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Jem's PHSA Graduation Day : With Honor Awardee

I still remember the day that Jem audition for her art (violin) at PHSA in Mt. Makiling. As mom, I can’t explain the feeling | (nervous, stress, happy) to see your daughter go through one of the most important time in her life. Jem started her violin lesson at the age of six at the St. Paul College Pasig. Back then, my only intention is for her to have an extra curricular activity. I never imagine that it will take her to something far more than that. She was entering grade six then and we are preparing for her audition when her former teacher have to leave and go on a tour concert. We were recommend to Awit Center, luckily located not farm from our residence. Teacher Ricky of gladly accepted us. I took just that summer and a few months before the audition, they were able to train Jem. The day came when we have to go all the way at the top of the Mt. Makiling. First thing when we got there is to register and wait for Jem’s number to be called. She passes the talent test and takes the written exam in the afternoon. Those who did not pass have to go home right away. Tears of joy and frustration were around me. After that day, we still have to wait a few months for the result. The scholarship is a nationwide search. We may pass the second screening but still there’s the deliberation to think of. Out of thousand of applicant, only 38 students are accepted and Jem’s one of them.

Now, after four years of struggle, hardship and being far home, Jem finally graduate. While her name is being called, I had to hold the tears that start to drop from my eyes.
Jem finally received her diploma and receive a high honor award with it. There are just some memories that you will never forget and this is one of them. Congratulation Jem, I pray that you continue to excel in whatever endeavor you pursue. I will always be here whenever you need me for as long as I live, you will always be my jewel


Move : Give a Child a Gift of Life

I was invited last march 22, 2011 at Shangri-La, Makati for an event which I believe should be supported by all us. Being a mom, there are times that I'm not financially capable to support the medical needs of my children. With this I understand that same feeling of the   members of the The Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists (PAPP) in cooperation GlaxoSmithKline start a wonderful campaign They believe that the art of dance can do so much more than just   fun but help the needs of the children. With a total of 145 doctors, bloggers, parent and other participant who believe in this cause hosted by Ms. Mai Mai Davao dance its way for the one shot of vaccine for pneumonia donation.

According to the World Health Organization , infectious diseases caused bt Streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium are the leading causes of deaths of children all over the world, with about 800,000 kids dying from pnuemococcal diseases.  1 out 3 children died from this disease, it's not something that we take seriously. I may not be a dancer, but i will sweat all day for a chance to give one child a chance to live. MOVE is a disease awareness campaign that we should support all the way

The Way You Make Me Feel(PHSA Undergrad recital)

Seeing my daughter performs always bring tears to my eyes. After all the hardship and sacrifices that we go through, I believe that I made the right decision.


 I told my self, I will travel this year, I will take time for my self. A pledge that seems  I believe will come true. I don’t know if its destiny or what but I got invited to an event that gives me a glimpse of what I will miss if I pass my opportunity to travel. I’m not aiming high, just to see a sight or three locations if budget permits me.Bonamine in cooperation with the Department of Tourism launch a travel advocacy title “BASTA PINAS BIYAHE TAYO last March 22, 2011.Hosted by Mr. Ivan Man Dy of Old Walk of Manila and Ivan Henarez, the two shows the participant on what they are missing. Traveling need not be expensive. Tourist spot are found not just outside the Philippine Territories. Seeing all the shot taken by Mr.Henarez makes me realized that I need not go far to see and experience the glamour and excitement. The pleasure and thrill that other countries can give me are within my reach.

BUGANDA Performers start the event

Ivan Man Dy is one of the leading tour guides of Manila, a self-identified "streetwalker", and a passionate advocate of heritage conservation.

Ivan Henares is proud to have visited all 79 provinces of the Philippines 

Ticket courtesy of Old Manila Waks
I heard so many things about the walks that Mr. Ivan Man Dy, one that seems to caught my fancy is the cemetery
For more information :

Delicacies form Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

 Tourism Secretay Alberto Lim and
 Tina Zabare ( Johnson and Johnson's Mktg. Director)
Taken during the turn-over ceremony


Secretary Lim with Undersecretay  Danilo Corpuz

Facilitating this “fresh perspective” is the “Basta Pinas” website, soon to launch, which does not only contain destination ideas and how-to-get there information but also other people’s stories to inspire personalizing your own journeys. The site also assists in seeing the familiar setting in fresh ways with suggestions such as: visiting locations where a local film was shot, taking a photo every hundred steps, or visiting old school grounds.  The beauty of the Philippines through a different lens  is captured in the photography of campaign partner Chasing Light whose members’ photographs grace the official website and other communication collaterals.

