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Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

I'm a mother of five talented children. Ever since I became a parent, I always wanted the best for my children. The best education, the best thing in life, the best preparation for them to have the best life they could possible have.
At home, I want to give all the basic needs of my child. Provide the first class brands for their necessities As performers from a first class school, they have to perform first class.Smiling to the audience is one key that shows how they love to perform. Happy toothpaste has always been a part of my grocery list. First class quality need not be compromise just because you have financial issues. One of the reason why Happee is first class, because they go beyond profit and fame, they take good care of their client.
As for me, I have the best partner to assist with my new happiness in life. Being a blogger helps me see the other side of me, and to be able to do that I'm thankful that I found the best partner to support me, Nuffnang. is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. They go beyond blogging advertising, they created a communiity for bloggers by bloggers, organising and supporting a wide range of blogger attended events like movie screenings, seminars/workshops, parties, and more. First class acts to support a blogger like me, just like a child love by a parent.

Nuffnang and Happee- first class partnership, how's that for us bloggers

Scholarship for the Talented Part I

School will officially open next week, at least for my children who are studying at the Philippine High School of the Arts. Located at the top of the majestic Mt. Makiling in Los Banos Laguna. This school houses students that are talented in line of arts.Students major in different art field like Ballet, Folk Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Creative Writing. Every year , the school search for students to be part of the scholarship granted by the government for artistically inclined, may it be an inborn or if you have the passion.

The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) conducts screening of applicants yearly to identify and develop artistically gifted and talented children by implementing a special secondary education curriculum and support programs to provide the country with a continuing source of artists of excellence and leaders in the conservation and promotion of the Filipino artistic and cultural traditions.

 If you believe that your children are qualified or want to be part of this year's |ANYAS2012 or they want to audition, please visit their website for updates as to when and where are testing will be.
There's no harm in trying, you will never known the outcome if you don't audition.

I have four daughter who were scholars in different art fields like Ballet and Music major in Violin who experience the benefits of being a scholar

AMAYA : Setting a New Genre to Make Its Mark in the Competitive Film Industry

A little luck coupled with a special invite led me to attend a special screening for the grand premiere of GMA’s boldest epicserye, AMAYA, scheduled to air on May 30 lined up along the network's primetime telebabad block. The weather always seemed to make a commotion on important events such as this, and so it became a battle of wills between the storm and the fans to see who would be brazen enough to leave the comforts of their home to head over to SM North Edsa the Block Cinema 2. Awaiting the victors, however, was a prize worth the work, the wait, and the rain. Everyone was on the edge of their seats as one by one, film and literature icons arrived to grace the event.

Greed for love, hatred, revenge, and power is only one of the many emotions that is depicted in the story of AMAYA, the strongest one, if I must say so myself. A story set in Central Visayas in the 1500s, at the time when our country had yet to encounter the "light of education" brought by the Spaniards, this story shows us that the desire to possess, to achieve, and to be loved, does not discriminate time and place to strike.

The story revolves around Amaya (a child born out of  the love between her father Datu Bugna and her slave mother Dal’lang), a princess with a twin in the form of a snake, whose destiny is to overthrow Rajah Mangubat (a datu feared by everyone for his extraordinary battle skills and magical amulet) from his seat of power to free her, and her loved ones who were captured as slaves.

Amaya's life degrades from royalty to slavery, until her life makes a major turn as she evolves into warrior battling for freedom and change in her world that is stained with cruelty and greed. The following are the characters that she met and left, found and lost, loved and hated, throughout  the course of her epic story: 

Datu Bugna, Amaya's devoted father who gives up his life out of his love for his daughter

Dian Lamitan, Datu Bugna's wife whose covetousness leads to her treachery of her own husband

Dal'Lang, Amaya's dutiful mother

Rahu Linangan, a wife to Rajah Mangubat and a mother to Bagani 

Bayang, an apprentice priestess turned slave who discovers Amaya's twin snake

I really can't help but regard highly those people who take their time to show their adoration and support for their idolized celebrity. They didn't mind the long wait, whatever the weather, wherever the place, just to show how much their (celebrities) efforts were appreciated. They don't expect anything and yet give everything they've got.

What I just said applies to Marian Rivera's fans. The show started at around 8 pm, but when I got there, I was approaching an already long line that I found out started to form at around 5 pm. There were fans, in groups of solo flights and fan clubs. How did I know whose fans they were? Simple. They were waving around tarpaulins with Marian's face along with their clear statement of support for the said actress. What do you have to say to that? Me? I was speechless.

