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Undefined by AJKA

Sometime during the last week of April, I attended an album-launching event of a new band, presented by Sony Music in cooperation with Nescafè and G.A. Yupangco & Co. Inc. at Club Phi in Metrowalk. Speaking of Nescafè, does pairing it with “Soundskool” ring a bell? I hope it did, because these guys’ most notable victory is their win in the 2010 Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool college band search. You know, in the commercial where a band is playing, and sometime near the end, the word “Soundskool” and some other words appear in scribbled letters, that’s the one.

Their album launch that I attended was actually for their debut album “Undefined.” Their sound was something different from what we would usually listen to. While listening to their songs, one could say that their music is like a square peg in a round hole, considering that their music does not go with today’s trends. Though if I may add, it actually makes them stick out like a sore thumb, in a good way, that is. Their style of music is what they described as “pop with a hint of jazz, funk, and soul,” and it just might be the kind of music to help us break out every once in a while, the kind of music made with passion and meaning.

I’ve been describing their style and sound, but I’ve never introduced them, have I? I’m talking about AJKA, comprised of K.A. Antonio on vocals, JL delas Llagas on guitar, Aaron Caligner on bass, and Jon Pinto on drums. Backtracking to their humble beginnings, they met in the official De La Salle University orchestra, DLSU-Pops Orchestra now know as the Surreli Pops Orchestra. With lots of other members composing the group, their meeting was nothing short of a miracle. All the members have long realized their fondness for their instruments, and that passion stuck them together. Shortly after, their band garnered first place in an interschool Battle of the Bands with an original song that started their journey. After gathering much experience in joining several Battle of the Bands, they decided to raise bring their talent and experience up a notch by joining the 2010 Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool, a nationwide band competition for college bands, thus earning them their major leap into the music industry. But of course, their success was the fruit of their hard work. There was much pressure on them as they were aware that there were a lot of bands vying for the title. Their journey during that point probably entailed a lot more effort than they ever have from before that learning experience. But look at where it brought them. For a band that has never tried to submit demos to record labels, AJKA now belongs to one- international label Sony Music, as a part of their prize.

Consequently, they were finally able to release their album “Undefined,” produced by Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier. Listeners can look forward to an album that is distinctively AJKA, the concrete proof of the indelible mark that they left in the music industry.


Being a mom of five kids, I can relate myself to Judy Ann, as well as to every other mom out there who constantly concerns herself over keeping their food healthy without disregarding the aspect of taste. I already find myself fortunate enough that my children aren’t as picky with food as others, but having two of my children as ballet dancers, I usually have to watch the food that I prepare, such that it will coincide with their diet that requires them to maintain their weight. More than anything, I feel fortunate to have Del Monte Pineapples, my personal ally in securing my children’s interests, health wise and taste wise.

My kids have recently become addicted to Del Monte Pineapples. They ate Pininyahang manok, adobo, they basically ate everything with them. They even pick on Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits to snack on! I have approved of their constant intake because I was well-aware that it is beneficial to their health, but it is only much more recently that I have learned of the more advantageous benefits of eating Del Monte Pineapples:
Del Monte Pineapples are NATURE’S MULTIVITAMINS. Aside from Vitamin C that is common in all citrus fruits, it also contains Manganese and Phytonutrients from nature that help boost the body’s overall health and immunity. The products are picked and packed on the same day, so the freshness and nutrients are retained from the fields to the cans. With my children’s current food preference along with Del Monte Pineapples’ health benefits, I decided to do a little research on what other dishes I could upgrade with it. Eventually, I found a site hosted by Del Monte where a number of dishes include Del Monte Pineapples. For those of you who wish to try the recipes, visit

Judy Ann Santos is not only a famous showbiz icon but also a mom with a culinary background. She is now the newest endorser for Del Monte Pineapples. With her experience, she describes the product as not only healthy but also delicious. As a patron of the said product, we can guarantee that her endorsement is the real deal. Judy Ann, after all, does not simply support goods that are alien to her daily lifestyle.