 Johnson and Johnson's Marketing Manager Christine Balingit

 Johnson and Johnson's  Bonamine Senior Brand Manager Jerome Go

Bonamine’s travel advocacy supports our DOT’s Pilipinas, Tara Na! domestic tourism campaign. This collaboration will help in getting information on our country’s hidden charms to a wider audience.
Tourism Secretary Lim as picks his airplane

My airplane going to Cebu

Mommy Lariza placing her airplane to her chosen destination

Traveling now days need not be as stressful as it uses to be. Thanks to Bonamine, a brand that provides relief from motion sickness for me to enjoy the ride. 
Meanwhile, on the “Basta Pinas” Facebook Page, a “Saan sa Pinas” contest—that is, identifying a location based on one photo-puzzle piece at a time—by end March kicks off a series of such contests with travel-related prizes. “Like” them on for more information.!/BastaPinas

Mitchie Chef's Classic

Being a mom, it seems like cooking is part of the job description that I have to sign whether I like it or not.  My mother is a kapampangan and I was expected to inherit the genes that make me a good cook. Well sad to say, I only love eating. Cooking seems to bring out the stress in me, especially it you’re having difficulty with your cookware the sticky pots and pans make me go nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I do love cooking especially for my family, it’s just that I hate when my fried fish get stuck up in the fan. Thankfully, I was invited to an event that would make my cooking a stress-free.  Having the right equipment does not only save time and effort buts vital in yielding good results to my cooking and therefore joy to my family who will consume my cuisine.

Good news that Chef’s Classics by Sunnex introduced a line of quality cookware made from the finest components available-high quality 18/10 stainless steel body, resisting tear and wear. From searing, sautéing, to preparing delicate dishes and finishing meals in the oven or the broiler, Mitchie Chef’s Classic collection makes it possible for me to cook like a pro. Good Food, good mood anytime!


The new collection bearing the signature of Chef Mitchie Sison comprises a grill pan, wok, and sauté pan with steamer, sauce pan, pots and skillets. The 13 –piece set also includes indispensable kitchen accessories like the peppermill and an oil dispenser with the external plastic pout and configures spray time.

Mr. James Sy

Ms. Tess Guerrero
Ms. Tess Guerrero, Key Account Supervisor, explains the products features of the new line of Mitchie Chef's Collection

Ms. Tess Flores
Another Key Account Supervisor, Ms. Tess raffles five pieces of pepper mill and a grand price of five pcs. cooking ware set.



Mommy Lariza with Sir James and Mommy Janese

Mommy Lariza with Chef Mitchie Sison

For more information about the new line and products of Sunnex!/SunnexPH

For more details, call 713 9435 to 38

or visit:


I’m not an alcohol drinker, but it seems that my minds going to change, with the launching of FLAVORS iParty last March 25, 2011. GSM Flavors is bound to generate buzz and cement its place with the hard liquor market.  It’s my first time to experience an  event that set the Flavors iParty  Lifestyle trend, There’s a  games for the whole barkada  like the kwentong lasing, where we had to make a story out of the words that we picked or assigned to us like barkada, flavorites, butete, salagubang and others. There were fun activities like jamming with some friends, doing the drums which I like the most. We feasted on the yummiest pulutan and moderately enjoyed the sweet smooth taste of GSM Flavors.  I absolutely recommend the apple flavor mix with lime and sprite, didn’t event taste any alcohol.

My favorite mix, try it and you wont taste the alchohol

Our team for the kwentong lasing contest

Yummy feast

Jamming Session


Rock Time
With the Band Flavors

PJ -Host

GSM Flavors comes in a stylish and classy 700ml longneck bottle with a metalized label and is available in two exciting variants, apple and lychee. With an alcohol proof of 35, it’s easy to drink and comes down smooth to boot. Priced at only Pa60, enjoying a tasteful alcoholic beverage with your barkada or family is even more affordable. Just make sure that you’re old enough to drink and it won’t do any harm even to your pocket.

Available at selected Mini-Stop, 7-11, Andoks, South Supermarket and Puregold stores in Metro Manila, barkada’s can enjoy GSM flavors to get a taste of the iParty lifestyle. Whatever occasion it might be, with friends or families, GSM Flavors is the drink bound to be the flovorite of the barkada

Special Thanks to Jeman Villanueva of Orange TV Magazine for the Photos

For more promos and upcoming iParty check :!/ginebraflavors


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