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Star Cinema presents: Forever and a Day

Friday night are always a busy night. Whatever it takes, I made sure that I won’t miss the press conference of Star Cinema’s 18th year movie presentation. I had been waiting for days to be a part of the Forever and a Day presscon. Patiently waiting for the cast to arrived, the staff and crew of ABS CBN made sure that the time spent is worth it. 

 When the stars of the movie start to arrive, every one made sure that they have the best seat in the house. Question and answer portion shows camaraderie between the artists and director. Each of the artists did not disappoint the media with regards to the details regarding the film.  Everyone manage to give their point of view and opinion with regards to how to handle their character during the filming. I’m sure that the judgment for this new film will fall on the positive position.

Forever and a Day is yet another movie of Direct Cathy Garcia-Molina to watch for.
Shot in the country’s most scenic locales Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro. Direk Cathy makes sure that the scene is a part the plan to show the character that was being played by KC and Sam. Shooting was made easy as local lend a hand and army from the area readily comfort and assists the staff and crew of the movie. I know that the security provided relief as not to hinder the shooting from unwelcome scenario.
“ Sometimes, all it takes is just a day. A day can be like forever and forever can also happens in a day” _ Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina

Raffy Salvador is a woman who is more cautious in life, a woman who teaches Eugene to embrace and appreciate life, love and all its smallest blessings.
 Best line:
“ Kaya mo bang mahalin and isang taong alam mong mawawala rin sa’yo?’ – Raffy Salvador

Eugene Severo ( played by Sam Milby) is a man who pushes himself to the limits, a man who is always up for the challenge. He is proud and lives only for  himself, until he met Raffy Salvador ( played by KC Concepcion)
 Best line
“It took me a day to fall in  love … and it will take me forever to say goodbye” -Eugene

Forever and a Day Full Trailer

" All my life, without a doubt I'll give you, all my life, now and forever till the day I die, you and I will share" - All My Life, theme song of " Forever and a Day"

What's nice about this film, it's not banking on the kilig factor as we call them to make it a box office hit. It also showcases both the daughters of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Superstar Nora Aunor. A film that celebrates the beauty of love and life, a movie that embarks upon the idea of eternal love, a compelling love story told.
Get ready to love and to live to the fullest, all in a day forever

Forever and a Day open in over 100 theaters on June 15th 2011
Celebrity Premier will be on June 14th at the SM Megamall Cinema 10

For more details, please check

Kasambuhay Habambuhay Anthology by Nestle

By struck of luck, I was able to be a part of night especially made for bloggers. Nestle made me a part of the premier of the Kasambuhay Habambuhay film anthology held at Rockwell. No strong winds or strong rain could stop me to reach the venue for the showing. Together with other bloggers, we were just in time to watch the first episode which I realized was somewhat close to what I am, a stage mother. Having five kids as performing artist is not an easy task but with the help of people around me, I managed to set them to their course.

I know for a fact that Nestle has touched each of our lives one way or another. It’s been a century that Nestle been providing generations of Filipino families with food and beverages product that promote nutrition, health and wellness. Their commitment and dedication to us as consumer is unremarkable. This year as they celebrate their 100th year anniversary, a project dubbed as Sine Kasambuhay was born. A 10 minute film consists of ten stories that show how different brand by Nestle been a part of our life.


Genre: A Family Comedy of Manners

8-YEAR OLD AARON (Gerald Pesigan) is dead set on winning the Grand Prize in his 2nd Grade declamation contest. He is determined to win despite his obvious “f” and “p” speech defect, a proclivity common amongst some Filipinos to interchange the pronunciation of English words with the letters “f” and “p”. His mother (Eugene Domingo) takes an active albeit humorous role in preparing him for the competition. This is a story of perseverance, family unity and the real meaning of triumph and possibly the “Rocky” of all declamation contests!

Directed by: RAUL JOROLAN

Genre: A Feel-Good Adventure of Discovery

A Football coach (Marvin Agustin) takes his team of teenage boys out on a fieldtrip to the provincial home of his grandfather (Eddie Garcia). But instead of bonding as a team, the boys are more caught up with their gadgets. The coach’s grandfather is determined to change all that as he challenges the boys to detach from their virtual distractions and explore the great outdoors instead. The boys then unlock a new world of natural wonder and discovery, realizing that going offline is the only way to reconnect back to life. A life that is… unplugged.