I met Marian Rivera for the first time (very pretty indeed), and I could see why there are many people who believe in her.

For the special screening, not only actors and actresses attended, but also VIP representatives from different cultural institutions, like high-caliber artist Bienvenido Lumbera, National Artist for Literature. Below is a picture of Mr. Lumbera together with the renowned director of AMAYA, Mac Alejandre:

Below are some of the people who watched the premiere along with me with their thoughts on the screening:

As a mother of five kids with the kind of kids that I have, it's safe to assume that my life is heavily coated with art and culture, and I believe that GMA is about to prove once again that television viewing is not only for entertainment to pass the time, but also for gathering ideas and knowledge that could rouse genuine curiosity on the part of its audience. This time, however, the viewers on the other side of the screen will see our rich history unravel as the story of a love struggle is told.

My Scholarship Story

want to share a story with regards to the scholarship that gave my children a chance to be able to study in top school. It also started 19 yrs ago by accident.
My husband and I were planning to purchase a vehicle that we could use for the business. We search the ads for a 2nd hand pick which we could use for personal and business deals.
Little did I know that this activity will lead me to an interview with the father of the owner of the vehicle. As we waited for the person, the father was telling us that his sons studies in one of the top universities of our country (UP Diliman). So curious about it, that we let him does all the talking. His sons finish a course in film and were able to graduate because he was a scholar. He was able to enter the Philippine High School of the Arts majoring in visual arts and enter UP Diliman. He was a scholar from high school to college. Little did I know that the man were talking about is Raymond Red, the director of SAKAY. Raymond receives numerous awards for the film SAKAY.
To make the story short, I was able to meet Raymond and ask him a few details about his school and the scholarships.  From that meeting, I was able to get a new 2nd hand car and an idea that made my children what they are today.

I’m a mother of five smart and talented kids. I thank God for giving me this blessing. I have 2 college student, 2 high schools and 1 grade schooler. I was able to send them to school thru scholarships.
My daughters who are college student were able to finish high school because of scholarships. My 2nd daughter who is a violinist is now a scholar at the University of Sto Tomas. My two girls are in high school because of scholarship. I am now training my youngest child, my only boy in preparation as to how he can be a scholar someday.

I will be posting scholarship that you can avail in high school and in college.
I will be sharing to you some of my ways as to why I was able to get these scholarships for my children.

 This is one of the performances in which my daughter ELAIZA JEM played the violin

My eldest daughter ERICA JOYCE was able to perform in concert
She graduated at the Berea Arts and Science High School ( 1st Honorable)

Eira Joanne

My EIRA JOANNE during one of their recital  in PHSA 
She is on incoming 3rd yr majoring in Ballet

Eira Joanne and Eloisa Jessa ( my 4th daughter major in Ballet)

This is my only son and the bunso, EJ during his fencing competion
EJ is an incoming Grade 5 at the ATENEO de MANILA

I thank GOD for giving me a chance to be the mother of this five wonderful kid

I Want the Samsung 2View camera

It's nice to have a new camera and if you are thinking of purchasing one for yourself like me, here's a new model I'm dreaming of owning. The new Samsung 2View camera is the right choice for me. I'm not a professional photographer and sometimes taking pictures all my by myself. The new Samsung 2view Camera comes with a 1.8 LD in front of the camera. The front screen let you see yourself for a better self-portrait.  With swanky features like the controls by using your fingers, children mode has built animated clips. It can cover a whole horizon field of view. It let you edit your special effect. I can  have a high quality movies in my own palm. It just so perfect for I can shot like a pro. It's my effortless way to get the perfect picture.

And if you want to own a new camera just like me, no need to worry for I'm going to share you a secret of mind. Samsung is giving away a 2view camera. Just check their FB for full mechanics. How's that for a gift worth checking.

Owning a Samsung 2view camera will surely be a big help for a mother like me who always want to document event and performaces of my children. I'ts a no hazzle gadget that will let me record the shows like a pro.

To encourage you more, here's a special video for you

So like the Samsung Cameras PH Facebook Fan Page ( and find out how you can win one of the many 2View Cameras, Samsung will give away! 

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Promo Period: May 15, 2011 – May 30, 2011 


I'm a mom who are blessed with five talented kids, To document the daily life of my kids  I once own a panaramic camera and a separete videocam  to use everytime they have shows and performances. As years goes by, I seldom use my camera and stored it in the attic. After few years, I found a new hobby where a camera is one of the requirement for documentation. I immediately look for my camera and videocam but to my dismay, it was no longer working. So off to the mall, and purchase a new SAMSUNG Camera.