A few months back, I attended an event back in Rockwell Powerplant Mall. One of the highlights of this show was a performance from a band. The music was excellent and the performance was remarkable. Back then, I got a gut feeling that the band would go a long way. I got to meet their vocalist personally afterwards, and with a handshake and some small talk, a commemorative photo completely slipped my mind. The months fast forward to just recently, where I learned that he has rose to fame, just as I thought he would.

Julien Drolon is a singer, songwriter, and former International Reporter and a promoter of peace through his love for music. He first arrived in the Philippines last 2007 and came back at the end of 2009 and decided to start his musical career.
This French singer with a Pinoy heart describe his music style as feel good music which combines pop, reggae, funk, and rock. He considers Jason Mraz, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai, Donovan Frankenreiter, Patrice and Asa as his musical influences. Drolon performs on stage with his equally-talented Filipino band composed of Girlie Capulso (back up vocals), Enzo Queyquep (lead guitar), Joseph Duenas (bass), Leal Nanca (keyboard) and Joven Palencia (Drums).

Drolon already played in Hong Kong and mainland China, at an Asian music conference, Music Matters Festival, which was held in Hong Kong last May 26-29, 2010. He also performed for the opening of the China Music Industry Park in Shanghai last July, 2010.

Addressing the issue of why he started his career in the Philippines, he responded, “It’s a place that is blessed with amazing musicians that want to collaborate on the making of my album and Filipinos are music lovers”. For his first album, Drolon is working with producers Jack Rufo and Angee Rozul.

Julien Drolon's debut album entitled “JULIEN DROLON… PHIL SO GOOD” is due for mainstream release in May 2011, followed by a series of tour in the Philippines. Check out more updates on Julien Drolon at

Paradise islands, white sand beach
Tropical jungles where tribes still live
Land of Rizal and the guitar strings
Gotta find some time to live it here

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

People speak tagalog, sometimes taglish
They love to have fun, they know how to live
With a warm welcome, they will make you feel
Like it is your turn to smile and sing

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

comma down selectah…
seat back relax uminum ng beer
itaas ang bote isigaw ang cheers
lay back, while listenin smooth jazz and
feel the cold breeze and keep the wheels blazin
cause all we need is a time to relax
ihanda na ang serbeza lets drink some wapak
sige sige dont stop, non stop ang saya
pag-katapos ng lahat libutin luzviminda
tawagan mo na si jo and i will text julien
hatakin na si joven all over again
cause the best thing in life is life and that’s true
huwag hayaan ang saya lagpasan ka nito
take a zip just a trip and take a deep breath
libutin tiaong gubat all by your self
fiyah grill, cold beer, lay back and chill
watch the daet sunsets thats the thrill
sounds cool huh

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good
Boracay in summer, I went there twice
Wanna feel colder, go to the rice terraces
Palawan is where I took my love
She wanted a romance under the sun
Surf is the best in Siargao
You can also dance up to Malasimbo
And when I need a break from Manila
I got a secret place that I won’t say to ya

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

Song Credit:

Julien Drolon: songwriting english part/vocal/production
Leal Nanca: songwriting tagalog part/ rap/ keyboards
Jojo Duenas: Arrangement/ bass
Enzo Queyquep: Guitars
Paolo Santiago: Drums
Girlie Capulso: back up vocals

Recorded at Tracks by Angee Rozul
Mixed and  Produced by Angee Rozul

Photo Credit:
_MG_9290 - Photography by Joser Dumbrique
IMG_6351 - Photography by Willie Samson


I have four daughters that are so concerned with what they eat. . What I don’t understand is why they love to eat chocolates. When it comes to chocolates, “no question asks” is the drama. Whenever there’s a performance, I have to make sure that I have a chocolate bar with me. When they are down, chocolate bar is the upper. I was invited last week in an event and was lucky to be able to take home some chocolates. True enough, no time was wasted and the chocolates are gone.  I love chocolates, everybody loves chocolates. I was so curious about what chocolate can do to our body, that I sat and research the night away.

I found a link and hope you find time to read it.

And  one more thing, I never thought that eating chocolates can also gives you a chance to win several items.



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