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Freestyle Ballers : A new breed of FASHIONISTA Entrepreneur

There’s a new trend/hype that’s been going around, particularly in the wrist of the fashionista. To further inform the bloggers about this, Freestyle Ballers made sure of. It’s was not just information that Nathan Flores shared but also a sample of their product, a Freestyle Slap Watch. I admire this young entrepreneur for coming up with a business that surely hit the new generation. University of Asia & the Pacific usually require their student to come up a business of their own, as part of their curriculum and in preparation for their future ventures in life. 

I too am a fan of this slap watch, that I have several collections, not just for me but for children as well

 They are trendy, hip, colorful and could be customized as per request. A nice gift to your love ones.
 And Freestyle Ballers didn't there, they have other items for the taking

for more information and details , visit their FB page

Tripologie: Got everything that I need for my TRIP

There are presenters who made a mark at the recent Blogapalooza, not only because of their presentation but also by their product. One of them is Tripologies. With their elegant, stylish, durable bag and luggage and not to mention safety gear/backpacks, everyone including myself could only say “wow”.

Blooger smiles from ear to ear as they receive their prizes from Tripologie

Tripologies got their name from the word trip, if I understand it correctly, but what exactly is trip. Others might say it’s a journey or voyage. Yes, it correct. But as I search deeply, Trip is a journey from one point to another. Trip could be an out of town adventure, but it could also mean a run from your home to the nearest store, mall, fun run, work or park. 
To further have a glimpse  elegant laptop bag that got my heart pumping, I made a trip to their nearest branch located in Eastwood. I was so surprise to find out that the store caters everything that you need when it comes to your trip, whether daily routine, fun or business. They have an array of brands that you could choose from. There have everything that you need when it comes to your trips.

Tripologie have several sections to choose from :

 click here for more photos

As I made my trip inside the Tripologie, with assistance of the staff of course. There was some information that I have gathered to help customer like myself when it comes to lug gages. I found out that there is aright luggage for every location. There’s the four wheel that goods for smooth surface, for easy gliding.

There’s a luggage best to be use on place like the beach or those places that have uneven surface.  Also, I found out that, if you know how to really take care of your luggage, you could use them until 20 yrs. 

 The prices are reasonable considering they use the highest quality standard when it comes to durability. Each design reflects elegance and functionality.
They cover every aspect of our journey in life. From the simples trinket, basic necessity to the durable luggage and bags you can think of. From businessman to running man, from a techie to the fashionista, you’ll find what you need. What ever section of society you might belong, there’s something for you at the Tripologie.

So if ever you are in a trip, make sure that you have the right thing, gadget, luggage with you. If you're not use then check out the nearest Tripologie store near you. I heard they one branch in Alabang, better check it out.

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program for Singapore Math Enrichment Activities

What is Singapore Math?
Can someone tell me what Singapore Math is? I surely didn’t take this subject in college.
I feel so helpless that I couldn’t assist my son Ej for his upcoming exam in Math. Ej is a Grade 5 student in Ateneo. I found out that since last year, they had started to adapt the Singapore Math for their curriculum. Since pre-school, I had trained Ej to study on his own, for his quizzes, homework and exams.  I could say that it seems to work, for he is so reliable, responsible and still manage to be excellent in his academics. But recently, I found out that he needs assistance.
Luck was on my side, for one of the presenters in the recent Blogapalooza was the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. 

I was so excited to find out that they are giving every blogger a chance to try their services in all branches nationwide.

Since EJ’s 2nd Quarter Exam is approaching, I didn’t waste any time and went to their Katipunan Branch. Since It’s the nearest to Ateneo, it was convenient for EJ to have his lesson after school hour. We manage to get an appointment for two consecutive days. The staff was so accommodating, understanding our need for the immediate assistance. To make the story short, EJ was able to finish the tutorial and all what he needs to learn for the upcoming exam was patiently taught to him. He is now confident and prepare for the upcoming Math exam. I can now say that if a parent like me needs help with regards to the education of our child, there’s Galileo Enrichment Learning Program to assist us.

Galileo is a meaningful, exciting and fun English and math enrichment program for children ages 3-12 yrs of age.   
They provide the following benefits for the young learners such as
  • Improve school grades
  • Become academically competitive
  • Develop a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun with learning
  • Nurture skills and talents
  • Gain lot of friend

The Galileo program caters to pre-school and grade school students
I could say that the best time to begin a child’s journey in the Galileo program is now. The sooner a child is enrolled in the program, the better he will be as life-long learner by reaping the program’s benefit. One a child enters the program; he is assessed according to his skills. The child may start his
Galileo experience after the assessment, which will only take 15 minutes of his time
Our children can go to the Galileo center twice a week for forty-five minutes per session. The child works closely with a teacher-facilitator. The child is given fun activities to supplement the lesson for the day. Homework is given so that learning is continuous even outside the center. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged.

There are five Galileo Telescopic Approach

  • Space Race: Zoom their way to academic success by zapping Math and English Questions with their super turbo answers
  • Tactile LaunchPad: Ready to launch! Manipulate boards, blocks, beads and pegs to create a Mathematical and English astromind
  • Nova Data: Decode your next destinations in space by answering worksheets.
  • Book Galaxy: Enter mysterious portal through books and explore different stars and worlds
  • Cyber Explorer: Click to be granted access to the cyber kingdom of words and numbers.

