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B.U.M. 2011 Summer Collection On Line Contest

A gathering of bloggers happened last April 8, 2011 at Dulcinea Tomas Morato Branch to be a part of the launch off B.U.M.  Equipment’s Summer 2011 Collection and their on-line contest dubbed: “My Reality, My Story “. The 2nd Blogger’s night was the B.U.M way of showing their appreciation.

Being a mother of four teen, I do share the sentiments of B.U.M. Every mother’s dream is to have a magic ball to see what their children feel and think. Having four teens, mean having four personalities. I have to deal with different moods and tantrums. I appreciate the fact the B.U. M understand them also. Their new lines of collection define what the new generation wants to shout about but are sometimes worries how to express them. Expressions are very important. I myself don’t want to dictate what my children should say and feel, for they are their own personal. Not because I am what I am, my children should be the same. Not because they want to express their feeling, means they are rebellious children.  Having their own personality, their own story is a reality that parents should face. Having their own style and uniqueness should be one of the characteristics they should posses to be able to face the realities of the real world and life. 

Mommy Lariza

In line with their new 2011Summer Collection. B.U.M. want to show also their appreciation to their new generation client.  An on-line contest dubbed " My Reality, My Story " was lauched. Open for boys and girls ages 13 and up. All you have to do is to purchase a My STORY  T-Shirt and your good to go. For more information. Log on 
or check!/bumequip!/bumequip?sk=app_6009294086

FAITH : Mission Book 1

I was fortune last April 14, 2011 to be invited for the launching of FAITH: Mission Book 1 at the Manila Hotel. As a Christian, I believe in faith and destiny. It was no coincidence that I was invited in this momentous event. Every since I can remember, faith has always guided me in my endeavors in life.  I was so happy that the Author Archimedes Fontanos Penara was able to carry out what God has asked him to do. After all the trials and ordeal in is life, here comes the turning point in his life.  He could not believe that that he was chosen to awaken humankind of God’s True Words through mathematical representation. With many proofs presented to him, he carried the tasks on his shoulders and braved all the odds that came his way. He was able to accomplish what God has wanted with the help of Dr. Evangeline Manaois Macaso. I believe that being involve in religious activities has herself, she too was guided to accomplish this undertaking with God’s grace. Dr. Macaso is responsible in introducing Mr. Archimedes Penera to Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino, the publisher of Book Craft Publishing Co. Inc. What ever she is now is a result of all the hard the work and persistence.  She is persistent to be triumphant because she believes the Book of Craft is an answered prayer, a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Thus, she started with a vision in creating quality textbooks which would inspire and challenge learners to improve and to succeed in their school task.

I believe that everything happen for a reason. It’s not just an accident that these three wonderful people met each other.

 FAITH: Mission Book 1 is now available at Fully Booked.

Let’s all reflect this Lenten Season.

I want to thank the publisher (Book Craft Publishing Company) and authors for the opportunity of owning a copy.

Mommy Lariza

Congratulations and More Power to all of you.


I’m a mother of five precious kids. When you are a mom, there is certain thing that we have to do whether we like or not. Part of that are the household chores.  One of the top priorities is cleaning the house. Having five girls in the house is no big deal, but having long hair does. It would be easier if you’re just cleaning the house because of dust and dirt. Having a broom  may answer my problem. Broom is the basic tool that I always use when cleaning, but then there are certain problems that comes with it. Its disadvantage is a list that are so many to mention, but then what can I do? Financial status is one of the reason I could say why I have to stick to using the broom. But then again, do I have to suffer so much just for this reason. Does cost outweigh the misery that I go through because of the broom?

When I’m using the broom for cleaning, I really have to spend time doing the chores .Doing the cleaning all over again, because of  dirt  being  left behind is a usual scenario.  Dust and dirt just seems to fly everywhere when I sweep them with my broom. There is time that you have to put your back into it to be able to reach those hard to reach areas. You have to use every part of your body. When sweeping and my broom could not get those hair stuck under the sofa, I have to use my feet or even crawl down and pick it up to get it.

One of the brooms limitations is cleaning my carpet; I have to use another equipment or tool for that.
There are times when you think that already done but one look at my broom and find the hair still caught on the broom’s strand.

Broom has always been a part of our cleaning. We are so happy when someone who came from Baguio will come and give us the broom as a gift. Now a new  a new friend will give us something much much more. A gift that will last us a lifetime. A gift that will ensure that all our misery will come to an end when it comes to cleaning.

The good news came when I came across an article in Electrolux regarding their new innovation that would finally end my misery and discomfort. My entire problem with regards to cleaning finally will come to an end. Thank you Electrolux for always thinking of us. With the newest innovation, so many problems about cleaning will be solved. Parents like us do need partners in solving problems with regards to our everyday routine.

I still remember the jingle that was use to play in radio and televisions.


