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OTTO Waterless Urinal: A Filipino invention suited for a Filipino lifestyle AND income.

Long before I have come to where I am in life right now, I had not only been to my husband a partner in life, but a partner in business as well. I’ve attended numerous events which by now I have lost count of. At present, I am enjoying the finer things in life, but then, I’ve had my previous share of laborious years, which bore fruit into the luxuries that I have now. When I said laborious, I really meant it in the literal sense! My husband and I have been in the construction industry for more than a decade. His mind was the master, but I can say that our business had remained stable through the years because it was I who handled all finances, whether it was the budget for the family or the business. By routine, I shopped for weekly groceries, then by request (or should I say demand when under time pressure), I purchase all the specified materials for the project at hand, and I even used to ride in the big trucks, making sure that everything is delivered in perfect condition.


My husband and I had great teamwork, which I could say simply because it worked. While my husband had been creative in design, he didn’t mind spending, and that’s just the way he is, but I’m THE mom here, and our family was growing. I had to squeeze in so many expenses without touching the capital—that was out of the family budget. Luckily, I was practical and economical, and that was just the way I am, so we balanced out. While he took charge of the on-site activities, I had managed to establish connections with different suppliers, learned their price ranges for their different products, and armed myself with numerous product options and alternatives that I could suggest for the times when he forgets that there exists in this world such a thing called “budget.” Our teamwork was at work even during architectural conventions and construction exhibits, which for some were invitational. While he looked around, I was canvassing while weighing the pros and cons of a variety of products.  It has been quite some time since the last time I attended one though, since my husband’s hands are full with work, while I, well, I have my own work to attend to.

One might wonder why I spoke of these experiences as something of the past and simply nothing more. It worked out so well, but why did I not keep it that way? The answer is simple really: someone else just took my spot. Actually, my eldest daughter did, which isn’t so bad anyways, considering that it’s also preparation for the future, well, she’s not really taking over my job. It’s something more like taking over my “post” to see her future job at work in the closest perspective possible, which happens to be mine, well, not anymore, at least.

It just so happened that I was sitting by the computer this morning that I have been within earshot of the conversation going on between the architect and the architect-to-be. My husband got himself a new project, for which my daughter would be assisting him in. Then she started talking in architectural jargon that sounded quite foreign to my ears (I had her repeat it in summary just so I could write it down properly here). She said, “Dad, have you ever thought about suggesting anything to your client that has got anything to do with green architecture, or sustainable design, perhaps?”



The times are changing and our natural resources are rapidly being consumed. Architects—they’re considered as one of the most earth-unfriendly people out there. Why? Imagine this. When an architect builds a structure, they produce their building materials by taking it from nature. As the structure continues to exist, it continues to take out its utilities from natural resources, for water and electricity, while sending an immeasurable amount of waste in return. And then, come demolition time, most of the building materials that were once raw materials from earth are simply classified as waste, save for the organic materials like wood, which will eventually decay into the soil.

Green architecture and sustainable design could generally be described as the most extensive effort that architecture has given to start bending to the laws of nature before our actions, as well as the actions of those who have come before us, become irreversible. It is by far the most successful attempt of man to manipulate its designs to harmonize with that of the natural earth (sounds cool and sophisticated now, doesn’t it? Credit goes to the very reliable sources I have here who are trying to squeeze themselves in to get a good view of the monitor).
Anyways, going back to their previous conversation, before I got squished, she basically backed up her suggestion by saying, “It may be quite expensive, but they could consider it an investment, since they’ll be able to save up from their utility bills for the whole period of time that the structure exists, with less waste to go around.” This I cannot let pass. The moment I heard “quite expensive” was the moment my eyes narrowed into slits. “And you actually think the clients will take you up on that?” Of course, if ever they agree, it would be taken out of our budget first. Two words: no way.

I forgot that their spending habits were almost like a duplicate of each other, so I decided to take the matter into my hands. I suggested, “If you’re looking to save on utility bills, why not go for waterless urinals?” My daughter’s immediate reply was, “Uh, mom, I think we should do justice to the school. It’s a public school yes, but that doesn’t mean the toilets have to stink…”

I had to defend my case of course, so I said, “Just because I said ‘waterless’ doesn’t mean there’s no water. In the urinal, there is actually this thing, the cartridge, it holds the little amount of water that it needs. And on top of it is a sealant liquid, it isolates the urine, as well as the bad odor, from the rest of the room. Here’s an analogy: you know how oil and water won’t ever mix even if you shake it like mad, and the oil will always be on top because it has more density? It’s something like that, so the sealant liquid actually lasts, and the bath won’t ever stink.”

