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Mom's World of Arts and Happiness: Snickers Bloggers Get Together

Mom's World of Arts and Happiness: Snickers Bloggers Get Together: "I was invited last April 16, 2011 together with other bloggers to attend the Snickers Hungerlings Attack Competition Boot Camp Event. The e..."

The Newest Game in Town: Snickers Hungerlings Attack

The newest game in town has finally come; The Snickers Hungerlings Attacks. Players Get Ready to Attack. 

Player can use either webcam or keyboard to play
  • Print Augmented Reality marker from
  • Place marker in front of the webcam 
  • Choose from a list of hungerlings  
  • Eat as many SNICKERS chocolate bars as possible by moving your head
  • Upload your photo
  • Choose from a list of hungerlings
  •  Eat as many SNICKERS chocolate bars as possible by using the arrow keys and spacebar on key
  • Prizes will be given based on the shortest time taken to grab enough SNICKERS bars to make the participant turn to his/her original face.
  • Scores are separate for those who use the webcam and for those who use the keyboard
  • Participants are required to key in their basic personal details, including name, identification number (may be school ID number, SSS number,driver’s license number, or TIN number), mobile phone number, and email address when they register to enter the game
  • All times to complete task will be automatically logged in to the game system
10 winners every 2 weeks will be chosen based on shortest time score

Week 1 & 2
(April 1 to 16)
5 winners from those using Augmented Reality; 5 winners from those using keyboard/mouse
Week 3 & 4
(April 17 to 30)
5 winners from those using Augmented Reality; 5 winners from those using keyboard/mouse
Week 5 & 6
(May 1 to 15)
5 winners from those using Augmented Reality; 5 winners from those using keyboard/mouse

Prizes are as follows

Number of units for Augmented Reality (every 2 weeks)
Number of units for those using keyboard/mouse (every 2 weeks)
Cash value per unit
1st prize
Sony Playstation 3
1 unit
1 unit
PhP 20,000.00
2nd prize
1 unit
1 unit
PhP 12,000.00
3rd to 5th prize
G Shock watch
3 units
3 units
PhP 5,00

  • A winner can only win once in the entire promo period. 
  • Should there be ties in the 5 shortest completion times, Mars  will determine the final winner by conducting a slogan-making contest among those who have tie scores.The best slogan-writer/s as judged by Mars will be considered the winner

Snickers Bloggers Get Together

I was invited last April 16, 2011 together with other bloggers to attend the Snickers Hungerlings Attack Competition Boot Camp Event. The event started with getting to know each other portion (though some of us know each other already). All the while I thought that it’s going to be some sort of war games due to the instruction that we wore something army type.  The event was full of fun and excitement especially when they started discussing the kind of war that was going to do.  Snickers Hungerlings Attack is a new game that snickers introduces to us. Instructions were given and finally, it’s our time to attack. Try-out after try-out happened for we want to beat the shortest time.  We were so engross that time fly so fast. Players can choose between webcam and keyboard. I was once addicted to another sort of game in the pc, but now I think I found another one and this time, my children can’t remove it from the computer. 

Bloggers so engross to what they're doing

Lot of  Sneakers were also given away
Thank you Snickers

For those who want to try-out the new Snickers Hungerlings Attack and Win Prices
Check this out:

The Products Blog April Give Away

What can I say. Here's another blogger who wants to share her blessings to others.  The Products Blog, a blog dedicated to commentaries and review of products, services and more. Hoping to give readers an initial look on various products and services before they use it. They actually use and try it  and then  tell us what they  think. They accept product and service review. For this month of April, they will be giving away the Baylis and Harding Products which includes: Hand and Body Balm, Shower Creme, Body Wash and Body Scrub.

For those who want to join:


The Rebirth of Luneta Park

I was born and raised in Manila. Malls and theme parks are just starting to exist. A big part of my youth was spent in the heart of Manila, the Luneta. I could still remember the many reunions, gathering, events; experiences that were spend at the Luneta Park. But as time goes by, the Luneta Park became a thing of the past. Many undesirable events or people became associated with the place. The last time I visited Luneta was to be a part of the Centennial count down. During that time, we are so careful as not to be a victim of any criminal that lurks in the area.
I once again visited the beloved Luneta last week. I was so amazed of its transformation and renovation. The change was so drastic that I was so happy to applaud the person or organization that’s behind of this evolution. 