Directed by: JUN REYES

Genre: A Gritty Urban Drama

SILUP IS “PULIS” (Police) SPELLED BACKWARDS. We peek into the life of a Manila cop (Sid Lucero) whose day is made up of dealing with denizens and the crimes they commit. At work, he may be all tough and stern, but at home, we see his more sensitive side. He has this mysterious routine of taking out a can of sterilized milk from a cupboard and depositing his revolver in its place. Later on, it is revealed why he makes the switch and symbolizes how it is like to live by his duty as a policeman to serve and protect.

Directed by: SID MADERAZO

Genre: A Comedy of Epic Proportions

IN A SMALL TOWN DEVASTATED by calamity and chaos, Elias (Ramon Bautista), still holds on to the one thing he considers sacred—a shiny red coffee mug. For him, this mug not only symbolizes his love for coffee but his hope for a better life. After an enlightening encounter with a strange sari-sari store owner, he is suddenly gifted with the ability to tell the future. Soon enough, he is proclaimed as “The Coffee Psychic” and personifies hope for the townsfolk. But can hope truly spring eternal in this comedic homage to the award-winning epic Filipino film, “Himala” (Miracle)?

Directed by: A/F BENAZA

Genre: A Family Fantasy Drama

A MOTHER WHO WRITES children’s storybooks, ironically, doesn’t have enough time to create stories for her own son. Therestless child finds a chance to create his own stories when his grandfather (Bodjie Pascua), comes up with a game. They fill an old milk can with pieces of paper, each containing a word which will be a “story-starter”. Tales of heroes and villains, magic and places fill up the child’s imagination. But the child’s made-up story is in need of a happy ending. Now, it depends on the storyteller mother to create the greatest ending of them all.


Genre: An Original Pinoy Musical Comedy

THE CLEMENTE FAMILY IS OFF TO AN OUTING but teenage son, Nicos (Neil Coleta), seems out of it. Nicos is besotted with his ladylove, Mattina (Colleen Garcia), whom he can’t quite figure out. The inside info that Nicos gets from Mattina’s younger sister, Bettina (Jillian Ward), doesn’t seem to help. Seeing his son’s despair, Nicos’ father finally shares to his son an ancient family heirloom. It is a 100-year old manual containing the secrets, alphabetically arranged, of how men in their clan courted women. Through this, Nicos finally learns what every man should know by heart — the ABC’s of what women truly want.


Directed by: STEPHEN NGO

Genre: A Quiet Story of Love

IN A CHINESE COMMUNITY IN DOWNTOWN MANILA, we meet a man who has floated through life with his ladylove by his side. But now, times have changed as he begins each day waking up alone on his bed made for two. He realizes that his coffee has it better because, at least, it has a creamer to be its mate. In these moments, he misses his beloved the most and decides to get his act together for a second shot at the greatest thing in life— love.

Directed by: HENRY FREJAS

Genre: A Coming-of-Age Satire

IN A TYPICAL PLAYGROUND, life plays a game of irony when two 8-year old kids are on a seesaw. One is a rather hefty child from a well-to-do family who is stuck at the bottom, whereas a lanky child brought up in poverty is on top. Rich kid is looking up to the poor boy, who in turn, is looking down on him. How will the rich kid reverse his position? The answer to that question will make one realize that friendship is more valuable than money, while the other one would discover his true worth as a friend.



Genre: A Shakespearean Food Film

THIS COMEDIC VERSION OF THE CLASSIC “ROMEO AND JULIET” narrates two star-crossed lovers born into warring families who each happen to be proud owners of their own carinderias (local eateries) battling for their town’s cuisine supremacy. Old wounds are reopened among the Montano and the Capule families when the former’s loyal customers start patronizing the latter. Young lovers Romina Montano and Julius Capule are caught in this web of intrigue, espionage and extra rice.

Directed by: Carlo Directo

Genre: A Romantic Comedy

A SUPERSTITIOUS GUY, Bien (John Lloyd Cruz), seeks all sorts of “divine” signs that will determine his decision of asking the girl of his dreams (Solenn Heussaff) out on a date. The fear of rejection swallows him whole, making him justify his cause to willfully seek for more unfathomable signs. But when each sign he seeks for materializes, he soon learns that he has to be careful with what he wishes for.

