Lazada Philippines is celebrating her 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway! is celebrating her 3rd 

Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway!


Being a new mom blogger, It's nice to follow bloggers that know what she's talking about. is a personal blog about fashion, beauty,health,travel, movies, events and trends.

This personal blog had helped so many of her followers
Lets congratulate her on her 3RD BLOGVERSARY


These are the word that are usually associated with  Jollibee
Now, i'ts nice to know that they just don't fill your tummy but serving a different kind of menu
that will unleash our imagination and creativity
We don't have to start big, just dream and start somewhere and that's where JOLLIBEE is famous for
Giving the Filipino the Best of both World,
That is Brain and Belly

Call us Now for For Phone Reservation
366-0452 / 355-5179
and look for Marge Garcia or Edward Santos
Mondays To Fridays
9:00 am to 6:00PM

For Online Reservation
Kindly Click the lik below

Contest Alert!: Week 4 Groovy Wednesdays "Tranformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen

Contest Alert!: Week 4 Groovy Wednesdays "Tranformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen

I have five kids, and my youngest is the only boy and a big fan of this Movie. He even have a collection of Transformers and it's killing my budget. over and over . I'm done with Barbie and Brat Doll and now here comes along the newest member of the collectibles THE TRANSFORMERS. With Four Girls before him, I dont have the heart to disappoint my EJ. Working full time , it's seem the only way i could put some smile to his face is giving him the luxury of watching the " THE TRANSFORMERS 2:  THE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. With his busy schedule and all and then I found out that I could do both, that is HAVING MY HAPPINES AND HIS experience of happiness  at the same time courtesy of of no other than  When In Manila. I said to myself, hey! Why not join.  I had to have this Luxury massage atBlue Water day Spa and watch that Movie in HD. Not bad for a reward. Imagine a relaxing massage while watching a movie in HD definition, all in one place ! Only good things happen in just one sitting and that is in Blue Water Day Spa!

I'm encouraging everyone to join Blogger or not just read on the mechanics below....

Week 4 Groovy Movie Wednesday! – “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”

***Please read all before asking questions or joining.

Join us at BlueWater Day Spa for this HD Movie screening with your complimentary massage, snacks and giveaways!

Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011 at 6pm.

Want to get a pair of tickets to this event?

1. Just blog about this, and link to,, and this fan page,
2. Post a link to your blog ON THIS PHOTO THREAD in the comments section.

Because of the high demand and very limited seating, note that just writing a blog (or copy and pasting this) does NOT automatically entitle you to tickets. We will CHOOSE the blogs we like. Also, please only use active blogs that are at least a few months old with other posts. Tickets are non-transferable.To increase your chances of getting tickets, get some “likes” on your comment that you leave here, with the link to your blog post.

We really wanted to thank the blogging community first, especially for all the help they’ve given us. But we will also have events for those non-bloggers in the future. Or, if you really don’t have a blog, leave a nice comment and get lots of likes, and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ll then pick 20 people to come join us at this very EXCLUSIVE, luxurious and relaxing event. Tickets will be given out the Monday before the Groovy Movie Wednesday screening. realizes that their success is due to great bloggers and friends like you. Thank you and please do stay tuned for bigger events in the future.


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