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Nuvali's I Love Earth Celebration

Recently, there has been much talk about the repercussions of man’s activities on the planet and how it has taken its toll on us. Luckily I was invited last May 14 to be a part of opening of a month-long celebration. I was at the Shell station as early as 7 am, together with other blogers; we were fetch by no other than Nuvali Bus. It took as about an hour from Makati to Nuvali Laguna via Sta. Rosa Exit. Nuvali has organized an event dubbed as I Love Earth. Nuvali is responsible enough to note that above everything, be it profit or fame or both, taking care of the environment should always be a priority. There is no small or big effort. It is everybody’s responsibity to protect the environment

Upon arrival at the Nuvali’s Center, there are several sponsors who put up tents to attend to the need of participants who want to take part in the celebration.
Kicking off the celebration was done by cutting the ceremony ribbon. There also tree planting, parade of Ms. Earth and unveiling of a life-sized installation, all showing the commitment of Nuvali for a sustainable development
Ana Domingo-Host

Mean Dy- Head of  Strategic Plan

Greenpeace Representative

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

May 14-15 was a weekend for wellness and health. There are booths that showcase their commitment for recycling material to be of more used than just trash. For healthy living not just by consuming healthy food but exploring the benefits on one’s physical and mental well-being were presented.

May 21-22 is a weekend that explores the beauty of going green, by featuring the alternative solar panel and new mode of transportation. There are also the arts and craft where you can make your own notebook.
May 28-29 is for photo and exhibit, with environmental awareness and protection as theme. There would be a on the spot competition on the first day and the winners will be announce the following day.

With Nuvali’s I Love Earth celebration, the activities inspire me make a stand and drive positive changes to the environment. To get us involve and learned how every green thing counts. Nuvali encourages me to get involve and take action, to embrace a better way to do things and celebrate the planet everyday. Together with Nuvali, I can make a difference. So the next time I will trow my trash, I had to think twice to what I should do with it.

The rest of the day was spend, admiring the new building that was constructed with Green technology in mind.Going around  the building together with some lectures from the management make me understand what their vision for this development Having the time to travel along the lagoon, where the water was recycle thru the new technology of having dual pipe system. There’s maybe additional cost in the construction but then again, in the long run the environment will benefit more from it. Feeding the hungry kois before the boat -ride was an added bonus.

Overall, it’s nice to appreciate what other’s are doing to make our planet a better place to live in.

Special Thanks to FPJ for the photos

Arenaball Philippines

I was invited last week to watch new sports that taking the country by storm. It was introduces here four years ago, because of the passion of the Filipino with physical play.

Arena ball is a new sport to watch for. I was so amazed to find out that it’s a version of the American Football. Ages of the players ranges from 18 yrs. Old to 45 yrs. Players maybe student or professionals but the passions for this sport unite them. Practices are made and each one of them finds time to be available. According to the players, this game is a team effort game, everyone have to watch each others back. All safety measures are being followed to make sure that no one gets hurt even though the sport is a full body contact sports. Another amazing thing with this sport is the sizes of each player. I thought all along that size matters, but with these sports it’s a different thing. Each player is unique. Each player has a purpose. Size and ability goes together. One player might be small but then, he could be the fastest runner of the team. Other uses their size to be able to protect their teammates from enemy. The Four teams have initially been formed to join the tournament, which included founding member, the Juggernauts, Wolves, the Bandits and the Rebels.
With regards to the try-out, player is not expected to be an experienced one. Just as long as you show potential, the team will train you and place you in a position where you are best for.
The sport made me realize that if you very passionate with the sport that in to, you will make time and effort to be there every practice and game.

For Arenaball schedule, visit

Ahead Tutorial & Review : My Partner in Education Excellence

There are responsibilities that came with being a parent. I’m a mother who has five kids that I love so much. I’m not always sure as to how long can I take care of my children and with that in mind I had to make sure that I provide them with the most  important thing that I could bestow, education.

During my younger years, I was able to finish college as a working student. Finishing from any college that time doesn’t set any problem but today’s generation is different. It’s not just a matter of graduating college but graduating from a good university that counts. My goal to my children is to provide them with the best education that partly a good university could only provide that.

My first step was to enroll them to a good grade school.I was able to enroll them in an exclusive school for girls but then again, some minor problems came out. The lesson was so advance then that I couldn’t able to teach them. I know that I need help to be able to let them cope with their school works. Extending their study hours was not enough. I research and ask around as to where could I enroll my four daughters for their tutorial class. Ahead Tutorial & Review was in the top list of choices.