Brand may not be an issue but its good to stay within the top brand. The best investment is a good camera to begin with. With new Samsung, I take a picture like a pro, without the bulky equipment. With a bunch of swanky features, with built in flash, optical sensor type, with video recording,this 12.2 megapixel camera does the hard work for me. All I have to do is press the button
With the right camera at my disposal and ease of using it. I have no reason to miss a shot

Temptation of Wife: The Love and Hate Drama

I love you
I hate you.
How many times did we say that?
How many person have we meet that those words where delivered?

The Temptation of Wife is a program worth watching for. Not that I recommend that you be a " Kabit " or a "2nd Wife" for that matter. The story was close to the drama that we wife goes through because of his love to his husband. It's also a story of a 2nd women who will do anything to get the man she loves and to give her child a father. A man who don't have a backbone but in the end stand beside his love.
Every character portray is driven by desire. Desire to love, desire to be loved, desire for revenge, desire for a child lost.
The story shows how strong the woman is. To be able to go through many trials and pains but still emerge as a winner. How painful it may be, but in the end, the love in our hearth makes see the true meaning of life. Many of the line delivered will make you cry for it touches the hearth of every woman. The story teaches everyone that in the end, LOVE and FORGIVENESS will always prevail

The Mind Museum : A World Class Science Museum now in the Philippines

One of my ways in teaching my children anything under the sun is to expose them to whatever it was I want them to learn or appreciate. I want them to appreciate music; I will bring them to music concerts. I want them to learn how to dance, there’s the endless recital of dance show. If I want them to appreciate the beauty of things, I make it a point that they were there. My children appreciate what they can see or hear. There are art museum, but then why limit my children to just one side of their brain.

I met a friend (hope he too consider me one) a few months ago, who mentioned that he’s working a particular museum, a science museum. I do went before to a science museum, but it was to far from our residence and I don’t find it quite equipped with the technology that a museum should have to make it appealing to its client

My eldest daughter is a science fanatic, she may be a major in violin but she also compete in behalf of the school with regards to science thingy (as she says).Science is a big world and I haven’t yet found a place where she will be satisfied. Now come the exciting news. The place that was mentioned will be finally be open for public viewing.
So far this is what I learn in which I’m so excited to find out and for the children to enjoy.

The Mind Museum, the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. It will open in December 2011 and shall be located inside the Fort, in Taguig, Philippines.

The Mind Museum: Coming in December 2011

"To build a home for science and to make it the FIRST WORLD-CLASS SCIENCE MUSEUM in the Philippines." 

As the project's vision also states, they want to make it a "defining legacy that will give the next generation the wings to fly against the challenge of a future shaped largely by service and technology." 

The museum houses 5 galleries and has 2 levels. They are the following:

The Story of the Universe: Its Beginning and Majesty
The Story of the Earth: Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
The Story of Life: The Exuberant Varieties of Life
The Story of the Atom: The Strange World of the Very Small
The Story of Technology: The Showcase of Human Ingenuity

"With over 250 inter-active “minds-on” and hands-on exhibits, the museum will be a venue that will present science as entertaining, fun, and engaging," the Mind Museum website states.

Support The Mind Museum
Building a museum of this caliber is a big project. Its cost is in the P1 billion. It has already achieved great strides in making happen what it has at the moment - thanks to several corporate, private and individual sponsors who support the vision. You too can help! For as little as P1,000, you can donate and help build The Mind Museum. See here for details. Once you donate, you get to have a star, planet or galaxy named after you or a name you nominate, in their virtual exhibits.
Donate, Volunteer, Spread the Word!
Here is the sample badge, click here for more details

Minds at Work Campaign: Be the first to experience The Mind Museum

On behalf of the museum, I invite you to support this project by spreading the word about it and yes, making a donation. When you donate based on these mechanics, you may get invited to be among the first to experience The Mind Museum’s first exhibit testing event called 'Minds at Work'. This will be on May 26, 2011 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. Get a chance to manipulate and play with a varied selection of exciting and engaging exhibit pieces that will give you a foretaste of the science fascination that will greet you when the museum is completed this December. This privilege is open to the first 75 donors only. Hurry! Read the mechanics here.

Thank you to Ten Minute Tops for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event.


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