Only then was she enlightened or rather, she simply remembered, “Oh right, it’s that element that I didn’t want to use in my plate (that’s their term for their design projects). I’ve researched about that before, I was looking for elements that I could add to make my structure lean more towards sustainable design, and I stumbled upon that one, along with water recycling. I did say that it’s fine by me to invest in (a little) expensive systems, slash materials, slash utilities, since it’s going to be worth it when you see how unbelievably low your water bills would be, but, from my past research, you’d have to change the cartridge three or four times a year, I think. The amount of money you would save from having low water bills for life wouldn’t compensate the amount of money you’d have to spend on changing cartridges…for life. I can bet a whole life’s worth of savings on that one. I mean, I’m no purchaser like you, but I know that the cartridge isn’t simply made of paper, at least.”

Oh, it was turning into an all-out debate, and for the first time, I was on the defending end. Usually, it’s her and her dad going at it for hours, debating on politics, sciences, economics, inflation and election or whatever, but it was always them. It was my first time to be in “session,” and I feel a victory on my end, I was ecstatic, to say the least. How could I say so?  She’s been in the practice of having debates with her dad since the day she started learning English, but, and that’s a big BUT, I’ve been doing my research for years, whether I liked it or not, plus, I saw this:

which led to this:

Moreover, I needed no English to prove my point here. I can’t let the pride of an almost-two-decade purchaser concede defeat in a topic that I should have the most knowledge of. So I let out all I had in my arsenal of knowledge in one long drawn-out statement:

“You know, there’s this genius, Jerry Ong, who saw the irony of inventing a waterless urinal that supposedly would be earth-friendly, yet having cartridges that are not only expensive, but also disposable. Way to go in saving the earth, right? So what he did, he invented the OTTO Waterless Urinal. The cartridge, that you’re supposed to buy in hundreds if you want to keep stocked for life, was made to be reusable, so you basically need one, unless you’re real smart to break it (insert sarcastic tone here), AND, it wouldn’t cost you a whole month’s worth of grocery. PLUS, you know that sealant liquid that I told you about, that you were curious about, it’s biodegradable, so even if you have to change it every once in a long while, it’s not going to cause some sort of red tide or algal bloom wherever it’s going to be disposed. Brilliant, yes? You should have specified in your design that you wanted OTTO Waterless Urinals if you were so concerned about sustainability and cost. It’s Earth-friendly through and through.”

She must have thought it was too good to be true, because she said, “Mom, you’re making things up, aren’t you? Cost always comes with quality, after all.” And then, looking as though she was just out of her deep thoughts, “I need proof,” she said with a straight face. That was a sign—it was going to be my win. Of course it was, because I had proof. I showed her the websites, then, with a face that said “defeat” all over, she said the most peculiar remark: “Waah, it’s so cute and pretty, looks modern too. It would give a contemporary streak to even an ordinary home, or building, in our case. I’d have to agree with you here, this guy’s a genius. Not only is this going to help the Earth, it will help the economy too. A Filipino invention suited for a Filipino lifestyle AND income.”

At present, they’re already looking into the prospects of using the OTTO Waterless Urinal in their future projects. In fact, they’re actually considering proposing the earth-friendly fixtures to their client on their current one. If anyone’s also interested in having these sleek savers in their most frequented room in the house, here’s the chance to get them installed, for less. Get the chance to win P 1 500 worth of gift certificate courtesy of Arrow Home Improvement by clicking on this link:

Pain Monster VS. Boss Advil Liqui Gel

Now a day, there’s a new way of getting the attention of consumers with regards to the product they are advertising. Advertising in not limited anymore to just television, radio or newspaper and magazine. I first saw a different kind of entertainment in one of the TV show when a group of artist just suddenly appear in a mall and started dancing to the amazement of the mall goers. They are called flash mob, they are a group of people who assemble suddenly in public places perform an unusual and sometimes perform acts for a brief time, then disperse after entertaining the audience.

It just so happened that I was in Eastwood last July1 and suddenly I noticed a commotion. Though I was late to watch the actual performance of a flash mob. Nevertheless, Gab was able to record the show his video cam.

Flashy costume of Pain Monsters which represents Body Pain, Head Ache, Toothache and Dysmenorrheal appear. On the other hand a Tablet man came out to guard the viewers from the Pain Monster. Unluckily, the Tablet man was overpowered by this Pain Monster. He was humiliated and defeated. After a while, a rescue appears, it’s a new breed of heroes called ADVIL Liqui Force. Striking the Pain Monster here and there, the moves of the Force are so fast.  The result was the defeat of Pain Monster and Advil Liquid Force show them who’s the winner.

