also reduces pore size and wrinkles, detoxifies, controls pain, and is, apart from being an aesthetic treatment, also acknowledged as part of overall medical care. Thermoshape also helps make you slim as it increases metabolism and burns calories for inch loss

One of the equipment that I found fascinating is this slimhaus, I was only to stand for about 30 minutes and I could immediately feel that the fats on my body are starting to react. I was itchy all over and the attendant told me, that it’s the usual reaction that their clients get. To be able to loss pounds without moving is an excellent idea that Bioessence wants to give to its client. There are several positions that I could choose from to make the most of it.
Mommy Lariza while having her Power Pore Minimizer Treatment

Bioessence  prides itself as a beauty clinic composed of highly trained therapist, equipped medical related personnel and professional staff. They are trained abroad to be at par with global standards, competent and credible to perform beauty and spa services. For 17 year, Bioessence will continue to give its clients the pampering it deserve

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the blogger’s list. Special thanks to Ms. Claudine De Leon of LeungdeLeon Marketing.

For more information and promo, you could visit their
facebook page

Happy Bread Day at Gardenia Plant

Bread has always been a symbol of unity, generosity and nourishment, and it is through bread that a company like Gardenia expresses its continued responsibility to help build a stronger nation through health and nutrition.

As Gardenia, celebrate its Happy Bread Day last Oct 17, 2011, media and bloggers witness the unveiling of the “G-Lock Collage”. A unique and creative idea conceptualized by Gardenia that aims to expand its already-substantial Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) effort, this time directly involving customers like me and even those who visit the plant.

Host: Ms. Sam with Gardee

The unveiling of G-Lock Collage
 The G-Lock Collage will form a collage composed of Gardenia's unique G-Lock bread tags. The collage will be equivalent to more than 3,000 G-Lock tags, where each G-lock is equal to one bread loaf which will be given to the chosen charities by Gardenia.

Mommy Lariza at the entrance of Gardenia Plant

Promil Let Your Child Shine

As I watched the children do their workshop, I could not help but reminisce the old days when my children are just in their pre-school days. I miss those days when I am to accompany them to their rehearsal with all the instruments and costumes that go with. Being a mom of five performing kids, it’s nice to know that there are people who believe in nurturing my children’s talent. Promil believes in nurturing a child’s acting talents, together with Trumpets Playshop they hold acting workshop to develop a child’s talent and optimize their talents. I was invited to join other mommies last October 19, 2011 at STI Academic Center in Taguig to witness the acting workshop.
A child’s performance could always bring a tear to a mother’s eye. I know I had that moment with my children during their and even now when ever I saw them perform or compete.

Promil believes that parent play an important part in nurturing the talent of their child. Promil also believe that pre-school years are actually a crucial window for developing a child’s talent and optimizing his potential. When kids reach this stage, they become highly active and want to constantly play and discover new things.
Rhea Villareal :  Senior Product Manager
Cecil Tamura:  Vice President for Parents of the Philippine Association of the Gifted

A guest speaker , Ms. Cecil Tamura, talks about gifted child. She gives talks with regards to creativity. She explains that passion play an important part in creativity.
“The children are becoming more and more curious. The character of the child and his interests will begin to emerge at their pre-school age. “

I found out that acting could help someone even during the time they have they own career.
Teacher Irene and Teacher Nomie as they discuss talents workshop
Pre-school is the great time to start nurturing their talents by providing them with the right activities, while nourishing them with essential nutrients at the right amounts with Promil Pre-school, a powdered milk drink for children 4-7 old that is designed to help them achieve optimal growth and development

Promil Pre-school contains Nutrissentials, a unique combination of essential nutrients such as Iron, DHA precursor, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin A, Niacin, Potassium and Biotin, that may help optimize our child’s full potential.

Promil comes in a delicious vanilla Flavor to suit our child’s taste. So start nurturing your child’s talents during their pre-school years with Promil Pre-school

For those parents out there, now it’s never too late to nurture your child’s talent. It’s just a matter of spotting their talent.

A Dole A Day, An Apple Everyday Promo for Everyone

Dole Philippines, a company recognized for their excellent products, is treating everyone to a gadget extravaganza with the “A Dole a Day, an Apple Everyday” promo – launched last October 15, 2011. The promo will run until November 30, 2011, giving away a total of 141 Apple products.

Open to all residents of the Philippines, Dole Philippines is giving everyone the chance to take home their own Apple products such as, MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano, just by registering first their mobile numbers by texting DOLE REG name/ region (GMA/Luzon/VisMin)/ gender/ age to 2948 for Smart, Globe, and Sun subscribers for free; and purchasing specially marked Dole products. Look for the special promo code found on the label and text DOLE <code> to 2948, standard texting rates apply – one promo code is considered as one raffle entry.

Dole products included in the promo are sure to satisfy your daily fruit cravings, specially marked products included are: Dole Pineapple Slices, Chunks, Titbits, Crushed, Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail, Dole Fruit Juices, Dole Fruit Jars, and the NEW Dole Fruit Bowls.

Winners will be randomly selected on 6 raffle dates; 21 winners will be selected for the first 5 weeks and 36 for the final week – winners per week will be equally selected from Greater Manila Area, Luzon, and Visayas-Mindanao regions.

So what are you waiting for, grab a specially marked Dole product today and start texting you entries to enjoy your own Apple product! Like Dole PH on Facebook to learn more.


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