Electrolux as far as I know did not stop there. From that song I know that in one way or another, they will enter my home and my life.

Thank you Electrolux for giving me Dynamica vacuum cleaner

I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help

For more promos and innovation, check:


My family loves to dine al fresco, we have been to so many locations to savor seafood craving. I finally found a new place in Manila where a Jamaican-inspired setting by the bay venue was open to public recently. Sandbar Seafood & Grill  is the newest venue of Manila Ocean Park. Located at the bay of Luneta, you wouldn’t miss this place. It’s my best alternative to grilled seafood.  I can choose my seafood craving from their gastronomic selection and have it cooked the way I like to be. It’s so relaxing and it serves lunch and dinner and I can even spend the parties and get-together to the venue. It’s so cozy and unique
 Upon entering Sandbar Seafood & Grill I was able to see the sight of the fresh market where I choose how my food should be prepared. We waited at the condola-like cabana while drinking our cocktails.

Liquid Pool and Lounge Proudly opens Sandbar Seafood & Grill


Gondola like Cabana


CALL : 567-777/ 567-2309  Manila Ocean Park!/pages/Sandbar-Seafood-Grill/104758826275392


Kalesa Trip

Have  you ever tried to ride a Kalesa before ?
I was standing there, waiting for a cab to come. Suddenly, a familiar mode of transportation appears. I just couldn’t resist the urge to stop it.  I used to live in Tondo Manila. I grew up with the smell of pulot and darak. Before you reach our house, you have to pass thru a Kwadra (a place where there are lots of horses lined up and they actually live there). I was so happy to be able to ride again the Kalesa. If ever you are in Manila and a storm just happen on that time. It is better to use the Kalesa for you will be able to pass the entire flood. When all the cars are stuck while waiting for the water to subside, this one horse power mode of transportation will not fail you to reach your destination.

Mommy Lariza

RAT RACE: Run Against Human Trafficking

I started joining fun run a few months ago. It started as a prizes from a contest that I join but liked it so much that I continue running whenever I could. Joining fun run usually entitle you to pay certain fees. I don't mind though for it benefits somebody or something. I just want to share to you one of the fun run that don't just give a certain percentage to its beneficiary. Zonta of  Ayala Makati  host a fun run for the benefit of Visayan Foundation. As commencing activity for the Commitment Week, the RAT Race will be held on March 13, 2011 at the Mc Kinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

mommy Lariza

Runners Finding Time for a Cause

Even Sister Run

Group of Pulis on the go

 Sponsors who believe that their  small gesture could help a thousand victims

Mommy Lariza

About Zonta Ayala Makati

Zonta is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide. The Zonta Club of Ayala Makati began its advocacy in helping women since 1989 through educational and feeding programs, livelihood/ entrepreneurial training as well as environmental/health literacy campaigns for women in impoverished communities nationwide.
Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. (VF) is a Philippine-based NGO established in 1991 known for its innovative work for empowerment of vulnerable migrants especially victims of human trafficking, domestic servitude and other forms of exploitation through building social movements, advocating for policies and delivering of services. VF is located in 20 provinces and cities with 11 offices.
In 2009, Zonta Ayala Makati Chapter signed a Memorandum of Agreement along with fourteen other District 5 clubs of Zonta Philippines , who collectively agreed to support the programs and services of the Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc., particularly the War Against Human Trafficking (WAHT) , through various fundraising efforts per club that will contribute to the WAHT Campaign. Aside from adopting 5 scholars under the care of Visayan Forum, Zonta Ayala –Makati, under the stewardship of Ms. Vicki Santos-Abraham agreed to conduct a series of fundraising events that will uplift the lives of human trafficking victims in the Philippines; hence, the birth of the RAT RACE (Run Against Trafficking).
The RAT RACE is a fun run/ fundraiser that will benefit both the Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc., and the educational programs and services of Zonta Club of Makati Ayala.
This year, the Visayan Forum Foundation, is intensifying the War Against Human Trafficking (WAHT), and as a highlight of this campaign, will be holding a “Commitment Week” on March 13th to 18th. This event, supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will convene a diverse, committed and action-oriented group from the government and business sector, socio-civic groups, academe and non-government organizations. Its objective is to bring together people to make a commitment to combat human trafficking and create positive social change. It aims to institutionalize practical commitments, encourage support from the private sector, and mobilize public-private collaboration.


PARADIZZO FARM in Mendez Cavite

When I was a child and live in the mountain of Bulacan, I dream of having a farm of my own.  Living in a farm is a feeling that gives you contentment and relaxation. This is what I felt when I visited the PARADIZZO FARM in  Mendez Cavite. Truly enough, we were greeted by animals (live). The vast land is indeed a treasure to keep. Going around makes me want to stay longer. There are butterfly garden, a honeybee farm, lot and lots of flowers and vegetable ( all organic). I saw a family nearby who are enjoying their camping. Experiencing farm life in the most enjoyable way, for it  offers a variety of educational, outdoor and group outing program for nature. There’s even a pet cementery where peggy was buried ( the Pinoy Big Brother Pig , so sad that she pass away).