The Luneta Park was once again regaining its glory. The improvement of the Children’s Playground was a site that delights not only the children but the child in all of us. It was one of my favorite places for it played a big part in my life.  So many plans were line-up for the RIZAL Park.  All of this was happening through the effort of National Parks Development Committee headed by Executive Director Juliet Villegas, who has done so much since helming NPDC only in the latter part of last year.
The on going construction on the Relief Map is a site to watch for. I can’t wait to try to walk the pathway. When I was in my younger year, I have to content myself watching the map from the sideline, with the new idea of NPDC, up close and personal became the theme. 

Luneta Park is known to be the social equalizer. It’s a citizen park and this park is for all. No once can dictates who could enjoy and experience what Luneta Park can offer. There was a time that people from the afar will not miss the opportunity to visit the Luneta Park during their stay in Manila.
Who could ever forget the launching of the dancing fountain at the Lagoon, which was restored and will soon be choreographed to classic Filipino music with daily shows at 6:30 pm.

There are so many plans to watch out for. The Rizal Monument is scheduled to be renovated and completed in 2012. There’s also the drinking fountain donated by the town of Heidelberg in Germany lying dormat inside the park, the restored fountain will become the centerpiece of a planned Noli Me Tangere Garden.
And who will ever forget the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, Halamanang Pilipino and Kanlungan ng Sining, which are among the park’s cultural, historical and educational attractions and must-sees for local and foreign tourists.

 I do hope that they transform Rizal Park into a world-class urban park where Filipinos and visitors can rediscover history and heritage amidst the fresh air form the famed Manila Bay.

Rizal Park aims to become a first-rate recreational area and a major cultural and leisure destination. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Rizal’s birth, the park beckons to everyone to partake of the hero’s extraordinary life, share his hopes, dreams and ideals and get to know the person who was a patriot, an artistic genius, a true Renaissance man, and the first global Filipino.

Special Thanks to Florencio Jusay Jr. for the photos

Summer Time at Club Manila East

The warm temperature that we experience is a reminder that summer is officially here. One of the things that it reminds me is outing, swimming and trills. I attended a gathering at the Club Manila East last week and experience firsthand what this new water theme park can offer. I’m a mother who prefers to enjoy time bonding with kids rather than waste it on traveling. What’s interesting about the place is that it’s just an hour drive if you are within the Rizal area.  Since my children ranges from a boy to teens, Club Manila East offers different areas that capture their time and attention. All them enjoy the whole day bonding or spend some time alone. From the usual swimming to kayak, giant slide, the whole day was spent with fun and excitement. Thru to its word, Club Manila East has given us a great time. Experience Summer in High Gear : Dive , Surf, Fly

The advantages of visiting Club Manila East are a long list. It just so happen that we don't have a car, we could still enjoy what CME can offer for the place is located at the heart of Taytay Rizal. No need to worry with regards to transportation for there’s a cab that could take you there. Even Tricycle with low rates is accessible to the area. CME may not permit you to bring food, but there are concessionaires that are available inside and prices are affordable. And if ever we do have our car with us, the parking area is enormous.

The gigantic slide is one of my children’s favorite. The Ocean Waves are powered by four compressors as not to disappoint the swimmer’s enjoyment.  It won’t cost you to learn how to paddle with the kayak

Blue water Day Spa Give aways : Massage and Movie

I happen to love massage and what a new way to experience this with a movie. Who could possible think of a event like this.

YOU are cordially invited to the HD screening of THE PROPOSAL starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds! This is an EXCLUSIVE event for and friends.
Expect a fun night watching a classic film in High Definition at the BlueWater Day Spa luxury spa theater. Snacks and a complimentary massage will also be provided.
This coming WEDNESDAY, April 27, I am giving away 6 PAIRS OF TICKETS to a fun night watching THE PROPOSAL at Blue Water Day Spa. I’d really like to thank the blogging community especially the PRESCHOOL TEACHERS and RUNNERS I’ve met through this event.  So to those interested to join, here’s how:
1. Just blog about this, and link to, and  the Little Running Teacher fanpage . THEN Post a link to your blog HERE.
2. Write a comment about this event ON THIS PHOTO THREAD. Tag @Little Running Teacher, and get at least 25 “Likes” on that comment
ONLY TWELVE SLOTS (6 pairs of tickets) left to be given away! However, I will be reserving 1 pair EACH up until 8pm of SUNDAY night for a preschool teacher and another pair for a runner! However, if these pairs will not be won, they will be given to the person next in line. Contest ends as soon as slots are filled. :)
Hurry LIMITED SEATS! First come first serve.