Audience reaction may vary defending on age and perception. While other child became so afraid, others find them just like mascot that’s funny and adorable. To the older generation, the flash mob, with its colorful gear was able to spread the good news in dealing with body pain like headaches, dental pain, migraine and menstrual pain. Advil liqui gel is the best solution for your body for its express bilis action and easy absorption due to its soft gel capsule. For those body pains, show them who the BOSS is.

Here's the copy of the video, hope you too enjoy watching it.

Food Magazine Kitchen Series at Enderun

I really love going to food and cooking demos. Together with other follower, food lovers and other guest of Food Magazine, I was invited to the part of the first batch of attendees to the Food Kitchen Series at the Enderun.
The event started at around 9: 00 am, a light breakfast was served to us while waiting.
Upon entering the classroom itself as they called it, or am I on a different area. What greet me are comfortable chair and a huge cooking area.


Besides eating rice and bread, pasta is one of my favorite dish. Cooking spaghetti has been an ordinary scene in our kitchen. With or without anything to celebrate, there would be pasta in the table. The only problem is; I keep cooking the same recipe over and over again. Luckily, I was invited in the launching of a new cookbook dedicated to pasta. My Elba Kitchen Cookbook, which was launched at The Grove by Rockwell, Pasig City hosted by PJ Lanot.

Global Academy Culinary & Hospitality: Opens a new Branch in Pasig

I love to cook. I even suggest to one of my siblings to take up HRM in college so that there could be a chef in the family during gathering. The sad part with regards to enrolling in a culinary center is the cost, which is way out of my budget. That one of the reason why I just contented myself to just joining cooking demos. I never knew that there could be an alternative answer to my prayer.
I was recently invited to the open house of the one of the emerging culinary center, The Global Academy Culinary & Hospitality. Located at the 4th flr. Of Millenium Place, Meral co Ave and Sapphire Rd., Ortigas Pasig City. Upon entering the area, we were greeted by staff and personnel. I might have thought that its look like a showroom, but it’s not. The culinary center has two kitchen labs, two 23 seater theater demo rooms and a library; they even have a locker room for their student so that they could leave their thing after the class.

Ensure Your Health

I was as curious as to why a friend is looking for a person with an age qualification to an event with regards to nutrition and lifestyle. Little did I know that this event will open a new door of information for people like me who are at the middle age bracket. The event started at around 11 am at the 42nd floor of the Discovery Suites.
 Together with the press media, co-bloggers, we were introduce to a new lifestyle that’s not only for us but for all the middle age generation.  While everyone render his and her particular topic, I could not help but ponder on what I’m experiencing with my own self. Being at the early forty, I have been watching my food intake as well as my lifestyle. Now a day, I’m not that strong as I was twenty years ago. I feel weak from time to time. There are things that I usually do before that I couldn’t do anymore or could do but with a slower face. There are some question in my mind and attending the event with regards to my nutrition intake and habits had given me a new perspective in life.

I always thought that I’m getting all the nutrients from all the healthy food and supplement that I have been eating and drinking, but then again, why do I still feel weak. I found out that  I may be throwing away most of the nutrients that  I  have been ingesting because my digestive system becomes more  inefficient as I grow more older.

During the event there were topics that I found so interesting like:

Ms. Giselle Lubang, Product Manager of Ensure
Studies have shown a drastic decrease in nutrient absorption as I age, thereby causing poor overall health especially in my population. Certain bodily functions are affected as the years go by such as nutrient ingestion, absorption, metabolism and elimination. Some of the diseases associated with the body’s inefficiency in absorbing nutrients include sarcopenia, a decline in muscle mass; atrophic gastritis, where the stomach’s basic function of secreting gastric juices becomes impaired; osteoporosis, especially for post-menopausal women; and a host of other illnesses. 

Add to those illnesses the many psychological impacts of aging.  These ills are further magnified by feelings of low self-esteem, negative outlook in life and hopelessness.    Often, people in their 40’s and above feel a lack of energy preventing themselves from enjoying and living fully.

Dr. Jeff Inciong( Director of Weight Mgmt Center, St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City)

All of these negative physical and psychological outcomes can be traced to one culprit: inefficient and inadequate nutrient absorption. No matter how conscious we are of eating the proper diet, exercising regularly and taking all the necessary supplements, I may still be in danger of not achieving my optimum health. In truth, as I age, My body absorb less and less of all the vital nutrients which eventually becomes an inevitable unaddressed body need—a fact sometimes referred to as “nutrition gap”.

To help bridge my nutrition gap, the solution is to boost my body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This effectively results in revitalized energy, enhanced body functions and ultimately improved health.