My son EJ first try out on how to milk a goat

I can't really explain how beautiful the place is.

The serenity and tranquility of the place is something you cannot find in the city. The place is so peaceful without the bustle of the cars and traffic. If your looking for quietness, here’s a place where you can have all of it.

Even the ice cream that my son is enjoying is made from the milk's goat

 Mommy Lariza with son EJ

Thank you so much Zoomanity Group for giving us the opportunity to experience all of this



School is officially over and summer is here. I was actually planning to have an out of town trip with the kids, and was lucky enough to be invited to one of tourist spot located in Tagaytay. Just an hour's drive from Manila through the South Expressway.  I do recommend that you stop by at this site , the RESIDENCE INN. I was intrigue before of this place , for I pass on it several times years back when we go swimming at the beaches of Batangas. Never did I imagine that there’s a lot this place could offer, from the trill to the peace of mind relaxation.

Be thrilled to the sight of exotic animals, birds and serpents in the mini-zoo.

A view so breath taking should not be miss.
For those who would like to experience the view from all angles , the cable car ride is just the thing

For thrill seekers who wants to be superman -like to see the majestic view, Zipline is what you should choose

 For animal lover like me ( Mommy Lariza ), all you need to do is buy a P10 worth of feeds for the birds and you can enter the Bird Thrill  ( just make sure to wear a closed shoes)

Don't worry if a day is not enough for you, you can still enjoy the stunning view of the Taal Volcano from the deck rooms  that are available for overnight accommodations. Waking up in the cold mountain air could really give you an experience you don't want  to miss.

For more pictures, click here

For more information:!/profile.php?id=100000479239066&sk=wall

Contest Giveaway: Win Underarm Laser Hair Removal Voucher (valued at P2,000)

Greetings to all  good people of the blogosphere,  please welcome this new blogger .   Since this blog is still new and want to reach out to everyone,    She is giving away 2 vouchers for Underarm Laser Hair Removal at Le Californian Beau & Californian Beau Medical Spa. 1 voucher of this Underarm Laser Hair Removal procedure  is valued at P2,000 so this means you have a chance to undergo this procedure and save P4,000 from your budget.

To give you an overview of what to expect at this medical center check this out:
  • Le Californian Beau & Californian Beau is a LASER, SLIMMING and MEDICAL SPA with aesthetically pleasing, relaxing and new facilities and equipment.
  • Their machine is the latest in laser hair removal technology.
  • The most in-demand aesthetic procedure today.
  • Treat more patients in less time
  • Treat even minimally-pigmented hair colors.
  • Customized to give the best and minimal to pain free laser hair removal experience.
  • Medically trained and experienced laser specialist.
  • Full effect after 6-8 sessions.
  • Done in an aesthetically pleasing spa environment.
Le Californian Beau & Californian Beau Medical Spa have to 2 locations, you can avail this procedure anywhere here:
Le Californian Beau
(Malate Manila) :
633 Remedios St. Malate Manila
For reservations, please contact
Tel Nos: +632 9854364/ 0905-3516016
Californian Beau Medical Spa
(Quezon City) :
295 E. Rodriguez Quezon City 2nd Floor MTVN Building
For reservations, please contact
Tel No: 24108424
You can also visit their website here:
So, what will you need to do to get this voucher ? Well, just follow the simple steps below:
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This give-away will last until April 30, 2011.
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1st Blogversary of Occasions of Joy

It’s been long overdue, but I want to share to you an event that every blogger do dream about. I met a certain Joy years back in an event where she and I both attended. Being a chikadora myself, we hit it off right from the start and the rest is history. Last Feb. 20 at the roof top of One San Miguel Bldg in Shaw Blvd we celebrated the 1st Blogversary of Occasions of Joy. At 8: 30 am, everybody who are close to Joy’s heart wake up and went straight to Baby Nathan’s Kitchen to celebrated this momentous event.

Here are some of the Sponsors

Pehpot Pineda of Make or Break, talked about the Diaries of A Mommy Blogger.

Joney Uy of NomNom Club and Bloggers Manila, talked about Etiquette for Bloggers

 Ms. Cel Mabalot of Elro Corp., distributor of top brand Grendha, Ipanema and Rider
Mr. Ryan De Vera, owner of Love Blends Coffee Souvenirs

Ms. Timmy Del Agua of A-Z Direct Marketing, distributor of Time, Readers Digest and other popular books and magazines

Mommy Lariza with  Mr. Julius Barbero, Marketing Officer of Clarity Aesthetic, Medical and Dental Center

 Special Thanks to the Indecent Proposal of Sir John, ( 30K )

My daughter Jem, start the event with an opening PRAYER



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