After each film, several emotions run over me. Reactions and sentiments could be felt inside the viewing area. Different point of views were heard as to which one is the best
My impression to each film was also heard. In my point of view, the film starred by Eddie Garcia and Marvin Agustin, shows how Nestle touches our lives from the old days to the new generation. I believe that the story deliver the message loud and clear. Generation after generation, Nestle touches our lives one way or another. Now that’s a fact.

I would like to thank the team behind Nestle for accommodating us and making sure that we enjoy the shows
 For those who want to be a part of this film anthology, here's the following schedule

The films will be premiered on June 10 @ Sm Megamall

How to plan a Kiddie Party without the hassle

I have five kids and that means I have gone through five ten parties in my life during their younger years. During that time, I was all alone doing everything and going everywhere to find what I need for the party. I know there are other parents who also suffer what I went through, stress out and burn out.
Lucky are the parents now that there’s someone out here who understand the need of us parent in time for our kid’s party.
Mommy Mundo  once again pave the way.

Need help planning your little one’s special day?
Are you looking for that original party theme and
the most creative giveaways your guests will love?
Say no more to party headaches as The Grove by Rockwell
invites you and the whole family to get tips and ideas
on how to throw the best birthday bash ever at the second
How to Plan a Kiddie Party Fair, to be held at
The Grove by Rockwell this June 11, 2011 (Saturday), 10am to 7pm!

To pre-register, visit

Mt. Pinatubo's Wonder Adventure

Last week, I fulfilled another promise I made to myself. I was able to join a group of bloggers in an adventure that only Mt. Pinatubo can give justice. As early as 1:00 am, I was already ready to proceed to the meeting place located at the Panay Ave., where other bloggers are waiting for the bus that will bring us to Tarlac. To let time pass by as we travel and also to have the energy to face whatever is ahead of us, almost all of us are sleeping. As we arrive at the area, we were meet by the 4 x 4 vehicle that will our mode of transportation. 

After a few minutes of stretching, we are ready to go. Each of the 4 x4 has its own driver and guide to accompany us. Ready to go, I said to myself and off we go. After a few minutes, I was showered with the most unexpected thing, oh my gosh!! It’s the dung of the carabao, of all the thing in the world. What a blessing for I know it’s a start of something exciting.

It’s my first time ride in a 4 x 4 but it’s a ride that I will never forget. It given me the privilege to able to see the nature, mountain after mountain, vast land, blue skies due to its open part. I cannot tell where the sky starts and the mountain ends.

The time came for us to start the taking the trail up to the Mt. Pinatubo. I am fond of walking, but walking in a straight pavement. This is a first to me, walking thru the brook, stony path and mud and all. All the time, I pray that I don’t slip here and there. Going uphill and climbing the mountain made also realize how close to nature I am.

As I saw the resting area, I knew I’m almost there. We were able to rest for a while and take pictures, share some jokes here and there. The time has come and it’s the moment we are all waiting for, to be at peak of Mt. Pinatubo.

Upon reaching the summit of the crater, I was greeted by a site that made me realized that the 3 hours of trekking , time, effort, money is worthless compared to what I witness.

Mt. Pinatubo is a proof as how God can do wonders. Miracles happen and this is one miracle that you cannot question. From being destructible, it was turned into a beauty of admiration.

Trekking back gave me more time to admire the surroundings and natural environment. I’m now not in hurry but have a relax face and was able to dip here and there to some streams that we pass by.

Given the time, we were able to pass by the Capas National Shrine.

What a journey it has been. I would like to thank Jonel Uy of Let’s Go Sago and Travel Factor and all the sponsors for giving me the opportunity to experience an adventure like this.

Till the next adventure, hope to see you again

CAN WE COUNT ON YOU? World Vision Need You.

One of the responsibilities of being a parent is sending your children to school. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure that they get the best education. I’m very lucky that I have the capacity to be able to send my children to the best school and they too have the qualities and talent to be able to qualify as scholars.

I was invited yesterday to grace a very important event that could change the lives of over 2.7 million children, families and communities worldwide. World VisionsCOUNT ME IN!” was held at Trinoma Activity Center. Child Sponsorhip Program was the main goal of the event. It aims to reach 11K beneficiaries for 2011.

There’s a “Gallery Walk” that started at 10AM and other activities throughout the day. The concert starts at 6PM with World Vision celebrity friends Nikki Gil, Chris Tiu, Cristalle Belo, Julius and Tintin Babao, and many more. The event was open to everyone.