I found out that all the tutors came from top schools like UP, ATENEO and LASALLE. And it’s not just enough that they graduated from the top school, they have to be on the top of their class and receive academic excellence. There are other tutorial study centers around and charge lowers that Ahead. Financial dilemma came to as to where I should enroll. With the history and background of Ahead  Tutorial and Review, the difference of fee doesn’t seem to matter. Ahead might have charge higher from others, but I was so sure that every penny spent has its worth.

The truth of the matter, the learning experience that my daughters gain, did make an impact to their school activities. I didn’t wait for my children to be in their higher years, for the foundation of education is so important, I did not wait to receive remedial notice before I have to make my move, for me every second matter. Having tutorial doesn’t mean that my child is low in IQ; it’s just a way for me to improve their study habit. I was so satisfied with the result of their tutorial, for my daughters not only receive good grades but merit awards and scholarship. What ever study habits they learn from Ahead made an impact to their school activities. Now, my children are going to college and one of my moves is to enroll them for review at Ahead Tutorial and Review .

I dearly believe that all parents want what best for their children and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. Putting value to education is priceless. We need all the help we can get. As far as partnering with tutorial center is concern, I will not sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks and suffer the consequence later.

One of the advantage that I found out from Ms. Rossana  Llanedo with regards to their review was it’s a test base program, meaning reviews are adapted as what school you intend to apply or take your exam. Each top school like UP, ATENEO and LASALLE have different exam and ahead make sure that each review is adapted to this school.

Ms. Rosanna Ladaga Llenado-Proprietor

Mommy Lariza
 One of the extra service that Ahead Tutorial Review provide is the  Planning Ahead Book that they provide to parents to guide them with regards to information about several universities and the courses they offer.

 For more information, check the following website

I Lilly Lilly Like Ryan Bang

I know for a fact that when you watched Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, you won’t miss to notice this jolly fellow whom called Ryan Bang. Other personalities like Bianca and Mariel love to call him Llyan. Bagging 2nd place, Ryan prove his worth to showbiz. A comedian by nature, he graces several show and even become a judge at Showtime. Last May 18, together with other bloggers, I was able to meet him personally. Having an intimate conversation with Ryan, I found out that there more to him than just being a celebrity.He even share the story as how he got the name Ryan. Between laughter and jokes, I found out that because of a mistaken identity happened when he first arrived in the airport, and finding that it's nice name, Ryan Bang was born.Another fascinating story that made me laughing was the incident of the balut eating which I actually watch during one of his shows. This lad is true to the bone, an easy to love fellow. He’s just another teenager who wants to enjoy life and share his humor to the world. He doesn’t expect anything but everything is given to him one way or another. He may not be a matinee type but then again there are showbiz icon that we know who are just love by the people because of their hearts. Ryan Bang is one star that I will love to watch reach his dream.
It’s nice to hear novelty songs that could put smile and laughter to your heart. I Lilly Lilly Like It is the newest album that only Ryan Bang could give justice. Each lyrics is light and easy and could easily be recall by anyone, may it be the young or the young at heart.

Mommy Lariza with Ryan Bang

The seven track compilation of songs is primarily about fondness for entertaining his Filipino fans with his hilarious dance steps (who could ever forget his moves with hands doing a hearth shape). There is more to Ryan’s single than his comedic pronunciation. The song writer made sure it shows the young man’s love for the Filipinos and his evident drive to stay energetic whenever he performs his acts in front of them. Also include in the song lyrics are his other signature lines that were arranged for a well recall on how this Korean lad became famous in the country. What makes the song even more exciting to listen to is its dance beat that is so much close to the tune of this generation’s well-known novelty hits. This dance collection will indeed get the listeners hooked and make dance their way to some more celebration this summer. I dearly recommend this to be included in your play lists for fiestas and other parties and you will surely be having the liveliest last-song syndrome you’ve never had before.
I was fortunate to have a copy of I Lilly Lilly Like It: Ryan Bang Party Hits but no need to worry for you can also get a copy for only P199.
The album is released by Galaxy Records and distributed by Polyeast Record and available in stores nationwide. Special thanks to Shimmian and Boysquad Tshirt and the official radio partner Tambayan 1001.9, San ka pa.

You can also visit www.tambayan1019.c0m for the “Tambayan on the Go” series of shows featuring Ryan Bang’s | I Lilly Lilly like It” Dance Contest.

And If you too want to meet this jolly lad catch him as he tours the Robinsons Mall and get a chance to own a free Ryan Bang T-shirt for every cod purchase at the following dates and venue.

June 3 (Friday) 5 pm Robinsons Angeles Pampanga
June 17 (Friday) 5 pm Robinsons Dasmarinas, Cavite
June 24 (Friday) 5 pm Robinsons Starmills, Pampanga
July 1 (Friday) 5 pm Robinsons Sta Rosa, Laguna.

For video upload, please visit


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