My First Blog Fest

I started blogging last January. I use to write my journal in a diary. I was happy with until I discover that there's a new way where I can preserve my thoughts and memories on a more high tech means. With the help of some friends I made my way around. And through this new found passion of mine, I meet new friends and found myself in a middle of gatherings and events. After four months, I finally attended my first Blog Fest. For a newbie like me as they called it, this event had helped a lot to a further understanding of what blogging is all about. The community of bloggers seems to be growing and growing every minute. I’m just thankful that there are people who are willing to help newbies like me. Blogging is not all about money or event. It’s a gathering of friends who shares a common passion. The passion to write her or his thoughts and opinions whether right or wrong is a right of every person but every bloggers should be responsible.   Blogging now is a part of on line media and that fact cannot be denied.

See you till the next Blog fest.

Special Thanks to Azrael, Jonel, Jeman, Anton, , Enzo, John, Janese , Flow and to those people who are part of this event. Too many to mention but you know who you are.


I happened to be at the Luneta Area last week and one of my goals is to go around the area. But at my age ( I do accept the fact that I’m not in my younger years), how could I possibly go around with out exhaustion running after me.  A new mode of transportation caught my eye. A kind of train like seizes my attention. A TRANVIA as they call it pass by. I could enjoy the ride from Manila Ocean Park to Taft Avenue and vice versa. It stops at some landmarks where I could enjoy the view and the trip last for thirty (30) minutes. Fare rate of P 50.00 for one way loop or I could go to Full loop for only P 100.00 pesos is a deal I didn’t let just pass me by.  Going around the area of Luneta and to Manila Ocean Park is just a breeze that others could enjoy. I do hope others could experience the trip that made my day.

Mommy Lariza

KOI Nursery at Manila Ocean Park

I was at the Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium when I saw feeding bottles nearby. I know for a fact that we use them for our infants or maybe on baby animals. I was amaze to find out that these feeding bottles contain special formula feeds that the public can use to feed a special type of fish, the KOI.

Mommy Lariza
It was really an experience that I can’t easily forget for the excitement and enjoyment it has brought to me.

These cute and adorable Koi is one of the new attractions that only Manila Ocean Park could bring to its client. Child or child at heart will surely appreciate and understand this species of fish that can only be found as far as I know, in Manila Ocean Park.

Do let this experience pass you by.

Last Man Standing Challenge At Manila Ocean Park

, Manila Ocean Park once again invited us bloggers to be a part of the their event set on April 29, 30 to May 1, The biggest car event to dubbed as REV, DRIFT and DRIVE co-presented by NISSAN Motor Phils., Inc. and East West Bank in cooperation with Ladder Events Production,, op Gear, Wave 89.1 and the National Park Phils., Inc. will showcase activities in their 3 day event. The event will cover venues like the Luneta Grandstand and the MOP itself. There will be car shows, exotic die-cast car collection, car drifting, drive-in movie marathon, DJ Party and a whole lot more. One of the most awaited challenges of the week will be: The Last Man Standing wherein anyone can win a brand new NISSAN Sentra 1.3 GX STD with just the use of his thumb.

I don"t know about you, but I will say go for it. When will you ever have a chance to own a brand new car just by joining the 300 aspiring contenders with the use of a thumb. Three days of hardship and challenges is no big deal for us Filipinos. Go for It.

Applications are available at the Manila Ocean Park or any NISSAN Motor dealers and outlets. Or you may download forms at or

The event caps off on Sunday with the Victory Party at Liquid Pool where awarding for the winner of the Last Man Standing will be held.


Athena: Milk for Women

I was just having my afternoon nap when my mobile suddenly rings. It was a call from V-cargo, a logistic company whom I sometimes hire to do some pick up and deliveries for me. I thought that there was something wrong, but to my surprise it was a delivery package for me, two boxes of 180 grams of Athena Milk. I first got a box of Athena Milk from a fun ran that I attended few months back. It was creamy and I dearly love the taste. It’s the first time that I encounter milk that ,not only provides calcium but low in fat and a source of anti-oxidants. (Vit. A, E and Zinc.). Being a mother of five energetic kids whom I have to attend to plus their hectic schedule of activities and my work; I have to stay fit and attractive. To look good and feel good is must and with this in mind, Athena formulated milk that will meet my special nutritional needs.

So ever busy that I sometimes forget to eat, and to make sure that I don’t miss the nutrition I need, a glass of Athena milk is all I need. I especially love to drink this in the evening. I don’t know about the experience of others, but it helps me in my morning routine (you know what I mean).

Thanks Athena


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