Having my children as scholars made me realized that I should return the favor one way or another. I myself am a sponsor of the World Vision. For just of P20 a day or P600 a month, I know it will go a long way in ensuring that there would be at least one child who will be able to attend school this June. I can tell you that being a sponsor will give a feeling that you explained, for it touches a life of child to live a life to  it’s fullest, that a vision that I want to be a part of. The best time to sign up is now, become a sponsor.  
You will know you are making a difference for it's never too late to dream for a child.

For more details and other information , please check
World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
Address: 389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 Philippines
Phone: (2) 3747618 to 28
Fax: (2) 3747661


Contemporary Artists at the About Face Exhibit held at the Lopez Museum

I’m not  really fun of art because I do have preferential attention to music yet I fall short with  my expectations when I was invited  at the opening of the exhibit entitled About Face at the  Lopez Memorial  Museum last June 2, 2011.

About Face touches on the practice of portraiture but is not solely about pictures of proposed selves. In a broader sense, the exhibition is about facades - human and institutional - what we pose up from for others to come to know us through. Since the face is usually the most immediate registration of a sense of self before public, we also attempt here to see much more limited sense, About Face can also be constructed as an allusion to reversals - forsaken positions, turns of fate, refusals of portrayals, frontal confrontations, acts of concealment, inversions of the seen and unseen.”

The exhibit featured works of Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fabian de la Rosa, Vicente Manansala, Juvenal Sanso, Fernando Amorsolo, Benedicto Cabrera, and the collections for the 150th birth commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal…along with Contemporary artists Louie Talents, Renan Ortiz, Vermont Coronel and Alvin Zafra.

Walking along the hallway, I was captivated by the TV monitors that gave me a different welcome. I felt a sense of importance as I pass through it and I never imagine such installation could be appealing to my emotion. Nevertheless, I found myself next in a room where there were drawings but as I moved closer, I was amaze for it was drawn in a sand paper. With my fascination I began to ask a staff from the museum and keenly gave me the details that the artist had it drawn with his fingernails, as a way to make marks and lines on the surface.

Little by little I am beginning to unravel the uniqueness of how these contemporary artists portray the concept of the exhibit. Through enough, I had a silent laughter seeing a stencil of an old man’s face that with my curiosity I found out that it was made out of posters from the election we had recently. Furthermore, I am a bit hungry but my attention was called when I saw a caption that sez, “Do you believe that in order to do well it is necessary to do evil?”…Moving towards it on a plain white wall, I began to understand that it was from a line of Jose Rizal’s Noli me tangere. My interest grew and my hunger had spoiled as I saw the first edition of Rizal’s two famous Novels. As I entered the room, I saw a wonderful installation of Burned Bible Pages with a touch of light and shadow that really fascinated me. It was an artwork that redefines my interest again about art. It was a 40 day diary experience of Louie talents according to the museum staff. In my Opinion, I would say it is blasphemous. Seeing a sacred Bible being burned is something I never thought of as a Catholic. Maybe I am missing a lot of things in the Contemporary art scene. I could not help myself but asked if I may speak with the artist. When I was given the chance I did asked him straight and said “I felt your work is
Blasphemous, would you mind telling me what is the thinking behind your work? “
He clearly replied “I understand your concern but my artwork is about transforming biblical passages into diary entries and it took me 40 days to do this installation in Paris, France”
Having heard those lines, I pause for a while and tried to ask him why the bible and what’s with burning? He smiled and with a calm gesture he said “I am intimately familiar with it because I spent 17 years in a Catholic University and burning letter by letter is my meditative approach of a childhood penchant in decorating the edges of cards in my growing years when I use to play with matchsticks.”

As much as I wanted to look for possible questions to argue with the artist, Deep inside I know and felt that he completely knows what he is doing. Nevertheless, the exhibit location helped me understand and appreciate Art in a contemporary sense. A lot of people had shared my amazement and enthusiasm since the event was well thought, well organized and the preparation exceeding my outlook of what a regular exhibit used to be.
I really took time also to know the Curatorial consultant in the person of Eileen Ramirez along with Chit Ramirez who intensively made the set up into memorable experience for everyone. It is indeed an exhibit to look forward since Lopez Museum under the headship
Of Ms.Cedie Lopez Vargas is breaking barriers to come up with an exhibit that is worth going, an exhibit that redefines my perception about contemporary works of art.

Exhibit runs until Aug.27, 2011


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