Fortunately, fructooligossacharides or FOS, a prebiotic, soluble fiber was discovered to aid in nutrient absorption. FOS stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria, a beneficial group of bacteria that is essential in maintaining balance in the digestive tract, paving the way for more nutrients to be absorbed by the body. The increase of beneficial bacteria also improves detoxification and elimination processes and enhances the immunse system. And since FOS is not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract, it becomes lower in caloric value, while adding to the fiber bulk of one’s diet.  I can also be found in foods such as onions, wheat, bananas and tomatoes.

In a nutshell, FOS brings many benefits to the body--and as such, should be a key component in my diet. It can be a challenge for people to make a conscious effort to incorporate FOS into their meals but those concerned with the state of their well-being can easily hurdle this by drinking Ensure with FOS everyday.

I was introduced by Abbott Nutrition and recommended by most doctors as an adult nutritional drink, Ensure, with its FOS helps enhance nutrient absorption and supports healthy digestive system.  Not only that, it provides a complete and balanced nutrition for healthy-aging adults who want to stay healthy and live fully. It is an excellent source of 28 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants Vitamin C and E, selenium and beta-carotene to help strengthen the immune system and promote recovery from illness and infection.

And because of its heart-friendly fat blend, Ensure helps reduce risk of coronary heart disease; it is also low in sodium and low in cholesterol. With all these benefits, Ensure would be a good source of nutrition to aging individuals like me who need energy boost to maintain an active lifestyle, who skip meals because of busy schedules, who are under diet modification to manage weight and who have limited access to natural healthy foods.

I was able to meet the Celebrity couple Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong who have been taking Ensure with FOS for many years. Both of them swear by Ensure as it enables them to prepare for their daily activities, whether they are at work or at home, and sustains them all throughout the day.

Boyet, as the multi-awarded actor is popularly known, has been a devoted fitness buff, working out at the gym on a regular basis.  He relies on Ensure to give him a boost of energy while taping until wee hours in the morning or exercising late at night. Sandy, on the other hand, feels nourished by one to two glasses of Ensure, which in fact, can be a sole source of nutrition, taking the place of one full meal.

They are happy and healthy together for 31 years, both feel good inside and out, both thankful to the perfect combination of proper diet, exercise and different supplements, plus Ensure which complements and completes their daily health regimen.

During the presscon, I was able to ask Boyet and this is what he imparts

“Drinking Ensure everyday makes me really feel healthy. I no longer have to worry about wasting precious nutrients even at my age,” said Boyet. 
It only proves that he really did believes on ENSURE

As far as I know Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical and medical products, including nutritional, devices and diagnostics. The company employs more than 72,000 people and markets its products in more than 130 countries. I do believe that with that credentials, they will do everything to make sure that the consumer will have all the benefits of health.

I was able to sample the product and came home with my own can of ENSURE to continue my intake of FOS. Hoping for a better health is a wise everyone wants to achieve.

To learn more about proper nutrition and to avail of free nutrition counseling, please call Abbott Nutrition Solutions at 995-1555 or the toll free number 1-800-10-995-1555. n

7101 Music Nation launches ‘2nd Elements National Singing-Songwriting Camp’

Having two violinists out of five kids, made music events close to my heart. I attended the launching of  7101 Music Nation 2nd Elements National Singing-Song writing Camp held at the Arts in the City in Taguig. 7101 Music Nation is the brainchild of three music aficionados namely it’s Artistic Director, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab; its Chief Executive Officer, established businessman Julio D. Sy Jr.; and its Chief Operating Officer, music industry maven Twinky Lagdameo. They have gathered Filipino artist and musician and promote the sharing the ideas and talents to further uplift Filipino artistry and musicality. The success of the first Element National Singing Camp last year for the songwriters made them add another track to this year event, the singing camp.

The camp is open to all aspiring singer age 18-25, while the songwriter must be 18-35, they must be residents and citizen of the Philippines. The airfare will only be from Manila to Dumaguete
There are a limited number of slots for each track and a select group of established and highly respected singers and songwriters shall screen and audition the participants for the singing and songwriting slots. A total of 30 singers and 30 songwriters will be chosen to join this year’s Camp which takes place in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental from Nov 6 to 10.   


Moose Gear : Trendy and Quality Kid Apparel

Having five kids of my own, I have my share of experience with regards to the apparel of my kids. I’ had been thru several brands and styles of clothing for my children. Together with my son EJ, we attended the 1st MOOSE GEAR Grand Fan’s Day at the activity center of Robinson’s Galleria last July 3. As early as 10: 30 am, the line up for the registration started as the young kids and young at hearth waited for opening of the event. The event promised a day full of fun and surprises. There were treats for the first 50 kid attendees and raffles prizes from Moose Gear, Faces and Curves, Club Erase  for their companion. Meeting other bloggers and their kids give us time to just have lot of good times.


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