For more information: you check their website

Japan 10,000 Free Flights: Bloggers Beware

Excitement filled the  blogsphere after the recent news about  Japan offering 10,000 free flights to foreigners especially those that are connected in social media, bloogers alike.So many shows interest to be a part of this grand event. But what is the truth behind the news. Hope this will enlighten you.

"Recently a number of media outlets have publicized reports about ”Japan offering 10,000 free flights to foreigners”.  However, this initiative to be carried out from April 2012 onwards is still under examination for government budgetary approval and is at this moment undecided.

If the initiative is confirmed and put into operation, Japan Tourism Agency will officially announce details on this website.

Warning: There have been reports in some countries about acts of fraud related to this media report. The Japanese government has not committed to provide free flight tickets to Japan to anybody. Please be careful not to get caught up in this kind of fraud. " ( source: Japan National Tourism Organizatio

For more information
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Come celebrate with them with your family and friends as they treat you on their anniversary. November 30 is also a holiday, Bonifacio Day, and a day before Christmas or December starts, which gives you a good excuse to swing by and shop for good deals.

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“A Day of Treats:'s 10th Anniversary” is co-presented by the Eastwood Mall. Media partners: BusinessWorld and Mellow 94.7.

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Phiten: It Got Everything for your Health

Last Sept  event of  Blogapalooza sure give every blogger excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation and other mixed emotion you could think of. The weather doesn’t seem to participate in the joy of the day. The warmth and coldness seems to take its tool to myself.  Halfway during the event, I start to feel a headache seems to be building. To ease my misery, I went out to get some fresh air. My way didn’t seem to work. On my way back to my chair, I pass by at the booth of one of the business who participated. Philten caught my attention with their beautiful display of bracelet and necklace. While chatting with the staff, I mention that I was suffering from headache.  She immediately took small patch of plaster from their inventory and places it behind my ear. She explains that these patches are permeated with Aquatitan and can be used to provide relief for discomfort or pain.  I am could say I’m a bit skeptic about it, but then I worth trying.  I don’t know if just psychological, but before the event ends, my headache was gone

I was so happy when I found out that there would be Phiten products include in bag that would be given away
And for that day on Blogapalooza, I was the official model of Phiten, for everyone notice that a tag bearing the name of Phiten was in my body. ( don't worry I did not charge them for my professional fee, joke)

To further learn other thing about the Phiten Products, I decided to visit one of their branch in Shangrila Edsa.

Titan Tapes and patches are permeanted with AquaTitan and can be used to provide relief for discomfort in the lower back, knees or elbows; to prevent injuries or to improve recovery injuries or to improve the recovery from muscle strain.
 This innovative bracelet is ideal for wearing everyday as it combines the effectiveness of  Aqua-Titanium with  modern styling. Nerves and  muscles are relaxed and the flow of energy and blood circulation are improved. It helps relieve arm and wrist pain or dullness.

 The strands of this revolutionary necklace are coated with Phiten's Aqua-Titanium. Its core has Micro Sized Titatium Spheres, as well as Carbonized Titanium. It helps relieve tense shoulders and fatigue in the upper body ( This one I wish I have )

E-Water Solution. The most advanced lotion today. Helps relax the muscles and nerves and improve blood circulation .

Now a days, you could see me walking wearing bracelet strap in my ankle. Therefore, you could say that I believe that this product could help in my health. You might want to own one, you'll never know what will happen till you try the product.

Pls visit their gallery to see the latest products the Phiten Philippines has to offer!

Office Address: 2029 The Southridge Building, Kalayaan Ave., cor. Neptune St. Poblacion, Makati City.
Telephone Numbers: 403.0570, 403.0572
Email Address:

SM Mall of Asia
2nd floor Entertainment Mall (Beside Science Discovery Center)

Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5th Level Tel. Nos. 636.1338 and 636.1337

Phiten Shop Kalayaan Avenue
2029 Southridge Bldg. Kalayaan Ave., cor. Neptune St. Poblacion, Makati City

Phiten Shop BF Parañaque
Block 10 Magdalena St., Teoville 3 Subdivision, BF Homes Parañaque City.


PHITEN SHOP (Kalayaan, BF Parañaque)
PHITEN KIOSK (Ermita, SM Megamall)
CHIMES (Davao City)
CHRIS SPORTS (Glorietta)
CINDERELLA (Glorietta, Virra Mall)
FRISKY TRADING CO (Parañaque City)
PLANET SPORTS (Alabang Town Center, Cagayan de Oro @ LIMKETKAI Mall)
PLANET SPORTS (Cebu @ Ayala Mall)
PLANET SPORTS (Rockwell, Trinoma, Virra Mall)
ROLBIS ENTERPRISES (Isabella, Santiago City)
R.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street)
RUNNR (The Fort)
SPORTS DEPOT (Davao City, Victoria Plaza)
SPORTS HUB (Laguna Mall, Paseo de Sta. Rosa)
TOBY'S (Megamall, MOA, Shangri-La, The Block, Trinoma)
TOBY'S (Alabang Town Center, Baguio City, North Edsa)
TRAVEL CLUB (Greenbelt, Rockwell, SM Megamall, Trinoma)
YONEX (Megamall, North Edsa)
WATSON'S (Greenbelt, The Enterprise, Mall of Asia, Megamall, Podium)
WATSON'S (The Block, Virramall, Gateway, Eastwood)
Check their FB Page


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