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Closeup Fire-Freeze : Your Ultimate Long Lasting Freshness

As a mother, one of my responsibilities is to spend a great amount of time attending to the personal hygiene particularly the oral hygiene of my family. Ensuring good oral health is essential to general health. One of the most commonly used practices for personal oral hygiene is teeth brushing and mouthwash. The teeth should ideally be brushed and mouthwash twice each day. This will keep the teeth feeling and looking healthy and, along with mouthwash, prevent offensive breath odor. The act of brushing our teeth and mouth washing is a good hygiene practice. This simple act is part of our everyday routine and to overlook taking care of their hygiene need will put my family at risk of poor dental health and social avoidance. We practice good personal hygiene everyday, because as we maintain good dental health, we protect our teeth and gums from disease.It also increases our personal attractiveness quotient. When we smell clean-other people find it easier to be closer to us. As saying goes, the closer, the better.

Luck must be on my side, for I, together with other blogger were invited to experience a new kind of Extreme game; the Lazer Tag activity. Upon arriving to the LazerXtreme extreme gorgeous people welcome us with their smile.  Nachos and Pizza was served as our cocktail food. Not knowing that these food cause fetid smell to our mouth

We were advise that we are about to start the game since there are people to compose the Fire and Freeze Team. Before we start, we had to have our breath tested.

A halimeter ( halitosis meter/bad breath meter) was use, and I’m not proud to say that I got a score of 4. 
Brushing comes next, using the new innovated gel toothpaste , the New Closeup Fire-Freeze. I felt a new sensation going through my mouth. First is the warmth from the red gel that kills odor causing bacteria, next come the coolness from the blue gel that gives me the ultimate long lasting freshness feeling. After brushing, I had to take the breath-freshness test again, and proud to say that this time, my score is 0.
True to its tag line, Closeup once again prove to me that they don’t stop innovating for the good of us consumer.

The game lasted for 30 minutes with all the screaming and running that comes with the game. I was so pleased to tell you that our team, The Freeze Team won, and I rank #1.

We headed straight to Stock Market to meet other VIP's from Closeup and to learn more about the New Closeup Fire-Freeze. Upon arrival, I was again tested for my breath-freshness. After two hours, I’m still glad to tell you, my score remains 0.
The Brand Manager Mr. Brian Duruin brief us to the characteristic of the new Closeup Fire-Freeze

 Closeup Fire-Freeze was compared to a Ferrari. Why? Because it contains the best ingredients, the newest technology. The breakthrough Fire-Freeze formula works in two ways. First, the red gel gives a mild, warm feeling that thoroughly cleans the mouth of germs. This red gel contains Zinc Sulfate, a special active ingredient that kills odor-causing bacteria. On the other hand, the blue gel gives the mouth an intense cooling sensation for long-lasting fresh breath. This blue gel, with a state-of-the-art, patented cooling molecule, leaves you with an intense cold feeling that lasts for hours and hours.I really appreciate the combination, for I don't need to purchase additional mouthwash and that means deduction to my budget. 

The experience that I got is something that I have to share to other so that they to can feel the dual sensation that only Closeup can give.

I conducted my own consumer test to confirm  that both warm and cool sensations are really present upon brushing. The tests also confirm that Closeup Fire-Freeze beats the leading gel toothpaste when it comes to coolness of the mouth and freshness of breath over a long period of time. Even Halimeter studies show that Closeup Fire-Freeze can give up to 12 hours of fresh breath—that’s half a day of ultimate freshness and confidence with just one brush.

 If you want to experience what I and other are saying, do yourself a favor and go to your nearest supermarket or groceries, department store, convenience stores and drugstore. Grab a tube; choose from the 3 pack sizes: a 50ml tube at Php37.90, a 100ml tube at Php 59.90 and a 150ml tube at Php 86.90. Like it? Or love it? Try out the new Closeup Fire-Freeze and tell us what you think on 

 I know you have seen this ( you must be from outer space if not), but I still want to refresh your memory.

Pfizer and ClubPk Fight Together against Pneumonia

Big Bikes, Rough Rider, Always a Pack, sounds familiar.

What started as a regular ride with a couple of friends who meets every weekend became what is know today as the CLUBPK Motorcycle Association Incorporated?  To date, ClubPK has 50 riders from Metro Manila, Laguna and Batangas consisting of an ex super bike race and both veteran and newbie riders.
After five years, their group will now be known for something else, something important. CLUBPK now will touch every child lives in the country. Together with Pfizer, leading pharmaceutical company will have one mission- to save the lives of thousands of Filipino children.

ClubPK will be the forefront carrier of all the vaccines that will be delivered in the far-flung areas in the country. Together with doctors, they will vaccinate children against pneumococcal disease (PD).

“This project is of utmost importance, as we are racing against time to protect children against a very devastating disease,: said Pierre Niles, Senior Product Manager, Pfizer “We must act quickly, as infants and children below the age of five are most vulnerable to pneumococcal disease, with one child dying from the disease every minute, and up to one million young lives lost every year.”
Since Pfizer is fighting against time, ClubPK  will be their best transport.  The vaccine needs to reach its destination as soon as possible, with the shortest time possible. Riding along side with Pfizer, ClubPK knows that these rides will be the most important rides in their life.  Their efforts are selfless. With renewed purpose in riding, they are glad to be of service in protecting as many kids as possible from pneumonia and other deadly diseases.

Through the PD Alliance in Motion, initiative, over 1,300 children in the country is expected to receive the broadest coverage pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the world that protects the 13 most common pneumococcal strains.

Together this partnership will surely benefits the children of our future.

For more information on the PD Alliance and how you can help, visit
Let’s fight together

Click here for more photos of the event

Give aways for being connected, the Western Union Way

The long wait is over. After the dilly dallies, here are the mechanics for my give away. This will be the first time that I will be hosting a give away, so please bear with me

  1. You must be a follower of my blogs

  1. Follow me on twitter : jolaris
  2. Follow me on networkedblog
  3. Go to and allow the application so you can see how connected you are in Your World. Simply click the button on top that says Post to Facebook and it will indicate your Country Rank. Take note of it.  
  4. Get that information and place a comment on the mom’s world of arts and happiness wall in this format.

            I'm the "#Country Rank"Th most connected person in the Philippines. Thank you Western Union and Moms world of arts and happiness How about you (tag 5 of your friend) followed by the answer from this question.

What time is shown in the clock in the homepage of

Don’t forget to tag mom’s world of arts and happiness. The list of entries will be coming from the FB page of Moms world of arts and happiness.

Two winners will win One Thousand Pesos worth of SODEXHO gift certificates each.

Deadline of entries will be on Aug. 25, 12 midnights
We will record the manual raffle witness by reliable blogers for transparency

So start your engine and Good Luck to everyone


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