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Reasons Why Visit Play at Okada Manila

Do you still remember how we used to play when we were kids?

Those were the days when we learn to use our slippers for the tumbang preso. Do you remember how high your jump is with the luksong kalabaw?
Play is the best exercise and we had lots of fun doing it.

Ung dami ng tulo ng pawis at saya that we get when we play, those were the days na really feel that we were just kids

Play at Okada Manila recently opened its door to us moms to get a chance to try and let our children experience the Play

I was one of the moms who were able to visit Play at Okada Manila and there are aa lot of interesting features inside that our children would enjoy

The new Promil® Organic :Made from the best of nature and expertly designed to nurture children’s gifts.

Wyeth Nutrition debuts the new Promil® Organic in a fun-filled and informative launch at Palazzo Verde in Las Pinas, gathering moms, trade partners and subject-matter experts. The latest innovation from the leading nutrition firm is made from the best of nature and expertly designed to nurture children’s gifts.

We together with other moms had a lot of fun doing photo layout using organic materials plus we made our own acrylic painting in our own bags

Hassle-free shopping Tips

A few days more and Christmas day is here and because of that, we will be so busy with parties, reunion and that means gifts.

It’s not necessary but we really love to give everyone we know, and loved ones gifts this holiday season.

The only thing is that it’s so stressful to shop because of so many things that makes it complicated

Here are a few hassle-free shopping tips for you


    How to deal with a brat child

Parents know all too well how difficult it is to deal with a child’s tantrums. When a child reaches pre-schooler age, this problematic behaviour comes out and parents, not really knowing what to do, just grin and bear it, and just basically brace for the inevitable.       

Children can often display “bratty” behaviour either towards their parents or other people because they cannot properly articulate their feelings yet or struggle with handling their emotions.

At this age, behaviour regulation, or the ability to use self-control to behave in socially acceptable ways is not well developed yet. This can manifest as tantrums and are sometimes triggered by an outburst of emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, and irritability.

To avoid these behaviours among pre-schoolers, parents should learn how to develop and nurture their child’s emotional intelligence by teaching them how to better understand and control their emotions.

In his book entitled, “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child; The Heart of Parenting,” Dr. John Gottman offers tips on how parents can better deal with their child’s emotional outbursts.

He advises parents to become more aware of their child’s emotions. The first step to improving their behaviour is to recognize that there is an array of feelings that a child has to deal with, such as disappointment or anger, which they might not be able to completely understand yet, or know how to handle.


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